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The Chi Of Guyun – Quest Rewards

Rewards– Adventure EXP x500
– Primogems x60
– Liyue Shrine of Depths Key x1

The Chi Of Guyun – Search For Fragments Walkthrough & Tips

The Chi Of Guyun – Walkthrough Chart

1Talk to Yan’er near the teleport point located in the South of Wuwang Hill
2Head to the destination point and defeat enemies
3Interact with the Incomplete Writing
4Go to Qungce Village and talk to locals. Then, meet Granny Ruoxin (Near East teleport point of Quingce Village)
5Head to the ruin located to the Southwest of Wuwan Hill and activate 3 geo statue and open the chest for 1st fragment
▼Scroll down to learn their locations
6Head to the West of Quingce Village. Solve the puzzle and get 2nd fragment
▼Scroll down for its locations & puzzle answer
7Go to the highest point of Qingce Village. Solve the puzzle to get 3rd fragment
▼Scroll down for its locations & puzzle answer
8Once you collected all 3 fragments, talk to Granny Ruoxin again to learn the vault location.
9Find a way into the vault near the waterfall
▼Scroll down for vault entrance location
10Interact with the closed gate and use 3 fragments to open
11Interact with the Qingce cache inside of the vault and defeat all enemies
12Proceed to the end of the vault and get the treasures
13Head back to Qingce Village and report to Granny Ruoxin

1st Fragment Location: Near 3 Geo Statues


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See the map above and find a shining objects in 3 Geo Statues. Once you’ve got them all, you’ll see a chest spawning.

2nd Fragment Location

2nd fragment

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Second fragment is located in the West of Qingce Village. Find an area with bamboos on top of the tall hill.

How To Solve The Puzzle To Get 2nd Fragment

geo statue

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In order to get 2nd fragment, you need to interact with Geo Statues in right order. See the picture above as a reference.

3rd Fragment Location: Highest Point Of Qingce Village

3rd fragment

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The highest point of Qingce Village is located to the Southeast of Qingce Village. Climb the tall cliff to the top and you’ll find 7 Geo Statues.

How To Solve The Puzzle To Get 3rd Fragment


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To get the 3rd fragment, you need to interact with geo statues in right orders. See the picture above taken from the tall tree to learn the correct order.

How To Enter The Vault


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There is an entrance to the vault at the right of the waterfall. Enter the vault from this passage.

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