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Lisa genshin impact
Other name:Lệ Toa / Lisa
Appellation:The Magic Lady of Wall Vi
Rarity:4 stars
Weapon:French gas
Tan:Tay Phong Cavalry Team
Birthday:June 9
Bow of destiny:Sa Gong Palace
The lazy but wise librarian, who is a graduate of sumeru Church’s “two hundred-hundred-year-old has one” genius.

Breakthrough ingredients

To break Lisa to level 90, you need 420,000 Mora, 46 Thunder Lenses, 168 Red Berries, 1 Pieces of Victory Essence, 9 Pieces of Victory Essence, 9 Pieces of Victory Essence, 6 Winning Essences, 18 Slime Juices, 30 Slime Essences and 36 Slime Powders.

TimesRequest levelNightmareIngredients #1Ingredients #2Ingredients #3Ingredients #4
12020.0001 Crumbs of The Victory3 Red Berries3 Slime Translation
24040.0003 Pieces of The Winning Essence2 Thunder Prisms10 Red Berries15 Slime Translation
35060.0006 Pieces of The Victory Turtle4 Thunder Prisms20 Red Berries12 Slime
46080.0003 Pieces of The Winning Essence8 Thunder Prisms30 Red Berries18 Slime Tinh
570100.0006 Pieces of The Winning Essence12 Thunder Prisms45 Red Berries12 Slime Powder
680120.0006 Tu Tinh Thang Thang20 Thunder Prisms60 Red Berries24 Slime Powder

Heavenly Gift

Induction Thunder

Normal attack: Perform up to 4 electric stings, causing ElementAl Lei Damage.

Weight: Attrition of certain physical strength, after the sound of the hum, causing Damage to the Range of Elements Lei.

Attack when responding: Condense the power of electric lightning, from the sky attack to the ground, attack the enemy on the road, damage the range of The Element Lei when touching the ground.


Lead the power to pull the electricity, wipe out the things that cause trouble.

Press: Release spherical electric rays capable of finding the enemy on its own. After hitting, create The Lightning Element Damage for the target, have an additional conductive effect for the enemy in a small range, adding up to 3 floors.

Hold: After an hour of humming, summon the thunder from the sky, forming The Lightning Element Damage to all nearby enemies. If the enemy is in a conductive state, it will be based on the cumulative number of floors that cause a large amount of damage, and effectively erase the conductivity.

Vi Thunder Wall

Summon the Vi Thunder Wall, unleashing strong thunderstorms, repelling surrounding enemies and dealing with The Lightning Element Damage.

During its existence, The Thunder Vi Wall will continue to launch electricity attacks on the enemy’s attack range, causing Damage to the Lightning Element.

This wall is beautiful, but it has deadly thorns.

Natural upgrade materials

To upgrade a gift of Lisa to the maximum (level 10), you will spend: 1,652,500 Mora, 6 Slime Translations, 22 Slime Essences, 31 Slime Powders, 3 Lectures of Poetry, 21 Instructions of Poetry, 38 Philosophies of Poetry, 6 East Phong Claws and 1 Crown of Knowledge.

Level 23 Lectures of Poetry6 Slime Translation12,500 Seas
Level 32 Guide to Poetry3 Slime Chimpanzee17,500 Seas
Level 44 Guides of Poetry4 Slime Chimpanzee25,000 Seas
Level 56 Guide to Poetry6 Slime Chimpanzee30,000 Seas
Level 69 Guide to Poetry9 Slime37,500 Seas
Level 74 Philosophy of Poetry4 Slime Powder1 DongFeng Claws120,000 Seas
Level 86 Philosophy of Poetry6 Slime Powder1 DongFeng Claws260,000 Seas
Level 912 Philosophy of Poetry9 Slime Powder2 Dong Phong Claws450,000 Seas
Level 1016 Philosophy of Poetry12 Slime Powder2 Dong Phong Claws1 Crown of Knowledge700,000 Seas

Fluent In Medicine

When creating the drug, there is a 20% rate of returning a portion of the grafted material.

Electrophyymical Aftershock

When the weight is hit, it will be accompanied by the conductive effect of the Thunder.

Static Force

The enemy was attacked by The Lightning Wall, reducing the defense by 15%, lasting 10 seconds.

Bow of destiny

Infinite Power Line

When pressing to hold the Thunder, each time it hits the enemy, it will recover 2 points of Elemental energy for Lisa.

Maximum recovery of 10 Elemental Energy points at a time.

Grid Boundary

When pressing to hold the Thunder, the effect is as follows:

  • Defense increased by 25%.
  • Increase Lisa’s resistance to interruptions.

Resonant Thunder

Vi Thunder Wall skill level +3. Increase the maximum to level 15.

Electricity like rain

When the Lightning Wall strikes, the lightning fired will increase from 1-3 rays.

Dong Dong Dong Lightning

Thunder skill level +3. Increase the maximum to level 15.

Female Vibrations

When Lisa entered the war, create 3 more layers of conductivity of Thunder with the enemy nearby. This effect appears once every 5 seconds.


Character description

The librarian of the West Phong Knight Team, the elegant lady.

I heard that she was a genius matriarch 200 years ago when sumeru church met once.

Although she did not know the real reason, after 2 years of studying in Sumeru country, she returned to Mondstadt.

Lisa is currently working in the Tay Phong Knight Team, serving as a librarian.

Character Story 1

Open after the favorite level reaches level 2.

Lisa’s work was often busy arranging large numbers of books in the library, and securing the supply of medicine to the horsemen’ team.

The Mondstadts who met Lisa were not when they went to borrow the books, they returned the books.

Lisa was always lazy to sit behind the counter, yawning long mouth to help guests register.

At one point, her working state led people to question “Is this library staff really okay…”

But Lisa always gets the job done perfectly, not finding faults.

Character Story 2

Open after the favorite level reaches level 3.

Dubbed the “Two Hundred Years There’s One” scholar Cyrus by Sumeru Church scholar Cyrus, Lisa’s wisdom doesn’t need much to say.

Whether it’s taboo knowledge of wild ghosts, or how to handle herbal elements, or using a two-layer porcelain bowl to brew wine that reduces the distillation process once…

Lisa was able to explain the principles understandably, and even the young horsemen and the alchemists agreed that “Miss Lisa definitely knows.”

Of course, the first is that you have to find the right time to visit her.

If you don’t carefully bother Lisa in the morning time when she’s asleep, or the afternoon tea hour after lunch, the consequences really don’t want to think about.

Character Story 3

Open after the favorite level reaches level 4.

The first impression left in the eyes of those who had just met Lisa was that they deserved to be genius graduates.

In fact, if you praise her for being highly productive, if you simply say that, just because you are afraid of trouble, what can be lazy, just be lazy.

From the work of preparing drugs to the cost of throwing to Huffman and Swan through Kaeya, the herb was brought in every day by Flora and Donna.

Only by arranging books and records, Lisa must do it herself.

Only by managing this knowledge on her own could make Lisa feel secure.

Character Story 4

Open after the favorite level reaches level 5.

Lisa briefly joined the Tay Phong Knights, having been appointed captain of the 8th Platoon.

This led to the displeasure of Vice-Captain Nymph, because she did not accept Lisa as an “apprentice” who took such a high position.

Deputy Director Kaeya then agreed, lisa and Nymph performed the magic of “Practicing Combat Practice”.

Training lasted only 2 minutes, after which Lisa turned down the position of captain of the 8th Platoon, citing “Nymph’s ability to shoulder the responsibility”.

A year later, the letter recommending the platoon leader from Nymph was repeatedly placed on his desk, with only one name: Lisa Minci.

The final letters of recommendation went to Lisa, lisa always made up reasons to refuse.

Of course, her entry will strengthen the squad, but it is not really necessary, but it also has the ability to make ordinary people incomprehensible.

Lisa was confident she could control the vast majority of the situation, but the danger was that there would be more jobs, which she couldn’t accept.

Character Story 5

Open after the favorite level reaches level 6.

After seeing the scholar whisper nonsense in the Sumeru rainforest and the intellectually fake position in the conference, Lisa understood with herself how “learning” like a great sea abyss would leave its mark on people.

The cost is too great… How much does it take to learn how much it takes to dig up such knowledge from the depths of the soul?

Lisa was disgusted with all this, so she left Sumeru.

From then on, Lisa no longer took anything seriously.

“Asking too much for the miracle that I give, you have to think carefully about the price that I offered, whether I can pay it myself or not.”

After she arrived in Mondstadt, only said this warning to three people she thought they needed to hear.

Specially formulated kettle

Open after the favorite level reaches level 4.

Kettles in particular are products made in a way that the Mondstadt people cannot explain. The device has features such as slow heating, semi-automatic add-ons as well as limited heat retention.

It cost a lot of money as well as two weeks of work in Lisa’s alchemical workshop.

When used, precise heating operations can be done well in two grip pulls.

However, the kettle is most used to make tea and keep the taste at its best.

After all, it’s because afternoon tea is the most fun and important time of Lisa’s long day.


Open after the favorite level reaches level 6.

Vision is a testament to the person chosen by the Gods, who can change the world.

In other words, they are milestones marked on the path to understanding the secrets of magic.

To learn magic, you must first understand the element. In particular, practical combat is a more receptive measure than the knowledge from the old books.

Dead, it seems to require a vision.

When she thought about it, vision appeared in her hands.

After receiving the power, she understood what she was looking for, which were also secrets hidden in knowledge.

For some reason, God gave man the key to change everything, but did not specify the price to pay. This made Lisa extremely worried about the so-called “truth”.

Vision wears on the neck becomes a deadly abyss that radiates a sweet aroma.

That’s why Lisa sometimes shares her knowledge with people she finds interesting.

Perhaps she was also expecting the person who knew the truth behind Vision to appear in front of her.


The first time we met…
Hey, hello little friend, are you the new assistant? Huh? The Great Magician? It was a long time ago, now I’m just a librarian. Rest assured, I’ll take care of you. Then…

Afternoon tea
is obviously the time to drink afternoon tea.

Gossip – The
taskThe mission never does it all, if only it were equal to join me… Talk for a moment.

Gossip – It’s not appropriate to go out
Now You shouldn’t go out… Oh, did you say the same thing yesterday?

When it rains…
In this weather, making a cup of tea and watching the rain is the best.

When there’s thunder…
Exercising on rainy days is more effective… Haha, just kidding me.

When the wind rises…
The weather is beautiful, if you can lie down to sleep, it is good.

Good morning…
A… Jean, good morning. Eh? I’m sorry, I looked wrong.

Good afternoon…
It’s lunchtime…

Good evening…
Haven’t you slept yet? I’m sleepy…

I’ve seen your hard work. To think about it, what should I reward you with…

About Lisa herself…
This is not laziness. Who doesn’t want to use the most energy-saving way to achieve their goals?

About us –
RelationshipsHow would you like to see you as a teacher, senior, or a friend?

About us –
Bravery, well, if you don’t even bring some real bravery, it’s a mistake to try your efforts. È coward … That’s fine.

About us – Rite
a little, “kiss the sign of penance on the forehead of the disciple”… All right, so the ceremony’s done… From today, you are lisa’s first disciple.

About Vision…
Vision … It is the equipment needed to lead elemental power. Only you are the exception. Well, what’s the principle after all, ah, yes, baby… Do you have time to experiment with me?

Is there anything you want to share…
The alchemical workshop upstairs of the library, you can use it at will. But remember to knock on the door before entering, if you see something you shouldn’t see, it’s a problem.

Interesting knowledge …
Calla Lily is a detoxifying herb. With it, there is no need to worry about the side effects of magic potion anymore…

About Jean…
Jean is a good captain. Looking at her serious work, even she couldn’t help but want to lend a hand.

About Amber…
She still remembers the appearance of little Amber when she first joined the knight team, which had become so good. I don’t know what’s going to happen in a few years.

About Barbara…
Well, I heard that there’s some kind of therapeutic magic flowing in the melodies of her songs. Compared to your magic potion, I don’t know which side suits your taste better, right?

About Diluc…
Well, want to hear diluc’s story? Haha, then I know a better object to talk to.

About Razor…
Little wolf, come here, over here. I’m going to practice fighting today, I’ve found an opponent for you. Huh? Why are you running, really…

About Klee…
The last time Klee wanted to borrow her workshop for the experiment, she refused, she was angry with her for a whole day. Huh? The next day? The next day, of course, she was happy to run out and play.

About Mona…
Mona? He seems to be an excellent magician. But I’m not a member of their “Ghost Society.” Surveying the old tree, having a tea party, it sounds like it’s a problem!

About Albedo…
She saw Albedo as an elite Alchemist. It only takes a couple of words with him to draw a very good conclusion. The face is also good looking. It’s like you, um.

About Fischl…
Fischl… Well, she used to go to the library to borrow fiction. Each time they return books three days ahead of time, they appreciate and preserve the books, and they are a good child.

About Noelle…
When asking Noelle to clean the bookshelf, always feel this child, the more tired, the happier it is, um… What’s going on, after all?

About Sucrose…
If nothing happens, don’t bother Sucrose, it will scare her. Hehe, she understands how to communicate with all creatures, but she’s not very good at interacting with humans.

Want to get to know Lisa – The 1st thing
I want to learn about today what kind of elemental power?

Want to get to know Lisa – the second thing
about your past? Star? I want to know more about you?… But I felt a little tired today. However, I am still very happy with this heart of yours.

she taught Razor to control the elemental power, she didn’t expect that the boy’s perception was so good. Come to think of it, you have that ability too, lovely child.

Want to get to know Lisa – The 4th thing
? Want to learn the magic of sumeru church? But for me now it’s a little heavy… Huh? Want to learn basic knowledge? So let’s first read all this “Summary” book, which is just over 800 pages.

Want to get to know Lisa – The 5th thing
Will one day, the power in this “eye” will destroy all… Until then, if you’re here… Well, it’s nothing.

Lisa’s hobby…
Lovely baby, do you want to choose a potion? Before drinking, you will absolutely not know what will be effective, huh.

Lisa’s sadness…
The interrogation hall on the 2nd floor has been empty for 2 years, obviously if we had let us use it as an Elemental workshop, it would not have been so abandoned… Lady Hertha really doesn’t know what to think.

My favorite food…
I like vegetable soup. Just put all the vegetables in a large saucepan, then stir with a long spoon… Wow, is it delicious? Come here, open your mouth, a…

The food hates…
She has an obsession with pumpkins, the annual harvest festival is a torment for her. Oh, should we definitely get rid of this pumpkin?

Come here, take it, this amulet is considered as a birthday gift for that baby. Even though it took me a long time to make it… Don’t allow it to be lost.

Breakthrough feeling –
Starting out You don’t want me to work overtime here, do you? That’s not going to work.

Breakthrough feelings – The
training opportunity should be for new people, right?

Breakthrough feeling – Moving
… If you restore your peak state, you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Breakthrough feeling –
It’s clear that you’ve used everything to convince your baby… What a… Lovely kid. To this extent, she pretended to be indifferent, lest Hilichurl see that she was lying. Then let me show you the truth of the Wall Vi Magic Lady.

IHuh elemental skills!

Element II skills
By the time of numbness.

Element III skills
Don’t hide.

Element IV skills
… Blitz!

is… That’s the punishment!

VIHee hee elemental skills

I’m reassessed skills…

IiMau’s skill surrenders.

Skills in the third trimester
, don’t be addicted.

Open the chest
IThe iron grinding work has a date so needles.

Open the chest
III I’m interested too…

Open chest
IIIThe pet?

HP low
IIIThe gift in return.

HP is low
IIThe little unfamiliar hands…

HP is low III
Skin, gloves are torn.

Falling into
IRa is too tired…

Falling down II
It seems that I was too mean…

Falling down III
Of course you shouldn’t go out…

Suffered regular

not so rude.

Join team I
Let me help you.

In team II
I’ll be watching you.

Are you on team III
To get out?

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