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Genshin Impact Review: Free but not cheap

Is genshin impact worth playing?

When experiencing Genshin Impact to do a review, I once again realized that free is actually very expensive.

Since its simultaneous release on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS on September 28, Genshin Impact has become a small phenomenon in the anime-loving gaming community. Developed by miHoYo – a studio familiar to gamers through Honkai Impact 3 rd and several other titles, Genshin Impact is a free to play RPG game that collects fees by selling random items (gacha) with gameplay quite unique. In this article, I will evaluate Genshin Impact and talk about all the strengths and weaknesses of the game.


The content of Genshin Impact will continue to be updated and only 2 out of 7 cities have been released so at this time I can’t talk about the game’s plot, but can only talk about the setting of the game. it. The game is about the adventure of one of the twins (depending on which character you choose) trying to rescue the other from the hands of a mysterious goddess in the world of Teyvat. In this journey, gamers will meet many local “beautiful boys and girls” characters, form a team with them through opening gacha or following the plot content and explore the brilliant world around. me.javascript:'<html><body style=”background:transparent”></body></html>’

Genshin Impact Review: Free but not cheap

Exciting combat

Genshin Impact is a hack and slash action game with a simple exterior: you choose four characters to form a squad and can switch between them at any time, except when climbing or swimming. Each character has a combo, two active skills, some passives that need to be unlocked, and an evasive move that gamers will easily get used to after only the first few minutes. By using these tools, your goal is to bring the monster’s health to zero while keeping your character alive, that’s all.

Genshin Impact Review: Free but not cheap

However, don’t let this simplicity fool you. Underneath that shell is a rather in-depth Elemental-based gameplay that bears a lot of similarities to Breath of the Wild. With 7 different types of elements namely Wind, Earth, Electricity, Water, Fire, Ice and Grass (of which Grass has no character in the official version), gamers are free to experiment and discover how Use them to create complex effects that can greatly increase the damage your character deals. The opponent has a giant stone shield? Use Fire and Electricity to create a huge explosion that destroys it. Do they stand in the water? Don’t hesitate to switch to Ice to turn them all into crispy ice sculptures!

At the present time, Genshin Impact has more than 20 characters for gamers to include in their squad, and each character has its own characteristics in terms of weapons, skills, effects, range,… Depending on luck Fortunately, when opening the gacha, gamers can choose a suitable character to be the mainstay for the monster farm squad, the material plow squad, the loot collection squad or any other purpose. In fact, you can completely choose a character based on… appearance, because although gamers have quickly divided the characters in the game into tiers from domineering to sleazy, Genshin Impact’s combat is not so difficult. you cannot pass without using top tier characters.

In addition to the variety of characters, it is also necessary to mention the special effects of equipment that can make it the center of the squad. I’m not lucky enough to have a 5* item in my account, but have seen interesting effects from the item such as increasing damage to a target hit by Lightning, instantly ending the cooldown, stacks damage when hitting an opponent, etc. With a little thought, quite a bit of luck and a lot of practice, gamers should be able to use these types of equipment to form squads that can clean up all opponents. equal players, whether it is normal monsters, elites or bosses in the game. In fact, I have seen pro gamers turn Genshin Impact into a game with a continuous combo like Devil May Cry.

The joy of discovery

Besides fighting, exploration is the second feature of the game. The world of Teyvat must be said to be full of details for gamers to explore. First of all, the sacrifices Phong Than Dong and Nham Than Dong are scattered everywhere, maybe in the sky, hidden under the beams or in the underground quarries, but all of them are Small puzzles that gamers can solve quickly if they know the mechanics of the game.

Indeed, a prodigy located higher than the player’s jumping range can be reached when they drop a Meteor as a pedestal, while the Wind Prodigies in the sky test their observational abilities, finding small creature but can create a wind to lift you up into the sky. Sacrificing these items to idols not only provides a decent source of income for gamers, but also adds to the very limited Stamina bar, making the game somewhat easier.

Discover the origins of Genshin Impact and miHoYo's future plans

In fact, I think you can spend hours and hours just exploring the game’s map and still not get bored. Unlike Ubisoft’s games that mark everything on the map that makes gamers feel “suffocated” because of the number of items collected, Genshin Impact only marks important locations such as idols or teleport points, and Leave the rest for players to discover on their own. You may like that everything is marked on the map, but I think hiding these locations somewhat increases the joy that gamers have when discovering them.

Not a minute goes by that you don’t find something like treasure chests guarded by monsters, suspicious locations that look like boss arenas, spirits that lead you to treasures, entrances new sub-versions, puzzles that require a bit of IQ, etc. The extremely flexible climbing feature that miHoYo included in Genshin Impact further expands the world of the game, because now you can explore the world around you in the air. three-dimensional space, not having to stick to the ground like many other open world games.

Genshin Impact Review: Free but not cheap

Until now, Moi is sure that many gamers have compared the game with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – something that is not surprising because miHoYo admits that Breath of the Wild launched in March 2017 is one of their sources of inspiration. However, when you experience it for yourself, you will realize that Genshin Impact has its own differences. Although not every difference is an advantage, it is enough for the game to be seen as an attractive game and understand that it takes a lot of ideas from Nintendo’s games.

Gacha in Genshin Impact

As I mentioned above, Genshin Impact doesn’t really make me feel the need to spend money on opening gacha to find 5-star “genuine” characters or weapons for more than 20 hours of plowing. Of course, if you love a certain character too much and want to have the best version of them but are as unlucky as Me, spending money on shopping is inevitable. If this is the case, buying the game’s monthly gem package will be the most reasonable choice: for 109,000 VND, gamers will receive 2700 Nguyen Stones divided equally in 30 days, almost enough to spin 20 times but require ask gamers to have patience to wait and log in continuously every day – a trick to keep gamers with the game.

The strongest elemental formations in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact also has a little “consolation” feature (often called pity in gacha games) to ensure gamers can get 5-star items. According to my research, every 90 spins gamers will receive at least a 5-star reward, and if you spin according to a certain banner, you will get that banner’s character after up to 180 spins. . However, Mo must emphasize that the cost to spin is not cheap: the most profitable gem package of the game is 6480 Nguyen Thach, priced at 2.2 million VND, only enough for 40 spins, that is, if you are unlucky, you have to spend nearly 5 million dong to have a 5 star reward. All in all, Genshin Impact once again reminds me that what is free is the most expensive.

Images and sounds

The visuals of Genshin Impact are really beautiful and worthy of the expectations that fans have for the game. On PC , Genshin Impact has a capacity of 12 GB, which is almost double the mobile version, and miHoYo has taken advantage of this to give PC gamers a much better experience. Gamers can reach high points and zoom their eyes out for kilometers without losing detail, the density of grass on the ground looks denser than the mobile version. Meanwhile, if playing on mobile, the price to pay to enjoy noticeably worse images is the battery capacity: the game consumes about 40% of the 4,500 mAh battery after only about an hour of play, and the device is terribly hot. Although Mo sat and tried it out under the 18-degree air-conditioner.

Genshin Impact Review: Free but not cheap
You can easily see the difference between the PC (left) and mobile (right) versions.

Sound is also a strong point of the game. Because it’s an anime style game, I switched the game’s voiceover to Japanese and recognized the familiarity of some characters’ voices, and a few simple Google operations to reveal the cast of voice actors. mighty voice of this game. These include Saito Chiwa (Strike Witches, Fate/Extella, LOL, Overwatch, Rune Factory, …), Tanaka Rie (Persona 3, Rozen Maiden, Fatal Frame, Azur Lane, Space Battleship Yamato, …). Each character has dozens of lines for a variety of situations, which you can hear in Overview -> Documentation -> Language. The game’s background music is also very interesting, but at the moment the game is suspected of “borrowing” from Final Fantasy, so I will not rate it here.


Although the plot is still quite lackluster and only serves as a chain of different features of the game, Genshin Impact is still a very good RPG title thanks to the brilliance of gameplay and the large, free open world it creates bring. The fact that the game does not directly throw brick walls in the faces of gamers who do not pay is also another plus: even being a gamer 100% free to play because he knows his luck with gacha boxes, Mot I never felt like I couldn’t keep exploring the game because there’s always something to do, there’s always something new to discover.

Genshin Impact Review: Free but not cheap

Is it worth playing? Genshin Impact is a free to play game so it won’t cost you anything to try it out. However, remember to keep your bank card tight and think carefully before you want to top up, because the gacha game has always been a bottomless pit where countless African chiefs want to immigrate illegally. to become a European aristocrat.


  • Gameplay has depth.
  • Many interesting things to discover.
  • Not to the point of sucking blood.
  • Gorgeous graphics.


  • Monster appearance is not diverse.
  • Simple plot.
  • Slightly plow hoes.

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