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Inazuma Unlocks and What to Do | Cheats and maps

Inazuma is a new Japanese themed area in Genshin Impact. The guide includes Inazuma location, release date, characters, map, updates, shogun Inazuma, Inazuma Archon, weapons, Baal and items.

Inazuma Unlock and Release Date

Inazuma will be released in version 2.0

Inazuma was officially introduced to us through Mihoyo’s 2.0 live broadcast that happened on September 9, 2021. Update 2.0 is out on 21st of January 2021!

End of the autumn wind, bright red leaves unlock

At the end of this quest, you’ll be prompted to do a new quest that gives you access to Inazuma.

Map and location of Inazuma

Entire map

Located off the Liyue Sea

Inazuma is an archipelago based on real life Japan. It is located off the Liyue Sea.

Photos of Inazuma

Collect Electroculus

Explore Inazuma and collect Electroculus to give to the Seven Statues for generous rewards. Use our interactive Electroculus map if you’re having trouble collecting them all!

Increase the level of your sacred sakura

Restore the Electro Sigil treasure boxes and quests as you explore Inazuma and give them to Sacred Sakura to level up your Electrogranum and get generous rewards.

Raise your reputation

When you arrive at Kamisato Estate, talk to Madarame Hyakubei to unlock Inazuma’s reputation. Complete quests, rewards and requests to boost your reputation and get awesome Gadgets, blueprints and gliders!

Unlock Sanctuary of the Depths

Get 40 primogems for every Shrine of the Deep opened along with valuable ingredients. Use our map to track all your locations.

Unlock unique domains

Inazuma, like Mondstadt and Liyue, will have their own fields to drop talents, artifacts, leveling up materials, and many other rewards. They are harder to unlock compared to Mondstadt and Liyue, so if you enjoy exploring and solving puzzles, you should scan the domain!

Marketable domain names
Momiji dyed cutViolet cut
Cut loose sand– XNUMX –
One-time domain
The Empty Ship of a Thousand DoorsShakkei Pavilion
Training camp– XNUMX –

Take on different world quests

Many challenging missions are launched in Inazuma. Learn more about its culture and citizens by playing different missions.

Collect blueprints for Inazuma . weapons

ArmaHow to get there?
Amenoma Kageuchi– XNUMX – Clear the farmer’s treasure
Kitain’s Cross Lance– End of Orobashi’s Legacy
Hakushin Rings– Complete the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual Chain of Missions
Katsuragikiri Nagamasa– Pick up the key to somewhere
?? End of the first Tatara Story
hamyumi– Give it to the mysterious Conch and get a random reward.

New Inazuma Trick

Combination mechanism

As players explore the area of ​​Inazuma , players will find a mysterious combination of mechanics. These are not the usual mechanisms we found in Mondstadt and Liyue.

kick function
? If the current released from defrosting can be successfully driven to the accumulated stone, expect to receive a profit.? When there is a gap between the discharge stone and the accumulator , you can choose a suitable place to place the relay stone to control the current.

3 types of mechanism stones

Mechanism Stone
Defrosting? Fire a harmless electric current.
Relay kick? It conducts the electric current released by the discharge stones.
Accumulation stone? It absorbs electrical energy from the discharge rock.

Tips for rock mechanics!

In addition to Power Stones, if the player or nearby enemies are energised, they can conduct electricity emitted from the Discharge Stone!

The Holy Tomb and the Mirror of Thunder

Sacred moundIf hit, it fires an electric current in a particular direction.
Thunderbringer’s MirrorIt will receive the electric current fired by the Sacred Stone Mound and redirect it.

You should search for the Sacred Stone Mound first! and then infer the power path by adjusting the orientation and lift angle of the device. These devices can be found on Yashiori Island.


Electrograna is a bright red color, like Anemograna and Geograna. Electrograna will be a valuable companion for all Inazuma players.

How to get Electrogranum?

Simply, Electrograna can be found on different islands in Inazuma and can be mined through a tree called Thunder Sakura Bough.

How to use Electrogranum

As you explore Inazuma, Electrograna can offer you a number of benefits, including the following:

The player can quickly move towards the Thunder Orbs to interact with them.When the Thunder Globe icon (at the bottom of the screen) lights up, it’s a signal to take action.
Thunder Barrier
It can be used as a mode of travel. Equipped with Electrograna, you will be able to overcome electrical barriers without any damage.To make Electrograna stronger, visit the great Narukami, sacred santuario sakura to improve your Electrogranum!

Thunder barrier icon

Take note and remember these symbols as they represent the power of each Thunder Barrier.

Rock storm

The Thunder Barrier contains Thunderstone which will damage the player, but if the player is equipped with Electrograin, it will cancel its power to allow the player to pass through the Thunder Barrier.

Thunderwood (Balethunder)

Causing an electrified neighborhood will cause the player to gradually lose HP, players will need to equip Electrograna to avoid losing HP when moving to these electrified areas.

Ray detector

A destructor can detect the direction of Electro Elements, for example, if the player or monster is in an area affected by electricity, the device pointer will rotate and point in the direction of the player or monster.

Block forming device

Make these blocks face the same direction and you will get a reward!

Electrical signal

Electro Sigils have a different usage than Anemo & Geo Sigils. Players will have the opportunity to view and obtain these stamps by exploring the Inazuma region and giving them to sacred Sakura to increase your favor and in return receive various rewards.

Electro seelie

Like the seelies we see in Mondstadt and Liyue, they have the same functionality as the Electro Seelie. Follow these seelies and they’ll take you to treasure discovery!

Electric pole stone

The electric stake stones around Inazuma are slightly different from the ones we see in Mondstadt and Liyue, interacting with these electric stake stones can cause some elemental reactions for the player to open the treasure chest inside.

A Grill-Danuki in sight!

Bake-Danuki is similar to the money squirrel that can be seen in Mondstadt and Liyue, this creature can also transform into other objects, so watch out when you see one along Inazuma!

Characters Inazuma and Archon

Multiple characters can be added

As with all major content updates you get Genshin We can expect to see some new characters added to the game!

Kujou sara

It was shown in the 2.0 live stream . Kujou Sara is best known as a Tengen warrior, general of the Tenryou Commission, and loyal to Shogun Raiden (Baal) .


During the recent 2.0 live stream, the devs gave us a preview of the upcoming characters for the 2.0 update and one of them was Gorou, whom Kazuha mentioned is predestined in his life. and also consider him as her friend.


Thomas showed himself in the 2.0 live stream . The developers gave us a preview of what to expect from his character. It is stated that his identity is still unknown, but he is currently the Chief of the Patriarch of the Kamisato House.

Sangonomiya kokomi

Shown in 2.0 Live Streaming . She is the leader of the Sangonomiya Resistance, a military advisor.

Kaedehara kazuha

A Ronin from Inazuma who is currently riding Beidou’s Crux Fleet. It was released as a character for version 1.6.

Kamisato ayaka

One of the main protagonists of Inazuma, a user of Cryo and Sword. She also appeared in the first Genshin Beta.


A master of fireworks, who uses a Pyro sight and a bow. She was one of the characters announced as part of Inazuma.


A ninja from Inazuma in a panda costume. She is Claymore’s first anemic character, which comes as a surprise given her small stature.


Scaramouche, one of the Fatui Harbringers, introduces herself as an Inazuma Wanderer for the first time. Many assumed he would be one of the main villains in the Inazuma region.

Raiden Shogun, The Electro Archon

In the last part of Liyue’s main story, Zhongli mentioned a bit about Electro Archon, Baal of Inazuma. He also holds various titles such as Shogun of the Inazuma Shogunate.

The reputation of the city of Inazuma

Inazuma City’s reputation system

Like Mondstadt and Liuye, Inazuma is expected to have the same system.

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