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How to Level Up Characters Fast in Genshin Impact

When it comes to playing Genshin Impact, one of the biggest priorities for players is going to be levelling up their characters and making sure that their characters are up to par with the level of the mobs in the world.

Unfortunately the reality is that levelling up your characters is one of the hardest aspects of Genshin Impact as unlike other MMOs or RPGs that I’ve played, the majority of levelling up does not happen when players kill mobs and instead when players spend resources in order to upgrade their characters.

While the first few levels are fully obtainable by simply by killing mobs, once players ascend their characters are least once they will find it fairly difficult to continue levelling up their characters this way and will want to attempt levelling up their characters in other ways.

The following guide will take you through the fastest way to upgrade your characters in Genshin Impact as well as ways to ensure that you are not going to screw yourself over for levels beyond the one you are currently at.


Before I dive into this post I would like to cover a question that I was uncertain about initially and quite frankly should have realized earlier than I did.

I must say, it can be confusing when a player kills a mob whether that experience only goes to the active character you are using, but I’m happy to let you know that this is not true.

Instead, players will be able to level up their characters as long as their characters are in their current active party.

Yes, this means that whenever a character kills a mob all characters in the active party will receive the experience the player acquires by successfully killing the mob, meaning that players will not need to switch back and forth between characters to ensure that the right character gets the experience they deserve for killing mobs.

What this means is that players can go around their world killing mobs for the final 100-500 experience to make sure that they do not waste resources, because let’s be honest, how annoying is it when you’re about to level up a character and if you use a resource like Hero’s Wit you’re going to waste a ton of experience.

Well, fret no longer, because you can just throw this character into your active party and kill high difficult mobs in order to properly level them up.


It comes at no shock that one of the best ways to level up your characters is by completing the main storyline.

The main storyline comes with a series of quests that will require players to either defeat mobs, quests that require players to search for items or complete miscellaneous tasks or simply talk to NPCs.

Main storylines will often provide players with resources in order to power up their characters and weapons, but are most useful for advancing a player’s Adventure Rank, which will allow a player to ascend their characters further and in turn will advance their world difficulty, essentially providing players with more valuable rewards and even more experience.

Although not guaranteed, many storyline quests will also also give players a base reward of character experience which is split across all characters in the current team.

Players should note that the story quests are not repeatable, meaning that if players are going to use these to quickly level up their characters they should be using characters that they deem as useful as it can be quite frustrating to level up characters that a player may not use in the long run.


It should be noted that main story quests are not the only quests that players will be able to accept along the way and will have to locate world quests which are depicted on the map.

World Quests are not accessible at all times ands will require players to complete parts of the main storyline in order to unlock them.

Unlike main story quests, players will have to locate NPCs with flags on top of them in order to actually acquire them.

World Quests do not give as many rewards from them, though they will still provide players with a good amount of resources that give experience and the beloved Adventure Experience that will help players progress their World experience.


I’ve already written a post about the dailies a player will want to make sure they complete on a regular basis when playing Genshin Impact as these will be the main source of experience for players and will help players progress in the long run.

I would strongly recommend checking out that post for more details about them, though the following are short descriptions of the dailies players will want to complete:


Players will need to complete 4 Commissions daily in order to complete their dailies and will be able to gain a large amount of Adventure Points without spending too much time in the game.

Players will gain experience for both their world and for their characters by completing these tasks.


If players are willing to spend some of their resin a great way to use it for experience comes by clearing out domains.

Domains will provide players with a variety of resources, including artifacts, weapon ascension materials and other important rewards.

Players can gain up to 500 Adventure Experience for each domain that they complete, though many of these can only be completed once if players are not doing the domains that reset and consume resin.

Repeatable domains will only provide 100 experience points making the other ways of spending resin a bit more profitable when it comes to gaining experience, but the choice is going to be up to you.


It’s always important to complete your weekly bosses for experience, though players may want to complete a number of bosses that drop ascension materials not only to upgrade their characters but to get a good amount of Adventure Points to help progress you fast enough.

Players can grab about 600 Adventure Experience a day by completing these and there are some events that will also provide players with the resources to collect more experience specific to characters.


The Adventurer’s Handbook is a bit of an afterthought for me, especially when it comes to completing tasks before you have the items you’re going to stick to.

Many of the Adventurer’s Handbook tasks will provide players with Adventure Experience while others will simply provide players with the tools to help level up their up their characters.

My issue with the Adventurer’s Handbook is the fact that many of the tasks players have to complete will involve having to upgrade weapons or Artifacts which can feel like wasted resources if players are holding out on getting better weapons or artifacts.

I would strongly recommend postponing this portion of experience until players are ready to use Mora or utilize the necessary resources for ascension and upgrading characters.

The lucky thing about the Adventurer’s Handbook is the fact that players can progress later tiers before reaching them, so there’s going to be a good chance you’re already going to have things completed before you actually get to them.


A very under-appreciated way to collect experience is to explore the map as discovering new teleport waypoints or Statues of the Seven will provide players with a good amount of Adventure Experience.

Players can also upgrade their Statues of the Seven in order to get more loot and experience, also providing players with a good amount of stamina and other resources for every tier they upgrade it to.

Newer players may want to take the time to search for both Anemoculs and Geoculus in order to advance their Statues of the Seven in order to get rewards faster as these are the only resources players will have to turn in to advance their Statues of the Seven.


While players are exploring their map they should try to locate as many chests as they can in order to gain an ample amount of resources as well as get Adventure Experience.

The reality is that there are many types of chests in the world, some being chests that respawn and some being chests that can only be opened once, but whether a chest is a respawning one or a single consumption one, players should try to get them as soon as possible as they may have the items a player needs to progress.

Many chests will have resources that players can use in order to level up their characters, weapons or artifacts and all will be useful in order to progress their world level.

Always make sure to open a chest immediately as it is very easy to forget about chests and the faster you open them the faster they will respawn, essentially providing you with more chances to get that sweet, sweet loot!


As mentioned, there are a number of ways to collect resources that help level up your characters, weapons and artifacts, the best being treasure chests and domains, though ideally players will be looking for three types of items:

Wanderer’s Advice, which provides players with 1,000 experience per use.

Adventurer’s Experience, which provides players with 5,000 experience per use.

Hero’s Wit, which provides players with 20,000 experience.


Newer players might be confused why they cannot level up their characters beyond level 20 and this is because they have to ascend their characters.

Characters are initially capped at level 20 until players hit Adventure Rank 15, which will then provide players with the option to make their first ascension.

The following are the level caps for each Ascension Rank.


Unlocked at Adventure Rank 15.


Unlocked at Adventure Rank 25.


Unlocked at Adventure Rank 30.


Unlocked at Adventure Rank 35.


Unlocked at Adventure Rank 40.


Unlocked at Adventure Rank 45.

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