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how to get venti genshin impact

How to get Venti in Genshin Impact

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In Genshin Impact, the character Venti appears in a mysterious wind. As a Traveler, you first meet the guard in Act 1 of the Archon Quest Prologue. However, after the cutscene, you won’t see him again until you start the main story.

How to get Venti in Genshin Impact

Who is this boy carefree with the power of this song? How does he visualize the story?

If you’ve gone through the main storyline far enough, you’ll find out exactly who Venti is and how powerful he can be on the battlefield. The bigger question is: can you add him to your party?

Keep reading to learn how to recruit Venti to your team, what his talents are, and what skills you should invest in to get the most out of yourself.

How to get Venti

If you’re aiming to add Venti to your list, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that Venti was released as a playable character during two events:

  • 9/28/2020 Ballad in Goblets, update 1.0
  • 3/17/2021 Ballad in Goblets, update 1.4

However, both events are over, so you can’t win against Venti until the developers of Genshin Impact, miHoYo, decide to re-release his Wish Character Event banner.

If miHoYo reruns Venti’s character banner again, you’ll need a Wish, specifically an Interweaving Fate. You can get Combined Fates in a variety of ways:

Once you have a Wish or Alternate Fate for the Character Event banner, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Go to the main menu and select the Wish icon.
  3. Tap the tab at the top of the screen for the appropriate banner.
  4. Select the button for “1 x Wish” or “10 x Wish” (for multiple pulls at once).
  5. Confirm action.
  6. Cross your fingers and hope you get the character you want.

You may have heard or seen questions about whether someone should “pull for [insert character here]. ” To clarify, the Genshin Impact Wish system does not allow you to narrow down exactly who you can make a Wish or “pull” for.

For example, if miHoYo chose to rerun the Venti Character Event banner, you would select the “Ballad in the Cup” tab to participate in the Wish event. These limited-time events typically feature one five-star and three four-star characters. During the event, when you “drag” this banner, you have a higher chance of winning one of those featured characters, but you are not guaranteed to win a specific character.

There is a 50% chance to win the five star character featured in the Character Event banner. However, that means you also have a chance to get a four-star character instead. Many players prefer to use the “10 x Wish” scissors as they believe it will increase their chances of getting the character of their choice, but it still does not guarantee that you will get the one you want.

Fortunately, the game has a “mercy system” that ensures that players will receive a five-star Character Event banner after 89 unsuccessful pulls. It might be a bit disappointing to hear that you can try 89 times and still not get the titled banner character, but miHoYo rewards your persistence and you should get it on the 90th pull.

Additionally, if you attempt to win featured five-star characters during the Character event and you are unable to win them for the duration of the event, those efforts will carry over to the next event. For example, let’s say you tried to win a Klee during the 1.6 update event, “Sparkling Steps”. You “wish” or “pull” 50 times for Klee but you didn’t get her, so those 50 tries go towards the “mercy system” for the next event.

If the next event is Venti’s “Ballad in Goblets” Character Event banner, you only need 39 unsuccessful pulls – instead of 89 – to make sure you get him for your party.


Venti aka “The Voice Deaf” as Paimon likes to call it, is one of the first characters you see when your Traveler enters the land of Teyvat. This playable Anemo character looks like a little boy, but he has the power to appease Stormterror – at least temporarily.

You’ll learn more as you continue the Archon Quest Main Story Prologue. He is truly the life-and-death vessel of one of the Seven. As Barbatos’ embodiment in Genshin Impact, he has a personal investment in the well-being of the people of Monstadt.

Venti has Anemo or wind-based attacks that can cut through any enemy. These include:

Charging or holding a Talent can deal more damage on the battlefield.

Venti is a wind master, so it’s no surprise that his passive Ascension talents are all related to Anemo.

The first Ascension, called “Embrace of Winds”, increases his Elemental skill. When you hold Skyward Sonnet, Venti’s surge current lasts for 20 seconds, giving him a vertical advantage over enemies.

“Stormeye” is Venti’s fourth Ascension skill. Using “Wind’s Grand Ode” can now give Venti 15 more Mana when the skill dissipates. When he casts “Wind’s Grand Ode” with an Elemental Absorption, all party members involved in the Elemental Absorption also gain 15 Energy recovery.

Venti’s Utility Passive also supports players who prefer surfing rather than walking. The buff spell “Windrider” allows you to surf to the contents of your heart with 20% reduced Stamina consumption.

Additional FAQ

What is the best Venti build?

The best build depends on how you plan to use the Venti in your party. For example, if you’re going to use Venti for a support role, you’ll want to equip him with a Favonius Warbow or The Stringless. The first helps increase critical attacks as well as the chance to create an Elemental Orb. The second bow increases the Elemental skill from 24% to 48%, depending on how many times you upgrade it.

Support role Venti can benefit from Viridescent Venerer artifacts that increase Anemo damage with two, or increase Swirl damage with all four. Alternatively, you can also equip Venti with the Exile artifact to recharge him with Energy.

If you want to use Venti as a damage sniper, look for the Sniper’s Oath or the Synthetic Bow. Both increase ATK damage, but the Compound Bow has some extra surprises like increased attack speed.

To build a sniper Venti, you need to have the Wanderer’s Troupe artifact. Equipping two artifacts increases Elemental Mastery by 80 while all four can increase Charged Attacks by 35%.

If you want to focus on his Anemo damage, use the Viridescent Veneer set. If not, you can equip Venti with two parts from a few sets: Gladiator’s Finale or Berserker. Berserker’s artifacts will increase Vent’s crit by 12% and Gladiator’s Finale by 18% of his ATK. Either is enough for a Venti build that doesn’t focus on one area.

How rare is Venti?

Venti, like many of the five-star playable characters in Genshin Impact, is only available with his Character Event banner. However, his rarity is controversial as his banner has been featured twice (initial release and rerun). Some five-star characters still don’t have rerun banners, making Venti rare but not as rare as the other characters.

Add a little divinity to your party

The Venti’s Wish character event may be over, but keep your fingers crossed. He is a very popular character and fans have been clamoring for another comeback. Until then, stay tuned for miHoYo’s update notifications and keep playing the game. You never know when his banner will appear otherwise, and you want to be prepared with enough Wishes to win him when he shows up.

Do you hit Venti in his first banner or rerun? How many pulls did you end up taking to win him? Let us know about it in the comments section below.Share

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