Genshin Impact has continued to carve out a name for itself in the open-world genre since it’s release. Though it has many unique features, there are many similarities it has with other contemporaries like quests, hidden treasures, and a stamina system.Stamina is used in many different game mechanics, such as running and dealing more powerful blows in combat. It’s even required for gliding, swimming, and climbing; in fact, players aren’t able to continue those actions if all of their stamina is depleted. These actions are essential for exploration and battles, so adventurers will want to increase their maximum limit. Though it can be restored gradually over time, increasing the maximum amount will let players perform tasks for a longer duration of time. Here are methods that can be used to increase stamina in Genshin Impact.

How to Upgrade Stamina in Genshin Impact

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Hidden throughout the land of Teyvat are monuments called the Statues of the Seven. Each major region has one somewhere, waiting to be found. Visiting one for the first time will reveal the portion of the map it resides over and unlocks it as a waypoint that can be warped to. However, they have more uses than that. Players can offer them their Oculi, magic orbs scattered about the world, in exchange for a permanent buff to stamina. Hunting down as many as possible and gifting them to the statues is the easiest way to raise maximum stamina levels. As such, players will gradually improve their stamina the more they explore the land and uncover more Oculi.

Another way to gain more stamina is by using less of it with special abilities. Characters in this game have different passive skills they can unlock by increasing their ascension level. Many of these skills reduce stamina used in certain actions, allowing them to conserve more over time. So long as a character with one of these abilities is in the player’s party, their effects will be active. Listed below are all the characters with stamina saving skills.

  • Amber’s Champion Glider: Gliding uses up 20% less over time. Anyone who needs to get to far off locations will want this ability.
  • Venti’s Windrider: This skill also makes gliding easier, so those that are able to get Venti can travel further thanks to twice the stamina conservation.
  • Kaeya’s Hidden Strength: Reduces sprinting stamina usage by 20%. Wanting to explore the map more quickly? Kaeya’s your guy. He can be recruited for free after completing the second dungeon.
  • Razor’s Wolvensprint: Another ability that makes sprinting easier. If she and Kaeya are on the same team with this ability, players can run more freely than ever before.
  • Beidou’s Conquerer of Tides: Saves stamina when swimming, letting players explore waterlocked locations more easily.
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