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how to get jean genshin impact

How to play Jean in Genshin Impact

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Jean Gunnhildr is an Anemo character that you can join your Genshin Impact team. As a Five-Star character, she’s hard to come by, but she’s well worth the patience. However, when you get her after a lucky spin, do you know how to play her?

How to play Jean in Genshin Impact

For players with the skill of Genshin Impact, how to play Jean includes building her right. It sounds complicated, but don’t worry, we’ll show you how to do it. Once you’re done reading, you’ll quickly become an expert on Jean!

Before we begin…

We won’t talk about everything about Jean in this article, because that would take too long. Instead, we will tell you how to play her and what to get. To learn more about Jean’s specific stats, you can always check in-game or visit the Genshin Impact Wiki to check it out.

Jean’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Jean is a very versatile character, capable of being played as both physical damage per second (DPS) and assist. Your build will determine her role, as different items and weapons will affect her gameplay.

Her strengths include:

  • Great crowd control
  • Her basic attack heals the party
  • Her Elemental Burst can deal healing and explosion damage in the Area of ​​Effect (AoE)
  • Once you invest in her, she becomes very powerful

Her weak points are:

  • Long cooldown time
  • Her combo will push enemies away, making tracking more difficult
  • Base damage instead of low
  • Investing requires a lot of time and knowledge
  • Not easy to build without instructions

By building her up properly, Jean will take a lot of damage, wiping out enemies as if they were paper tigers. Combined with her crowd control, she can deliver even more punishment.

Since drop damage can be quite substantial in Genshin Impact, Jean is even more lethal. She can launch enemies in the air with Gale Blade. Gale Blade can also be used to pull them in as her method of crowd control.

No matter how she builds, Jean still has to heal your team. Both DPS and her support builds are capable of this.

Despite her incredible amount of damage, you can’t use her skills too many times in a short amount of time. She needs to cool down before her skills can be used again. Also, you need to invest a lot of time and supplies for her before she starts to shine.

A diamond in the rough, Jean needs a bit of polishing and cutting before it can shine brightly. Be prepared to grind.

Jean’s Playstyle

Of the many characters you can unlock in Genshin Impact, Jean is quite easy to play. She is very good at dealing tons of damage at once. Plus she can also heal party members at the same time.

A character that can instantly kill and heal is a deadly one, and you can use her in any situation. One article compared her to a shotgun, capable of killing enemies instantly. This is an apt description, but this particular shotgun also works to heal teammates.

Just like the shotgun, you can point Jean in any direction of the enemy and start detonating. You will be surprised at what she can do.

Earlier, we talked about Jean’s ability to control crowds. The comparison between her and a shotgun is quite appropriate, since the shotgun can hit multiple targets at once.

By using the Gale Blade, you can push enemies away for space or gather them together and wipe them out.

In a nutshell, Jean’s gameplay can be described as aim and shoot; very effective in removing threats from Teyvat.

The most beautiful Jean project

As we mentioned above, Jean can be played in two ways; DPS and support. Let’s start with the DPS gameplay first. Then you’ll learn how she plays a supporting character.


Her DPS build focuses resources on maximizing damage dealt. While she will be a heavy hitter, she can still heal your party members. Since her basic attacks heal party members, increasing her ATK will increase healing.

In fact, this build is more of a hybrid build. Jean will be able to deal a lot of damage while simultaneously healing others. This is great for comprehensive functionality.

For the Hybrid DPS Build, you must equip Jean with the following

Aquila Favonia increases her ATK, but when Jean is hit while wielding a weapon, she heals at least 100% of her ATK. Also, it deals at least double damage to enemies. Both of these effects can be activated every 15 seconds.

With Aquila Favonia, she can gain 160% attack damage as healing and double damage to enemies. This is really her best weapon for building DPS.

The Rancor prototype is easier to obtain and grants Jean both attack and defense power when she hits a basic attack or charged attack. This happens once every 0.3 seconds and can stack up to four times.

Gladiator’s Finale will increase her attack power by 18% and basic attack damage of swords, weapons, and rifles by 35%. On the other hand, Bloodstained Chivalry gives her 25% physical damage. You can mix and match as you see fit.

You can also experiment or replace the above with the following if needed:

The Sacrificial Sword gives a better mana discharge, while the Black Sword gives Jean an increased crit chance, plus attack, and an extra healing chance.

Viridescent Venerer grants Jean 15% increased Anemo damage and 60% increased Swirl damage. It also reduces the opponent’s elemental resistance to the infused element of the Vortex by 40% for 10 seconds. This allows your allies to hurt them more.


The support system will move her into a more passive role, which is what supports do. Jean building support will allow her to heal better than a hybrid DPD build since you are channeling her resources into healing.

Her Dandelion Breeze Elemental Burst will be buffed, which is how she heals allied units and party members very effectively. Furthermore, this balances out her ATK.

Moved into a support role, this build will allow her to keep your team alive and active.

The best support includes the following:

  • Skyward Blade / Favonius Sword Weapon
  • Two or four panels of noble glass / metallic coating

If you want to go with four of the two Artifacts, that’s perfectly fine. Two of each are also considered among the best builds. You are free to experiment with different combinations.

Aquila Favonia might work with support builds, but it’s still better suited for hybrid DPS builds. Another good Artifact series is The Exile.

Equipping Jean with a Skyward Blade increases her crit chance and allows her to activate Skypichuan Might. This activates during Dandelion Burst and increases her movement and attack speed by 10%. Basic attacks and charged attacks also deal increased damage for 12 seconds.

The Favonius sword allows her to create an elemental orb when she is hit with a critical hit, allowing her to recover six mana. It can trigger once every six to 12 seconds depending on how much you upgrade.

Noblesse Oblige increases elemental explosion damage by 20% and increases attack stats by 20% for all party members for 12 seconds without stacking. With this Artifact set, you can maximize the effectiveness of Dandelion Burst.

Giving Jean the Exile Artifact will give her 20% more mana, and her elemental explosion will regenerate two of the other party members’ energy. This happens every two seconds for six seconds without stacking. Energy-hungry characters can benefit the most from this.

The best artifacts and weapons for Jean

Now that you know what Jean’s best builds are, let’s rank her Best Artifacts and Weapons. You have some messy rooms as described above, but to really be the best, you should equip the following:

Best Artifacts:

  1. Gladiator’s Finale
  2. Virdescent Venerer
  3. Noblesse Oblige and The Exile (bound)

Best weapon:

  1. Aquila Favonia
  2. Skyward Blade
  3. Black Sword

We rank these Artifacts and Weapons this way because while Jean can work well as a support unit, it’s DPS where she really shines. That’s why her DPS set is ranked higher than her support set. Even so, The Black Sword is more of a substitute weapon, hence the third rating.

Noblesse Oblige and The Exile are both great for DPS Jean and cater to different niches. They are bound for this.

“Ready for anything!”

True to his lines, Jean is very useful in all kinds of fights. We hope our Jean Genshin Impact how-to guide helps you get the most out of her. After all, who doesn’t want a strong DPS character that can heal as well?

how to get jean genshin impact

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