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Genshin Impact: All geo-playable, rated

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geo user split Genshin Impact: All geo user playable, rated



The nations of Teyvat in the Genshin Impact are determined by the unique use of seven factors. Among them, a few create quite unique gameplay like Anemo and Geo. In particular, Liyue’s Geography element is notable because it has absolutely no offensive elemental reactions, choosing instead to use defensive shields.

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That says 5 users of Geography are playable, all of which need some offensive mechanics to balance out the lackluster reactions. Most of the time, this is a tactical mechanic designed to replenish teammates with high strength, but as always, it varies from character to character. Finally, some Geo characters make for better fighting characters than others.

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5 Geographic tourists

Unsurprisingly to some fans, Traveler plays the protagonist as the most mediocre Geo

user of the bunch. After all, most free characters outlive their usefulness. Geo Traveler is particularly notable for this trend, as they are the only 5 free stars in the game.

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Their Geostructure isn’t particularly useful compared to the others, allowing only a small plunge attack. Even so, their burst does a good amount of damage early game, but it’s become outdated compared to other characters. In the end, Geo Traveler doesn’t have much to offer them, even when compared to Anemo and Electro Vacationers.

Of course, it’s not bad for Geo Traveler. No character has easier access to the constellations than the Traveler, who obtains them through rating rather than desire. While the structures themselves can be impressive, their skill damage is substantial. Ultimately, though overwhelming, a good Traveler with good DPS can make an effective combination.

4 Ningguang

Outside of Traveler, each Geo character has a main mechanic that sets them apart from the rest of Genshin Impression’s cast. In Ningguang’s case, this comes from primary passive talents and DPS level strength. This also comes with a construction that helps neutralize nasty projectiles.

3 Noelle

In many ways, Noelle is the highlight of real versatility in Genshin Impact . Healing, DPS, shielding, support, Noelle has a little bit of everything. Honestly, in terms of combat ability, Noelle could even let Albedo run away with his money.

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However, players cannot underestimate the limitations of a 4-star character. Even Noelle has her limits, with other characters falling behind her in DPS potential and crowd control. In the end, however, Noelle is an above-average choice for most teams in general, not just Geo users.

Players will find Noelle best suited as a healer on a team. Here, they can also take advantage of her versatility to be a powerful support when needed. Alternatively, players may want to invest in her normal and explosive attack, setting her as a secondary DPS.

2 Albedo

While Noelle is an all-around dealer, Albedo has a natural knack for a skill every team needs: DPS. Slaughter partitions, which create zones of effect that greatly increase damage, are the best natural strategy for Mondstadt’s top alchemist.

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Albedo’s elemental skills create a temporary zone of Geo energy, in addition to his infamous elevator-like Geo construction. When paired with other zones, or a good DPS like Diluc, Albedo can be a natural crystalline shield factory. This plus the high natural damage output makes it a force to be reckoned with, second to almost no one in the Genshin Impact roster.

In terms of team composition for Albedo, players will find best results with Albedo as a secondary DPS, using his skills in conjunction with a strong DPS. Albedo’s area power increases with zone users, like Bennett’s attack booster or Diona’s healing area. Also, like the others on the list, Ningguang is a good choice for both increasing Geo damage and easily resonating from Geo.

1 Zhongli

Archons are the face of their respective elements, so it makes sense that Zhongli would be a major player in the Geo playing field. All Geo characters derive their powers from him, and likewise Zhongli draws from all the other Geo characters’ powers.

He recommends the best shielding in the game, which works the same way that Noelle does in the field. In terms of DPS potential, his scale naturally rivals Albedo of their own. While he isn’t great at creating kill zones, his pillars release only minimal Geography energy, his explosion ranks among the best in Genshin Impact in general.

Overall, Zhongli can pair up with almost anyone and remains an extremely powerful force. However, he is especially heavily used in teams with strong DPS characters with lower defense, like Diluc and Keqing. Pairing with Ningguang is also a great choice, helping to power his talent with Ningguang’s passivity.

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