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how to get fragile resin genshin impact

How to use Genshin Impact Pure Plastic most effectively

Contributed by Pham Huong QuynhUpdated 11/17/2021Genshin Impact – Wonderland | Anime role-playing gameFree of chargeAction, Role Playing, AdventurePublisher: miHoYo LimitedEvaluate:(7)27567516 views

Pure Plastic is an extremely important resource that gamers need to obtain during the game Genshin Impact. This article will guide you in detail about Pure Plastics and how to use and own them.

Quick viewI. What is Pure Plastic?II. Demand for Pure PlasticsIII. How to own Pure Plastic1. Wait for Resin to heal gradually2. Use Fragile Resin3. Using Primordial StoneIV. Tips for using Pure Plastic effectivelyV. What should I do when I run out of Pure Plastic?1. Remedy2. Chest hunting3. Hunting Hilichurl4. Cooking, mining

How to use virgin plastic

How to use virgin plastic

I. What is Pure Plastic?

Pure Resin (English name: Original Resin) is the energy source in Genshin Impact . Pure Resin is used to receive challenge rewards from Hoa Di Vei, Fossil Ancient Tree (Secret Canh) and Flower of Conqueror (Boss), and event-specific challenges. Additionally, any use of Pure Resin (excluding conversion to Concentrated Resin) will gain Adventure EXP at a ratio of 1:5 (e.g. using 20 Resin will give 100 Adventure EXP) .

Pure plastic in

Pure resin in Genshin Impact

II. Demand for Pure Plastics

Resin is similar to Stamina or Stamina, a consumable unit that most games in the Gacha system own. Every 8 minutes, you will be restored 1 Plastic and to be able to fully recover 120 Plastic, you will need a period of 16 hours.

Most of the game’s core features require Plastics:

  • Secret Scene: 20 Plastic.
  • Vascular Flower: 20 Plastic.
  • Boss breakthrough material: 40 Plastic.
  • Boss week: 60 Plastic.
  • Elemental Furnace: 40 Resin.

When players achieve AR 30 or higher, the demand to use Pure Plastic will be higher and this is a matter of “survival” of many gamers.

III. How to own Pure Plastic

1. Wait for Resin to heal gradually

Pure Resin passively regenerates at a rate of 1 Resin after 8 minutes. As long as Pure Resin is recovering, you will receive 180 Resin every 24 hours, 1260 Resin per week. Therefore, it should be used whenever possible so as not to leave the Resin at a full level. The full replenishment (from 0 to 160) will take 21 hours 20 minutes. Click on the Plastic icon on the top of the map to see your current refill time (1 Plastic refill time / Resin refill time). The timer will start when the Plastic number goes below 160.


Pure Resin anise

2. Use Fragile Resin

For each use of 1 Fragile Plastic, the player will immediately receive 60 Pure Plastic. Players can earn Fragile Plastic through increasing their AR level. The downside of this approach is that when you enter the AR 30-35 stage, the more you have to save Fragile Plastic for important things, not to mention the higher you go, the harder it is to get to an AR level due to the amount of experience you have. The test requires too much.

Fragile plastic

How to use fragile plastic

3. Using Primordial Stone

When using the Primer, the player will immediately have 60 Pure Resin. Each day the player will need an extremely large amount of Primer to be able to exchange 6 times of Pure Plastic for a day with the price of Primer increasing each time.

  • 1st time: 50 Primal Stones
  • 2nd time: 100 Primal Stones
  • 3rd time: 100 Elemental Stones
  • 4th time: 150 Primal Stones
  • 5th time: 200 Primal Stones
  • 6th time: 200 Primal Stones
How to use plastic

How to use Raw Plastic

The disadvantage of this method is that it is too expensive because the Raw Stone is a rare material for players to turn out to be their favorite character or weapon.

IV. Tips for using Pure Plastic effectively

  • Use Resin for what you need: If you are missing a character upgrade item or weapon, spend Resin on it first.
  • Don’t let your Resin max out: Don’t let your Resin stay maxed at 120 for too long, you’re wasting the amount of Resin you can get from minute healing.
  • Prioritize upgrading materials: Prioritize character upgrade & breakthrough materials before thinking about getting Holy Relics or weapons. The character’s strength will change significantly just based on leveling up and Thien Phu.
  • Use Fragile Plastic when absolutely necessary: ​​For example, with the Boss of the week or when you need materials to break through the character.

“Tips” for using Pure Plastic effectively

V. What should I do when I run out of Pure Plastic?

1. Remedy

Tackling some special monsters of the map will bring many important materials such as Officer Badge, Elemental Nectar, Dark Star Horn, Void Torch, etc. These materials are used in character upgrades and breakthroughs. destroy weapons. Therefore, when you run out of health, Defeat all monsters to return them to a new cooldown.

Remedy when running out of Pure Plastic

Remedy when running out of Pure Plastic

When you run out of Pure Plastic, the easiest way is to defeat the Fatui Vanguard first, because the amount of ingredients is high, it’s easy to hit. You can also easily meet the whole group of Fatui, dropping a lot of Officer Badges. After that, continue to the Flower of Lies, because Nectar is used a lot to break weapons. For the rest, rely on the lack of materials to Challenging until all respawn times reset


2. Chest hunting

Opening chests brings a lot of benefits to gamers, including Saints of Foreign Objects (mainly strengthening), Weapons, Crystal Minerals for enhancement, Primitives and adventure experience.

Hunting chests to find Pure Plastic

Try to open as many chests as possible

In the process of traveling to conquer and hunt Hilichurl, try to visit the surrounding areas to find and open chests. Because in addition to the chests guarded by monsters, there are many hidden chests lurking in the cliffs, bushes or seals, etc. Don’t ignore any chests on your way. Because when climbing, the chest is an extremely valuable resource for gamers to level up.

3. Hunting Hilichurl

In the process of moving to the penalty area, you are very likely to encounter Hilichurl or Slime fields. By the way, stop by to hunt monsters. They drop a lot of good items such as Sealing Arrows, Forbidden Spell Drawings, Crystal Slimes, etc. This material is very scarce during the breakthrough stage of weapons to level 80, 90, because of the large number and used for many generals. .

Hunting for Hilichurl

Hunting for Hilichurl

Do not regret 1 or 2 minutes to stop to handle these hordes, because otherwise, you will lose a lot of time in hunting and finding items from them. Because not all monsters drop required materials and if they do, they rarely drop high levels.

4. Cooking, mining

When you feel quite enough at the above stage, spend the rest of the relaxing time cooking and mining. Some foods have very high value in going to Secret Scene such as Fairy Leaping Wall (increase attack, attack), Bag of Phi Phi Ngoc (attack, attack), Bread Ham, Ham Brick Crab (respawn) , other healing foods, etc. You can search for its ingredients around the map, make a lot of them and reserve them, to use when hunting the Holy Relic to save time.

Food processing

Food processing

In addition, go dig Crystals, White Iron’ Pieces, etc. to forge a lot of Cast Minerals. This material is very scarce from level 70 onwards. Therefore, accumulate continuously, regularly, fully as possible, do not wasteful use of weapons of no high value. Otherwise, you will be very tired walking through World 5.



If you have more time, collect the plants in the map, because one of them is the material to break the champion, such as Tieu Dang Thao for Diluc, Chrysanthemum for Main, Sucrose, etc.

how to get fragile resin genshin impact

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