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Introducing Update Version 2.0 “Thunder God Majestic, Immortal, Immortal”Posted Time 07/21/2021

Dear Traveler:
Below is the update and compensation content in version 2.0 “Thunder God Majestic, Immortal Born”.

〓Compensation Content〓 Compensation
for closing updated server: Nguyen Thach ×300 (Closing maintenance server every hour compensates 60 Yuan)
see compensation items)

〓Compensation Scope〓
Update server closing compensation: Travelers who reach adventure rank 5 or higher by 2021/07/21 06:00 (UTC+8).
The pick up time comes before the end of version 2.0.
Bug fixes: Travelers reach adventure rank 5 or higher by 2021/07/21 06:00 (UTC+8).
Travelers please receive mail online before 2021/07/24 06:00 (UTC+8).
Within 5 hours after the maintenance is completed, the crafting team will send compensation to the Traveler via in-game mail. Letters are valid for 30 days, please receive them promptly.

〓Update Time〓
Starting from 2021/07/21 06:00 (UTC+8), expected to complete in 5 hours.

〓How to Update Client〓
PC: After closing the game, reopen the launcher, press update.
iOS: Go to the App Store, tap update.
Android: After entering the game, complete the update according to the in-game message.
PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5: Open the system interface – select Genshin Impact – Press the OPTIONS button on the controller – select Check for Update
If you have any problems with the installation, please contact us. Customer Service, we will help you solve it.

〓Content Updates〓
(I) New Areas
Open New Areas – Inazuma
◇ New Areas: In version 2.0, will open 3 new areas Narukami Island, Kannazuka and Yashiori Island in Inazuma.
◇ Unlocking Conditions
Adventure Rank ≥30
• Demon God Quest: Chapter II – Act I “Thunder God Mighty, Eternal Paradise”

▌New system in the area of ​​Inazuma Cherry
When venturing in Inazuma, handing the Lightning Seal you received to the God Cherry can increase the level of “Guardian Cherry”, thereby gaining valuable items. When leveling up “Guardian Cherry”, it will sometimes increase the level of Lightning Seed, enhancing its power.
Conditions to open the “God Cherry” system:
Adventure rank ≥30 and complete the quest “Ritou Island Escape Plan” The mysterious Thunder Spirit
that appears next to the Cherry Lightning Branch is “Lightning Seed” “, symbolizing the protection of lightning.
Lightning Seeds come in a variety of designs and strengths. When carrying Lightning Seeds, you can use “Lightning Electrode” to move quickly, enter “Lightning Barrier”, and even suppress “Thunder Zone”. At Narukami Shrine’s Cherry Blossom God, it is possible to cultivate Lightning Seeds and increase their power.
The powerful Lightning Seed can help the Traveler fight the enemy…
Inazuma Fame System
◇Inazuma Fame Opening Conditions:
Complete the Demon God Quest: Chapter II – Act I “The Magnificent Thunder God” , Eternal Paradise”
Complete the quest “Yashiro Association Entrustment”
Dialogue with a designated NPC in the Inazuma area, to receive the quest and increase your fame. After the level of fame increases,
In addition, new contents such as Inazuma Area Exploration Mission, daily commission… have been added.
◇ Inazuma Daily Trust Opening Conditions:
• Complete the Magic God Quest: Chapter II – Act I “The Mighty Thunder God, Eternal Paradise”
• Complete the quest “Katheryne, in Inazuma”

▌New feature in the Inazuma area Cherry Lightning Branch
On the Inazuma Islands you will sometimes encounter “Cherry Lightning Branch”. Through “Cherry Lightning Branch” will receive “Lightning Seeds” for a certain period of time.
Inazuma Lightning
Barrier, the miasma that prevents ordinary people from entering is called “Lightning Barrier”.
Due to some special reason, if you receive the recognition of the Lightning Seed and carry the “Lightning Seed” you can easily step inside…
The Thunder Zone
Some places in Inazuma have concentrations Lightning element is too high, when in it will gradually lose HP. This phenomenon is known as the Thunder Zone.
Using Lightning Seeds, can withstand the damage of the Thunder Zone… Lightning
The strange but common thing in Inazuma is the “Lightning Electrode”. People with lightning elemental power or protected by Inazuma can use it to move quickly.
Characters within a certain range, if carrying “Lightning Seeds”, or in a state with the Lightning element attached, can quickly move to “Lightning Electrode”.
Additionally, the Inazuma region has new units for Thunder Stone, Lightning Detector, Discharge Stone, and Charged Stone.

▌New secret scene in Inazuma area
Mysterious Martial Arts Training “Sunagare Garden”
◇ Legend has it that in ancient times, which has been completely erased from the records, there was once a foolish king who wanted to build a raised communal house support Bach Than Tree on quicksand. Now, the kingdom on the sand is dead, but the stubbornness of the past seems to still linger somewhere.
◇ Opening conditions: Adventure Rank ≥30 and complete the quest “Ritou Island Escape Plan”
◆ Secret Scene Challenge to get: Gekiga’s Tiger Fang, Narukami’s Hobby, Far Sea’s Pearl Branch and ingredients other weapon breakthrough.
Secret Landscape Expertise “Purple Garden”
◇ It is said that in ancient times, mountains were higher than the sky, and the earth was wider than the top of the sky. Until the mirror shattered, the ocean swelled, the ancient cherry orchards and islands were thus divided.
◇ Opening conditions: Adventure Rank ≥30 and complete the quest “Ritou Island Escape Plan”
◆ Challenge Secret Realm to receive: “Eternal”‘s Guide, “Elegant’s” Guide, “Light” and other natural enrichment ingredients.
Secret Scene of Blessing “Momiji Garden”
◇ The garden seems to stop forever in the moment when the red leaves fall. The lost causes and conditions and unforgettable attachments, probably all follow the ground circuit to condense the fruit of Bach Thu in the garden.
◇ Opening conditions: Adventure rank 30 and complete the quest”
◆ Challenge Secret Scenes to receive: “Endless Memories” “Seal of Separation” and other Holy Relics.
Secret Scene “Ship of a Thousand Gates”
◇ Tengu’s residence was once like a lone boat floating on the sea, having hosted the famous “Yougou Group”; later becomes a cage that imprisons this man who has given up all this for the rest of his life, sinking into the deep sea.
◇ Opening Condition: Adventure Rank ≥30 and complete specified condition.
◆ Challenge Secret Scenes to receive: Primal Stones, Seals of Thunder and other rewards.
Secret Scene “Shakei Assembly Hall”
◇ It is said that it is a splendid mansion built by ancient estranged martial artists. Later, it was discovered that there was an innocent person like a blank sheet of paper.
◇ Opening Condition: Adventure Rank ≥32 and complete specified condition.
◆ Challenge Secret Scenes to receive: Primal Stones, Seals of Thunder and other rewards.
Secret Scene “Old Mansion”
◇ A residence that once belonged to a general under Orobashi no Mikoto. Towards the end of his life, he, his body, and the sky were all severed by a bolt of lightning.
◇ Opening Condition: Adventure Rank ≥35 and complete specified condition.
◆ Challenge Secret Scenes to receive: Primal Stones, Seals of Thunder and other rewards.

(II) New Character
White Crane Mist Flower – Kamisato Ayaka (Ice) (★5)
◇ Vision: Ice
◇ Weapon: Single Sword
◇ Kamisato family’s eldest daughter of the “Yashiro Association” Inazuma. Elegant, smart and powerful.
The Kamisato clan of the Yashiro Association is at the top of the world of martial arts in Inazuma. As a branch in the Tripole Association, in charge of managing and organizing ritual activities and humanistic arts.
Since the death of her parents, everything in the family, big and small, has been carried out by brothers Ayato and Ayaka.

◆ The elemental skill “Kamisato School – Hyouka” can deal Ice elemental damage to surrounding enemies. The skill “Kamisato School – Hyouka” replaces shock, which can cause Kamisato Ayaka to transform into a stream to move quickly over water or on land, and upon spawning will receive an attached Ice element.
The fury skill “Kamisato School – Soumetsu” will cast the Ice and Snow Gate continuously forward. Uses a blade-like snow wind to slash repeatedly at enemies in contact, dealing Ice elemental damage.
Yoimiya (Fire) (★5)
◇ Vision: Fire
◇ Weapon: Bow
◇ Firework shop owner Naganohara, Queen of the Summer Festival, is a talented craftsman who sends everyone’s wishes into fireworks .
Fireworks originate from the human desire for light and beauty. The first record of fireworks dates back to Liyue during her battle with the demon god, they were born from flames and embodied in stone and metal, now becoming an integral part of many festival activities. in Teyvat. The Naganohara family has continued this beautiful humanistic tradition from generation to generation. It is said that during the New Year’s Lighthouse festival in Liyue, in addition to the locally made fireworks, the fireworks of “Naganohara Fireworks Shop” also contribute to the splendor of this festival.

◆ Yoimiya’s elemental skill “Burning Niwabi Dance” causes basic attacks to become “flame arrows”, dealing Fire elemental Damage.
The fury skill “Ryukin Grass” will deal Fire elemental damage, and also apply the effect of “Golden Flame” to 1 enemy hit.
Normal attacks, heavy attacks, and landing attacks of all characters on the team (except Yoimiya) when hitting an enemy affected by “Flourishing Gold” will explode, dealing Fire elemental damage.
Ninja Mujina – Sayu (Wind) (★4)
◇ Vision: Wind
◇ Weapon: Heavy Sword
◇ Ninja of “Shuumatsuban”. Small body, always looks like not getting enough sleep.

◆ Sayu can use the elemental skill “Yoohoo School – Fuuin Rolling” and roll into a wind wheel that rolls at high speed, crashing into enemies dealing wind damage, and at the end will launch Tornado Kick deals Wind elemental damage. Hold down the elemental skill to roll continuously in the wind wheel state.
Rage skill summons “Muji-Muji Daruma”, which can restore HP to low HP characters or deal Wind elemental damage to enemies.

◆ During the “White Crane Temple” prayer time, the probability of praying to receive the character “White Crane Mist Flower – Kamisato Ayaka (Ice)” increases sharply!
* The limited 5-star character “Fire Storm Dance – Yoimiya (Fire)” and the 4-star character “Ninja Mujina – Sayu (Wind)” will appear in the next prayer event.
House of Travelers (Lightning) (★5)

◆ Resonance with Seven Heavenly Idols – Lightning, after grasping the elemental power of Lightning, can use new elemental skills and fury skills. The elemental skill “Lightning Shadow Sword” can slash 3 Lightning Shadows, dealing Lightning elemental damage to the enemy and leaving a Wave Awakening Jade. Absorbing the Waves Orb can help the character restore elemental energy and increase elemental loading efficiency for a period of time.
The fury skill “Rolling Lightning” will call for protection from thunder. When the character’s normal attack or heavy attack in the battle hits an enemy, it will summon Wei Wuxian Lightning, dealing Lightning elemental damage to the enemy and recovering Elemental Energy for this character.

(III) New Equipment
▌New Weapon

Single Sword – Misty Night Light (★5)
◇ A sword glowed with purple light. The name “Light” recalls the broken past.
◆ The owner will receive elemental damage buffs of all elemental types, and can gain the power “Mist Cut”.
Mist Slice: Mist
Slash can gain up to 3 floors with independent duration. The higher the number of layers of Mist Cut, the higher the owner’s corresponding elemental damage buff.
In the following cases, the character will receive 1 layer of Mist Cut:
When attacking normally deals elemental damage, lasts for 5 seconds.
When casting Rage Skill lasts for 10 seconds.
When the character’s Elemental Energy is lower than 100%, a layer of Mist Cut will be created, this time the Mist Cut will disappear after the character’s Elemental Energy is fully charged.

◆ During the “Single Sword – Fog Night Light” prayer time, the probability of praying to receive the limited 5-star weapon “Single Sword – Fog Night Light” increases!
Bow – Vibrating Thunder (★5)
◇ The bow bestowed by the Shogun, shining with the color of immortal lightning.

◆ Increases the owner’s attack, and can gain the power of “Thunder Cut”.
Lightning Slash:
Gain up to 3 layers of Thunder Slash with independent duration. The higher the number of layers of Lightning Cut, the higher the damage dealt by the owner’s normal attack.
In the following cases, the character will receive 1 layer of Lightning Cut:
Deals normal attack damage for 5 seconds.
Casts an Elemental Skill that lasts for 10 seconds.
Also, if the Elemental Energy is lower than 100%, it will create a layer of Lightning Cut, this time the Lightning Cut will disappear after the character’s Elemental Energy is fully charged.
* The limited weapon “Bow – Vibrating Thunder” will appear in the next prayer event.

Single Sword – Short Knife Amenoma (★4)
◇ A sword crafted by order of a famous samurai. According to legend, he was able to quickly knock down even a fast Tengu warrior.
◆ After casting the Elemental Skill, get 1 Yin Strain, which can exist at most 3 at the same time. After casting Rage Skill, will erase all existing Sound Races, and 2s later will restore elemental energy to the character based on the number of Sound Races consumed.
◆ Complete the quest “Farmer’s Treasure” to receive the “Amenoma Shortcut” weapon forging drawing.

Trọng Kiếm – Trường Đao Katsuragi (★4)
◇ Thanh kiếm được Tatarasuna rèn, tuy nặng nề nhưng vô cùng sắc bén.
◆ Tăng sát thương do Kỹ Năng Nguyên Tố gây ra. Sau khi Kỹ Năng Nguyên Tố đánh trúng, nhân vật sẽ mất đi một số điểm Năng Lượng Nguyên Tố, và tiếp tục phục hồi năng lượng nguyên tố trong 6 giây sau đó. Hiệu quả này mỗi 10 giây tối đa kích hoạt 1 lần, nhân vật ở trong đội nhưng không ra trận vẫn có thể kích hoạt.
◆ Thám hiểm khu vực Inazuma, sau khi hoàn thành một số điều kiện nhất định, sẽ nhận được bản vẽ rèn vũ khí “Trường Đao Katsuragi”.

Long-Handed Weapon – Kitain’s Cross Spear (★4)
◇ A special spear once wielded by a famous warrior who protected Yashiori Island from the God of Paint.
◆ Increases damage dealt by Elemental Skills. After the Elemental Skill hits, the character loses some Elemental Energy, and continues to restore elemental energy for 6 seconds afterwards. This effect can be activated once every 10 seconds, maximum, and can still be activated by characters who are on the team but not in battle.
◆ Complete the quest “Orobashi Legacy” to receive the weapon forging drawing “Kitain’s Cross”.

Magical Tool – White God Ring (★4)
◇ Magical weapon that inherits the concept of Mr. Kitsune. It’s just that his idea is so big that this small thing can’t contain it all.
◆ Whenever a character equipped with this weapon activates a lightning element-related reaction, the nearby elemental attribute of the team causing the related reaction will increase the Elemental Damage of the corresponding element response and lasts 6s. Characters that gain Elemental Damage with this form will not stack.
◆ Complete the quest “YouGou Ritual” to receive the “White God Ring” weapon forging drawing.

Bow – Bow Exorcist (★4)
◇ The bow once belonged to a certain magician, delicately shaped but very easy to use.
◆ Increases damage dealt by basic attack and massive attack respectively. When elemental energy reaches 100%, will increase the effectiveness of the character equipped with this weapon by 100%.
◆ Exploring the Inazuma area, upon completion of certain conditions, will receive a drawing of the weapon forging “Spell Bow”.

▌New Sacred Relic of Endless
Memories (★4-★5)
◇ 2-piece set: Attack boost.
◇ 4-piece set: When casting elemental skills, if the character has a certain amount of elemental energy, will consume elemental energy increasing the damage caused by normal attack, heavy hit, and attack when responding for the next 10 seconds.
Mark of Separation (★4-★5)
◇ 2-piece set: Increases elemental loading efficiency.
◇ 4-piece set: Based on a certain percentage of elemental loading efficiency, to increase the damage caused by fury skill. Only up to 75% can be increased through this way.
◆ Challenge the new Secret Scene of Blessing in Inazuma – “Momiji Garden” to receive the above set of Holy Relics.

(IV) New
Event “Thunder Trace” Event: Enter to receive the character “Crownless Dragon King – Beidou (Lightning)”!
During the event period, completing Inazuma’s challenge items can grant “Thunder Block” and “Thunder Crystal”. Use “Thunder Block” and “Thunder Crystal” to exchange for the character “Crownless Dragon King – Beidou (Lightning)”, Crown of Wisdom, Heavenly Treasure Cultivation Materials, Hero Experience and parts Another bonus!

〓Event Time〓 Stage I
feature opening time 2021/7/22 10:00-2021/8/9 03:59

Stage II
2021/7/24 04:00

2021/7/27 04:00

Stage IV
2021/7/30 04:00

Event Store opening time
2021/7/22 10:00-2021/8/16 03:59

〓Conditions to participate〓 Adventure
Rank ≥30
Complete the quest “The Autumn Wind Reveals the Red Leaves” and the “Ritou Island Escape Plan” quest in Chapter II – Act I “Thunder God Majestic, Earthly Lightning” Dang Vinh Hang”

〓Rail I Lightning Speed〓
During the event period, after completing the quest “Prepare for the long journey” will open Stage I “Lightning Speed”.
During the event, the Traveler can challenge a total of 6 races, each day unlocking 3 new tracks.
After starting a challenge, the Traveler can use “Lightning Electrode” to quickly teleport to the destination within a limited time.
Complete race challenge quests to get Thunder Blocks, Primal Stones, Mora and other rewards.

〓Stage II Lightning Pursuit〓
During the event period, after completing the quest “Follow the trail of thunder” can open Stage II “Flash of Pursuit”.
After opening the challenge, the Traveler needs to defeat all enemies within the allotted time.
Complete race challenge quests to get Thunder Blocks, Primal Stones, Mora and other rewards.

〓Stage III Thunder Weaving〓
During the event, after completing the quest “Thunder Clouds” will open Stage III “Thunder Weaving Interlaced”.
After opening the challenge, the Traveler needs to defeat all enemies within the allotted time.
Complete race challenge quests to get Thunder Blocks, Primal Stones, Mora and other rewards.

〓Screen IV Exquisite Image Battle〓
During the event period, after completing the quest “Face the Ancient Echo” will open Stage IV “Elegance Battle”.
Successfully challenging the secret realm will receive “Thunder Crystals”, which can be exchanged for rewards in the event shop.

〓Event Introduction〓
Consume 1000 “Thunder Blocks” and 1000 “Thunder Crystals” to exchange for the character “Crownless Dragon King – Beidou (Lightning)” in Invitation From the Dragon King, invite only 1 time.
On 2021/08/16 03:59 after the event shop closes Thunder Blocks and Lightning Crystals will disappear, Travelers please redeem your rewards in time.

(V) New Storyline
1. New Demon God

Quest Chapter II Demon God Quest Chapter II – Act I “Thunder God Magnificent, Eternal Paradise”
Demon God Quest Chapter II – Act II “Mindless, Unborn Mind” Immortal”
◇ Beidou’s “Southern Cross Fleet” preparations and supplies in Liyue are coming to an end. According to the agreement, the fleet will take you through the stormy sea to Inazuma.
The footsteps of the Traveler can’t stay in one place forever, now it’s time to meet fate. Towards the “eternal” kingdom, let’s go!
◆ After completing the update to version 2.0, permanently open the Demon God Quest Chapter II – Act I “Thunder God Majestic, Eternal Paradise” and Chapter II – Act II “Mindless Mind, Immortality, Immortality. “
◆ The conditions for opening the Demon God Quest Chapter II – Act I “Thunder God Majestic, Eternal Paradise”:
• Adventure Rank ≥30
• Complete the Demon God Quest: Chapter II – Prologue “The Autumn Wind Unfolds the Coat Question” Red Leaf”
◆ Opening conditions: Demon God Quest Chapter II – Act II “Mind No Consciousness, Immortality, Immortality”:
• Adventure Rank ≥30
• Complete Demon God Quest: Chapter II – Act I “Thunderbolt” Majestic God, Eternal Paradise”
• Complete the Legend Quest Kamisato Ayaka: Chapter Snow Crane – Act I “The Tale of the Crane and the White Rabbit”
• Complete the Legend Quest Yoimiya: Chapter Liu Jin – Act I ” Eternity Like A Dream”
After completing the update to version 2.0, some conditions for opening quests will be adjusted:
● Demon God Quest Chapter I Act II Unlocking Level Adjusted to Adventure Rank ≥25 (Originally Adventure Rank ≥29)
Magic God Quest Chapter I Stage III Unlocked to Adventure Rank ≥28 (Originally Adventure Rank ≥35)
Level to open World Quest “Bough Keeper – Dainsleif” adjusted to Adventure Rank ≥28 (Originally Adventure Rank ≥36)
Level to open Magic God Quest Chapter I Act IV adjusted to Adventure Rank ≥28 (Originally Adventure Rank ≥36)
* In which, monster level of Demon God Quest Chapter I Act II will be adjusted to Lv.30 (Originally Lv.35), other than that only the Adventure Rank conditions for opening quests, other opening conditions and quest rewards remain unchanged.

2. New Legend
Quest Legendary Quest Kamisato Ayaka: Chapter Snow Crane – Act I “The Tale of the Crane and the White Rabbit”
Legend Quest Yoimiya: Chapter Liu Jin – Act I “Eternal Like a Dream”
◆ After completing the update to version 2.0, “Zhang Xue Crane” and “Chang Luu Kim” will be permanently opened.
◆ Conditions for opening the quests “Chapter Snow Crane” and “Chapter Luu Kim”:
• Adventure Rank ≥30
• Complete the Mission of Demon God: Chapter II – Act I “Thunder God Majestic, Eternal Paradise”
* Open Locking the Legend Quest “Chapter Tuyet Crane” and “Chapter Luu Kim” do not need to consume “Legendary Key”.

3. New World
Quest ◆ Added New World Quest: “Growing Method” “Sacred Cherry Blossom” “Konda Story” “Sacrificial Offering” “Hayashi Tanuki in the Forest” “Sacrifice” ” YouGou Ritual”
“Farmer’s Treasure” “Protect Hiromi” “Almighty Culinary Team!” “Almighty Culinary Team – Beach Rage” “Almighty Culinary Team – Deep Dive” “Seventh Samurai” “Tatara Story” “Healing Cherry” “Sword Dream” “Di Orobashi Production” “Samurai’s Fate” “Three Thousand Miles Acceptance” “Island Treatment” “Siny Doctrine” “Yae Publisher Invitation” “Thousand Mile Letter” “God, I do it” right?” “Journey to the Mainland” “The other side of the sea is home” “Tha Huong” “A Battle To Personal Sanitize” “Almighty Culinary Team – Eating Enough Is Very Important” “Almighty Culinary Team – Journey Find Food” “

(VI) New Monster Elemental
◇ Powerful Elemental Demon that uses its sturdy square shell to protect itself and fight.
There are two states, “Burning” and “Extinguish”, after extinguishing with the appropriate elemental reaction, there is a chance to break through.
In the Kannazuka area.
Eternal Engine Model
◇ Strangely deformed fighting machine.
Legend says that this is a war machine left over from a country that has perished. It is made up of many parts, can adapt to the combat environment, execute different types of attacks. It is even possible to split and summon several Relic Machines of different shapes.
In the Narukami Island area.
“Nobushi: Jintouban” “Nobushi: Hitsukeban” “Nobushi: Kikouban” “Kairagi – Yanwei” “Kairagi – Thunderstorm”
◇ Wandering martial artist goes wherever he goes and robs.
Originally, he should use martial arts to face the strong, but he used his hard-working martial arts to plunder and become a dangerous enemy.
“Relic Patrol” “Relic Pioneer” “Relic Guardian” “Relic Scout”
◇ The irregular machine has customizable shapes and features.
Legend has it that it was the war machine left by the country that had perished. More widely available than the “Guardian of the Ruins”, it has a stronger biomimetic connotation of the design.
Fatui – Glasses Maiden
Coming from the harsh winter land,
Contrary to the dignified posture symbolized by the name “Lady”, to achieve the goal will not be through any tricks. Nor will the target I care about escape the water mirror created by Delusion.
Besides, there are also “Lightning Bullet Hilichurl” “Lightning Hilichurl Witch” “Lightning Hammer Hilichurl” “Thunderbolt Abyss Mage” “Lightning Armor King Hilichurl” “Deception Flower – Lightning” and other monsters.

(VII) Other
● Features

1. Praying Weapons will add a new special prayer mechanism – “Divine Standardization”
· After calibrating the desired 5-star UP weapon, when praying “Divine Body” Casting” 5-star weapon received is not as specified, will receive 1 point of destiny. The maximum “point of destiny” is 2 points.
· When the fortune points are full, the next 5-star weapon obtained in this period’s “Body of God Casting” prayer will be the weapon selected in “Dinging Quasi God Casting”.
· When receiving a weapon in “Divine Quasi-Divine Casting”, the accumulated destiny points will be reset to 0.
· When not “Standing Quasi-Divine Casting”, praying will not accumulate destiny points.
· Weapon calibration status can be changed, or cancelled. When changing or canceling the accumulated fortune points will be reset to 0.
· When this period’s “Cast Body” ends, the accumulated fortune points will be reset to 0.

2. In the Proof of Risk – Delegation, there is a feature called “Area Selection – Entrustment Mission”.

3. New Props:
Seed Box: The magic box received from Old Man Binh’s place. It is said that this box has the ability to “transform seeds”… That is to say, it can produce seeds of many different plants based on the characteristics of the original plant, the obtained seeds can be obtained. grown on the respective field in “Tran Ca Warm”.
Red Feather Fan: For 30 seconds after cast, hover speed increased by 30%.
Lightning Prodigy Resonance Stone: In Inazuma you can find Thunder God Child nearby.
Lightning Treasure Search Compass: Can search for treasure chests in the land of Inazuma.
Memorabilia Glass: Magic lens, use it to observe the special fox statue will find strange things.
Tiny Tien Linh – Tu Uyen: Memories of the event “Lost Treasure“,
“Holy Casket: Closing Ceremony of Gladiators” “Holy Casket: Mainland Wandering Singing Troupe” “Holy Casket: Bloody Knights of Religion” “Holy Casket: Ancient Seventh-century Ritual”

4. Add a new feature to the Puzzle: “Mysterious Holy Relic”
Consumes a certain number of 5-star Holy Relics, to craft 1 Casket containing 1 5-star Holy Relic.

5. Bach Bao Tien Cave has more “Precious Animals and Fairy Animals” “Fairy Plants and Animals”: You can exchange decorations for “Phi Nhieu Field” “Order Field” “Phi Thuy” “Side Shift Point” In addition” at “Bach Bao Fairy Cave”, can be exchanged for seeds and other materials obtained through “Seed Box” in “Fairy Plants and Animals”.

6. New Menu:
○ “Shimura Restaurant” in Inazuma: Fried Eggs, Mixed Fried Noodles, Miso Soup, Bone Broth Ramen.
○ “Kiminami Restaurant” in Inazuma: Tuna Sushi, Three Color Dango, Three Flavors Skewer.
○ Snack Shop: Grilled Fish
○ Completing the World Mission “Almighty Culinary Team” receive: Rice Ball, Sashimi, Cherry Tempura, Fried Crab Brick.
○ Completing the World Quest “Three Thousand Mile Contemplation” to receive: Torai Meat.
○ Inazuma Fame System received: Konda, Street Zoni, Butter Crab.
○ Complete the Kamisato Ayaka Legend Quest to receive: Cherry Pie.
○ Kamisato Ayaka’s special dish: Snow Dot Pink Oven.
○ Kaedehara Kazuha’s special dish: World Masterpiece.

○ Sayu’s special dish: Anti-Headache.

7. New Accomplishments: “The World’s Journey – Part II” “The Rebel – Part IV” “Meet In Another World – Part II” “The Taoyuan Outer World – Part III” “Inazuma-The Lightning and Eternal Islands” constant (I)”, adding some new achievements to the “Colorful World” section;

8. New Business Card:
○ Inazuma – Divine Cherry: Received when the Guardian Cherry level reaches Lv.48
○ Journey Diary – Narukami Shrine: Received in the Journey Log system rewards.
○ Kamisato Ayaka – Fan: Obtained when Kamisato Ayaka’s favorite level reaches 10.
○ Yoimiya – Golden Flower of Fire: Obtained when Yoimiya’s favorite level reaches 10.
○ Sayu – Muji-Muji Daruma: Received when Sayu’s favorite level reaches 10.
○ Inazuma – Kamisato Pattern: Obtained when Inazuma Fame Rank reaches level 4.
○ Inazuma – Lightning Pattern: Obtained when Inazuma Fame Rank reaches level 7.
○ Achievements – Door: Received when all achievements “Meet in another world – Part II”.
○ Accomplishments – Experiencing: Received when achieving all achievements “The Week Du Tran The – Part II”.
○ Achievement – Rock Dragon: Received when all achievements “Challenge – Part IV”.
○ Achievements – Hundred Flowers Blooming: Received when achieving all achievements “The Outer World Taoyuan – Part III”.
○ Inazuma- Kujou Pattern: Obtained upon reaching all achievements “Inazuma-Island of Lightning and Eternal (I)”.
○ Festival – God of Magic: Received in the event “Cosmic Agencies – The Battle of Linh Dieu”.

9. New Animals: Red Crab, General Crab, Purple Ibis, Marrow Eater Earth Dragon, Crow, Fox, Bake-Danuki, Lei Tinh Diep.

10. New Materials:
○ Dream Wood: You will get “Cherry Tree” by cutting down.
○ Maple: Chopping “Amur Maple” will be obtained.
○ Coniferous Wood: Chopping “Canopy Tree” will be obtained.
○ Otogi Wood: Chopping “Otogi Tree” will be obtained.

11. La Hoan Tham Canh:
Refresh the monster lineup on 9th and 10th floors in La Hoan Tham Canh.
Luo Huan Shen Jing: Unusual
Earth Vein Level 9 adjusted to:
• When starting a challenge, the area’s outer circle will appear a Plasma area. When the character stands in it, every 5s will be struck by lightning once, taking Lightning elemental damage. The Plasma Zone will expand into the battle center area according to the progress of the challenge.
Unusual Earth Circuit Level 10 adjusted to:
• In each challenge room of each floor there is a “Boss” with many retainers to protect him, the retainers will provide him with enhancement effects, each retainer will increase physical resistance and all elemental resistance by 10%. his; Every 12s, each retainer will heal him by 5%. When there are no followers in battle, “Boss” will lose the above strengthening and healing effects.
Unusual Earth Vein Level 11 adjusted to:
• Increases Fire elemental damage dealt by all team members by 60%.
• Increases elemental damage by 60% Ice all team members form.
Adjusted the 12th floor of the Unusual Earth Circuit:
• During a challenge with “Energy Tides”, it will switch between “full of elements” and “with elements” every 10s.
• When full of elements, the character that hits the enemy will spawn a lot of Elemental Nucleus, recovering 10 points of Elemental Energy. Maximum of 1 activation every 2.8 seconds.
• When low on elemental, all team members will not be able to receive Elemental Energy.
Since the first Deep Scene period after completing the update to version 2.0, the 3 periods of Uyen Nguyet Chuc Phuc are:
Phase I: Broken Moon
When the character’s elemental energy in the battle is full, attack normally, heavy Attacking or attacking when hitting an enemy will reduce the enemy’s defense by 7%. The effect lasts 10s, stacks up to 5 floors, the effect of each layer is timed separately.
Part II: Full Moon
When the character in battle receives the Orb Element or the Nucleic Element, will unleash a shockwave, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Use this method to cast a shockwave at most once every 4s.
Part III: Hidden Moon
After casting fury skill, attack on the whole team increases by 20%. The effect lasts 10s, stacks up to 3 floors, each floor’s effect is timed separately.

● Audio
1. Added mechanism to activate related voiceover when character has low HP level;
2. Added Japanese voice acting for some characters;

● Characters
In the Characters – Documentary – Voiceover section, the ability to listen to the character’s battle voiceover has been added.

● System
1. Add some reminders to the download interface.
2. Barbara’s outfit – Brilliant Summer is available in the fashion store.

(VIII) Modifications & Optimizations
● System
1. After the Traveler links an eligible PSN account with an email account, it can be logged in on iOS/Android/PC platforms, with a HoYoverse Pass or PSN account linked to HoYoverse Pass email to login on PlayStation platform, will have to continue your game progress.
• The link is divided into two cases:
1) On the PlayStation platform using a PSN account that has never logged in Genshin Impact, the first time you start the game, follow the prompts on the notification window to link the account. email account registered for the HoYoverse Pass, can complete the linking operation.
* Note: The link notification window only appears for the first time when using this PSN account to log into the game and after agreeing to the Terms of Service, the Traveler can only link the HoYoverse Pass already in the game. this link notification window.
2) After logging in to the game on PlayStation platform, you can go to Settings – Account – User Center – Link Account, use this Genshin Impact login PSN account, link to an unregistered email account HoYoverse Pass; After linking, Travelers can log in to this account to play games in the same server on iOS/Android/PC/PlayStation platforms, game progress will be synchronized.
• Creation Stone
On the same account, the number of Creation Stones received on the iOS/Android/PC platform and received on the PlayStation platform are asynchronous, including but not limited to top-up, refund, monthly card, and compensation for loading errors within Japan. Sign Itinerary etc.
(For details, please see HoYoLAB’s announcement “Notice about linking PSN account and HoYoverse Pass account”)
2. Map Marker limit increased from 99 to 150 3.
The content of the gift package in the Pearl Journey Diary has been adjusted: The Mondstadt gift bag has been replaced with the Inazuma gift bag.
4. Optimized UI displayed after entering the aiming state in touch screen operation mode: Hide the challenge interrupt button; reduce the transparency of the target text.
5. Added second confirmation option when deleting friends;
6. Adjusted the Wind Boat’s fitness mechanism: Wind Boat no longer shares the same physical strength with the character, the health recovery of both is also counted separately.

● Audio
Adjusted the Chinese and Japanese dub of some characters, adjusted the Korean dub of some missions;

● Character
1. Adjusted the effect of the character’s “Fantasy Flow” innate movement effect in “Merna Glass – Mona”.
2. Optimized battle expressions of some characters.
3. Adjusted the description of the inherent talent “Gem Collection” of the character “Ning Nguyet Thien Quyen – Ningguang (Yam)”: Displays the location of mineral veins that can produce Cast Ores on the minimap. .
Initial: Displays the location of surrounding mineral veins (Iron Ore, White Iron Mine, Glass Mine, Ma Tinh Mine, Tinh Ngan Ore) on the minimap.

〓Bug Correction〓
● Error Correction Quest
when conducting daily commission “This novel is awesome!”, there is a small probability of duplicate dialogue errors;
Fixed an issue where, when performing the Magic God Quest “Wanderer’s Footprints”, if Lumine attacked normally, the lens would vibrate abnormally;
Fixed an issue where the “Dove Never Returns” Daily Trust had an unusual chance of items being dropped and refreshed;

● Secret Scene
1. Fixed a bug in La Hoan Tham Canh where, after teleporting through Evidence of Adventure – Secret Realm, the event list button in the main interface would disappear abnormally;
2. Fixed an issue where the 7th floor Luo Huan Deep Realm had no effect of the effect of Unusual Earth Vein “when striking, it will receive Planetary Elemental and Nuclear Elemental” not taking effect;

● Monsters
1. Fixed an issue where when the Ruins Guardian was attacked while the weak point was not destroyed, there was a small chance of going into paralysis for a short time;
2. Fixed a bug where the character would leave by teleporting when the Deceiving Flower was paralyzed, after returning to the battle, the amount of elemental crystallization and the effect of the Deception Flower would appear abnormally;
3. Fixed an issue where, when the Abyss Mage appeared, there was a small chance of getting stuck in terrain unnaturally;

● Multiplayer Mode
1. Fixed an issue where, after exiting multiplayer mode, at a tracking marker on the map, the marker tracking effect had an abnormal probability of remaining;
2. Fixed an issue where when entering another Traveler’s Kettle Tran Ca, a character that both the server and the client owns enters the Tran Ca Kettle, if the server and client have changed different costumes for this character, then the entry character seen by the client will display abnormally as the client’s costume setting;

● Characters
1. Fixed a bug that caused some characters to appear abnormally during the shock, while using the rage skill and changing the character at the same time;
2. Fixed an issue where when a character activated a diffuse reaction of multiple elements against multiple enemies at once, the character would take damage abnormally;
3. Fixed an issue where when the bow character used the small prop “The Orb of the Wind”, while switching to aiming mode, there was a chance of an error;
4. Fixed a bug where when Childe – Tartaglia (Water) was aiming, the position of the bow and arrow effect was skewed;
5. Fixed an issue where if the character Red Leaf Chasing Waves – Kaedehara Kazuha (Wind) changed weapons while displaying the sword draw activity, the weapon’s motion expression had an abnormal probability;
6. Fixed an issue where when the characters “Red Hat Grace – Rosaria (Ice)” and “Sponge Dance – Eula (Ice)” sit down, the character’s head has a chance of not being able to look straight ahead;
7. Fixed an issue with the character “Sponge Dance – Eula (Ice)” because when casting fury skill in the moment of falling when taking fall damage, the effect of Lightsword had an abnormal afterimage;
8. Fixed the bug that after the character of the Traveler (Wind) had multiple resonances with the Seven Angels, the effect of the 4th floor destiny “Protecting Wind” and the fixed talent “Resurrection Wind” took effect. abnormal;
9. Fixed an issue where after the Traveler character resonated with the Seven Angels, the elemental resonance effect of other characters on the team didn’t take effect immediately;
10. Fixed an issue where the illusion summoned by the character Mercury Glass – Mona, after being destroyed, could still taunt enemies for a short time;
11. Fixed a bug where some attack animation models of the character “Innocent Cognitive – Yanfei (Fire)” were penetrated;
12. Fixed an issue where a character triggered an Overload reaction by attaching Elemental to himself, unable to damage enemies;
13. Fixed an issue where the character that launched an attack when landing on the water had a small chance of falling to the bottom of the water;
14. Fixed a bug that if you press sit down and change your character, when you change back to the original character, the character will teleport and sit down;
15. Fixed the bug that after the character casts a skill at the specified location, the skill effect would be skewed;

● Audio
1. Fixed sound effects of some skills and features missing, adjusted sound effects of some scenes;
2. Fixed an issue where when the weather changed, the voice acting of some weather characters was not activated correctly;

● System
1. Fixed an issue where the name of the Sacred Relic set was displayed incorrectly in the secret reward preview interface; The names of several sets of Holy Relics are now unified with the effective names of the series;
2. Fixed a bug in Tran Ca Kettle, where many characters could sit on the same position at the same time to place “Sofa Em Ai”;
3. Fixed an issue in Tran Ca Kettle where, after changing Decoration – Room Door, there was a small probability of multiple stacked room doors;

● Miscellaneous
1. Fixed an issue where at the Liyue area’s Blue Sea Gate the effect of the elemental element was displayed abnormally (only anomalous effect, does not affect the gameplay of the related puzzle);
2. Fixed an issue where in some cases, the continuous HP recovery effect of the recovery type dish would appear abnormal in the duration of the effect;
3. Fixed the bug that in the special case, after opening the Paimon menu, the character would be pushed out by Paimon;
4. Fixed an issue where when manipulating the handle, after crafting decorations or dyes, the first option would be selected by default;
5. Fixed and optimized some displayed text in Spanish, German, English, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian (Actual effect remains the same, Travelers may change change the game language via the Paimon Interface->Settings->Language, go to the sections in the current announcement to see the corresponding changes).
* This work is completely fictitious and is not associated with any person, event, group or organization.

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Genshin Impact is one of the most successful gacha-based roleplaying games that was released last year on September 28, 2020, across PC, Android, iOS, and PlayStation platforms. Periodically, Genshin Impact receives new

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Genshin Impact is one of the most successful gacha-based roleplaying games that was released last year on September 28, 2020, across PC, Android, iOS, and PlayStation platforms. Periodically, Genshin Impact receives new