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how to farm artifacts genshin impact

Genshin Impact!! How to farm artifacts

This is a guide to developing artifacts for Genshin Impact. Read on to learn how to make your team’s development go smoothly by cultivating and improving your team’s compositions.

How to farm artifacts

Artifacts are the key to your team being able to take on any challenge the Teyvat world has in store for you. Unlike weapons, artifacts can only be upgraded by energizing other artifacts, making efficient artifact farming vital to your party’s progress.

1-20 . adventure range

At first, acquiring the Artifact was simply opening chests on the world map and progressing through the main story, side quests, and available Domains. There will be a large number of 1- and 2-star Artifacts in the lower ranks that will be the perfect choice to power your 3- and 4-star Artifacts.

Adventure Rank 25+

From adventure rank 20 your world level will increase with enemy resistance and rarity of the artifacts they drop. This is where fighting bosses and running domains becomes important, as the 4-star artifact will be added to each boss’ loot table and on subsequent domain difficulty levels .

Adventure rank 40

From Adventure Rank 40 onwards, 5 Star Artifacts will be dropped into the dropdown for higher Boss and Domination difficulties, and will drop from time to time.

Adventure Rating 45+

The Advendture 45+ rank is currently the optimal rank for grinding Artficats, as domains will drop at least one 5-star artifact per run. Due to the 100% drop rate, it is advisable to save as much brittle plastic as possible to feed the 5-star creature continuously.

Where to plant artifacts

In addition to challenges and chests, your source of artifacts will come from domains and bosses, each with a variety of powerful sets to farm.

Shopping at physical stores

There are 3 shops that sell artifacts, and each store sells a set of 2 star artifacts. All stores will sell 1 part of the full set and replenish it weekly, which means you can buy 3 full sets per week.

shopArtifact setPlace
Shiliu2 star adventure game piecesCity of Mondstadt
Zhang shunLucky Dog 2 star setLiyue Port
Antiques Xigu2 star mobile doctor setLiyue Port

Shiliu Artifacts Store

Location Shiliu
Order piecesrarityprice
Explorer Gold Cup x 1★★2000 Blackberry
Adventurer’s tail feathers x 1★★2000 Blackberry
Adventurer’s scarf x 1★★2000 Blackberry
Exploration flower x 1★★2000 Blackberry
Adventurer’s Pocket Watch x 1★★2000 Blackberry

Zhang Shun Artifact Shop

Location of Zhang Shun
Order piecesrarityprice
Lucky Dog Goblet x 1★★2000 Blackberry
Lucky Dog Eagle Feather x 1★★2000 Blackberry
Lucky Dog Silver Hoop x 1★★2000 Blackberry
Lucky Dog Clover x 1★★2000 Blackberry
Lucky Dog Hourglass x 1★★2000 Blackberry

Xigu antique shop

Location of Xigu antiques
Order piecesrarityprice
Traveling Doctor’s Medicine Pot x 1★★2000 Blackberry
Traveling Doctor’s Owl Feather x 1★★2000 Blackberry
Travel Medic Bandana x 1★★2000 Blackberry
Travel Doctor Silver Lotus x 1★★2000 Blackberry
Travel Doctor x 1 . pocket watch★★2000 Blackberry

Agricultural routes

There are items around Teyvat that will drop low rarity artifacts after interacting with them. Farming routes take advantage of artifact drop interactions to give you the fastest and easiest way to get low rarity artifacts to use as food for high-rare artifacts rarer higher.


Within each domain there are difficulty levels that are locked behind the prerequisite adventure range. The higher the domain difficulty level, the better the rewards.

Bless the domain

Blessing domains are specific domains of artifacts for which you can be rewarded with a number of different sets.

DomainSet of artifacts
Summer patioSojourner ResolutionAdventureDangerous RageThunder
Valley of RemembranceLittle miracleTravel doctorMetallic VeneerDear girl time
Chu .’s hidden palace recipeDefender’s WillboxerCrimson Flame WitchLavawalker
Crystal clear swimming pool and mountain cavePlayerScholarBloody CavalryNoble duty
Domain Name GuyunBrave HeartLucky dogAncient PetraThe fireball retracted

Incident domain

Crash domains can only be challenged once a week.

DomainSet rewards
Face StormterrormadnessLecturersExileGladiator’s EndWanderer’s Troupe
PlaceStormterror Lair, Mondstadt


The difficulty of the bosses, as well as the rarity of their rewards, depends on your world level.

Director of Mondstadt

BossSet rewards
Destruction protectionmadnessExileLecturersTravel doctor
Mitachurl wooden shieldmadnessLecturersExileTravel doctor
Lose weight with electricityLecturersExilePray for wisdomTravel doctorGladiator’s EndWanderer’s Troupe
Heart arrhythmiamadnessLecturersLucky dogGladiator’s EndWanderer’s Troupe
Cryo Abyss WizardmadnessLecturersExileTravel doctor
Cryo RegisvinemadnessExileLucky dogGladiator’s EndWanderer’s Troupe
Lupus Boreas, ruler of wolvesmadnessLecturersExileGladiator’s EndWanderer’s Troupe

Chief Liyue

BossSet rewards
Ruin HuntermadnessLecturersAdventureTravel doctor
Rock Shieldwall MitachurlmadnessExileAdventureTravel doctor
Lose geographical balanceLecturersExileTravel doctorGladiator’s EndWanderer’s Troupe
Hatchling by GeovishapmadnessLecturersAdventureTravel doctor
OceanidmadnessExilePrayers for fateAdventureGladiator’s EndWanderer’s Troupe
Abyss Wizard PyromadnessLecturersExileTravel doctor
Pyro regisvinemadnessExilePrayers for Enlightenment

how to farm artifacts genshin impact

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