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[Genshin Impact] Development Team Research Plan Phase IV – Character 01 | Protector of Yaksha – XiaoPosted Time 11/02/2021

Hello Travelers!

Almost 5 months have passed since “Genshin Impact” was officially released to everyone, how has your journey in Teyvat been? Since the Open Beta, we’ve received a lot of valuable comments and feedback, all of which have been carefully compiled and documented by the members of the crafting team. Thank you very much for your love and interest in Genshin Impact!

In it, many players expressed interest in the character design and wanted to know more about the story behind the character creation process. Currently, when the version of “Muan Chong Minh Tieu” is released, the character that attracts everyone’s attention, Xiao, has also officially appeared. In this issue, we especially invite colleagues from the IP, graphics, and animation team to share with you the design concept of “Haha Phap Da Xa” – Xiao.

1. The Birth of the Dharma Protector – The link between the cultural totem and the character’s destiny

Hello, I’m Zhong Yuan of IP Genshin Impact.

During the character design process of Genshin Impact, the first thing we would do is: Anchor keeps the core of the character. In this step, we need to identify the core characteristics of the character to distinguish it from other characters, ensure that the character makes a strong impression, and based on this trait to locate of characters in the world of Genshin Impact. The character is not an arbitrarily arranged sculpture or stone. As an individual with a will of his own, the character must constantly interact with Teyvat in the past, present and future times. The core feature is the most primitive point of contact between the character and this world, and also the principle of action that the character pursues.

Xiao was one of the first Liyue characters we designed. He was born from the image of a young warrior sketched by CiCi, then those who participated in character evaluation recognized the quality of the character he portrayed. The original intention of the art group was to turn him into a “beautiful teenager”, while the IP group wanted him to become an “excellent fairy”. The two combined and Xiao became the first character that we defined as the “Three Eyes Five Hien Sages”.

Considering that many players are interested in this aspect, I would like to leave the topic a bit here and briefly talk about the detailed setting of “Three Eyes Five Visible” in the worldview of Genshin Impact. Liyue’s beautiful name “Fairy One” is “Three Eyes Five Hien Sages”, and at the same time, they are not human. This establishment originates from the saying “Anyone who has seven (nine) acupoints can attain enlightenment”, which means that animals can also become immortals; and the humans on the Teyvat continent shoulder more noble responsibilities than the Elves – Thus, unlike the peculiarities of humans, only non-humans could be called “Fairies” in Liyue. “Three Eyes” refers to the ability to manipulate the powers of the elements, and the manifestation of these supernatural powers in humans is Vision. In the eyes of humans, immortals like Luu Van and Ly Thuy also have “Inner Eyes” that humans cannot see; and Xiao, as a character that often appears in human form, he follows a more intuitive rule than always wearing Vision.

After the character’s background is built, the next step is to design the zodiac sign and refine the cultural context.

In the ancient Chinese tradition and in the Ming Qing Dynasty god and ghost novels, “Three Eyes and Five Hien” usually refers to Hua Guang Tianwang. “Hoa Quang Thien Vuong”, also known as “Ma Linh Quan”, is a famous protector and protector god who fought with Sun Wukong in the story “Nam Du Ky”. In other folklore studies, there is also a precedent to study the relationship between Ngu Hien Than and the ghost god Ngu Thong Than in the mountains (such as San Xiao – mountain ghost, mountain ghost).
So, based on the most mysterious yet most original core, we have determined the name “Xiao” and his nature as a Protector of the Sage. “Xiao” is not only a name used to cover up the past, but also a deeper expression of the character’s soul. All other cultural inferences and indoctrination are established on this point.

In a different design mindset, Xiao possesses the Wind elemental Vision, and also has agile combat maneuvers and the ability to move in the air that other characters do not have. In keeping with this point, the image of “Ya Xa” in Buddhist stories was used in Xiao’s design of destiny and skills. Although these “concepts” were imported from the outside, after the Sui Tang dynasty, they were fully integrated into the indigenous Chinese legends. “Da Xa” is a very important design element, through this design, we enrich the character image of Da Xa.

The two story archetypes “Yaksha Protector” and “Linh Quan Hanh Thien” are both good spirits and are in line with the general orientation of Xiao’s core character. His agile appearance is very suitable for Yaksha’s way of saying “Squish Devil”. Through expanding the idea of ​​”Yakha”, we identify the other half of Xiao, that is: “Yaksha”, the guardian of “Emperor”.

A very interesting detail must be mentioned here. Twelve Generals of Yaksha is a very famous legend, among them, twelve generals all have separate zodiac signs, Me Xi La Dai General originally wields chicken, but was changed from chicken to animal. respectively is Kim Si Bang Vuong Dieu (King Bird with Golden Wings). The yellow-winged bird eats poisonous dragons every day, eventually becomes exhausted and dies because of the toxicity, leaving only a heart of laziness in the world. This incident seems to coincide with the character’s characteristics. Not only that, the name Bang Vuong Bird also has its evolutionary process, it is a combination of the yellow-winged Garuda bird and the traditional Chinese legend of Bang Bird, which is not completely separate from the native land. Therefore, after comprehensive consideration, we chose the yellow-winged bird as the destiny drawing for Xiao.

In the end we took a comprehensive look and took a closer look at Xiao’s settings. It was only then that we realized that Xiao’s origins were indeed complicated: he was not only filled with folklore colors, but also held religious stories. The mountain demon, Linh Quan Taoist, Phap Phap Da Xa, Kim Si Bang Dieu… a lot of ideas are integrated into each other, creating this extremely temperamental character. More importantly, these elements are unified at the narrative level, can complement the character’s impression in a harmonious way, interwoven with clear and detailed destiny. This complexity gives him a whole new level of depth and charm, just what we wanted for the character Xiao: through cultural convergence and reconciliation, we hope to weave so the new music page, also hope that Xiao will be like a cultural icon, both powerful,

The next step is to shape personality and behavior.

Through continuous and in-depth communication with the artist, the IP team has further refined the details of the character’s content. For example, the “young warrior” is such an iconic image that we all wish to keep, so who is he fighting? We suddenly thought of the war of the gods. (The artist developed the mask design from this. See part two for details.) According to the basic worldview of “Genshin Impact”, ghosts cannot be completely destroyed, even if destroyed, its strength and will remained. Remnants and resentment of the defeated demon god will stay in the world, waiting for an opportunity to disturb. To protect Liyue’s peace, someone had to suppress them.
The choice to debut Xiao during the New Year’s Eve was out of the hope that it would be in line with the traditional Chinese custom of “deporting the Nian Beast”. For Liyue, Xiao is a “guardian”.

Every time on New Year’s Day, people offer incense and pray for protection.
But did not dare to pray to Xiao.
It’s because Xiao is not a gospel that brings wealth and peace, but “Ya Xa” fights to the death with demons.
Behind the bright lights of millions of Liyue port households, are battles that have no end, nor a winner. No one testified, no one appreciated.

The Traveler’s first impression of Xiao was probably this: cold and quiet, brave and combative, and at the same time, enduring extraordinary pain. His pain comes from himself. On the one hand, it stemmed from his relentless battle against the remnants of the demon god. This intense battle led him to believe that his only forte was fighting; on the other hand, it stems from the bad influence brought by the remnants of the devil, killing karmic and disturbing his mind.
This is also reflected in his skill design. After performing “Dance of Exorcism”, Xiao will wear a mask. Through this behavior, his combat power was constantly increasing, and his HP was also decreasing continuously. This represents the pain he endured while using his power.

After spending some time with Xiao, the Traveler will probably notice the gentle side of the depths of his heart. Xiao is definitely not a cruel person, but he doesn’t want to show his emotions easily.

Xiao always keeps a certain distance from the bustling world. It’s not that he doesn’t care about humans, but deliberately keeps his distance because he’s standing on the guard’s stance. He must fight the darkness where people can’t see, and endure pain that people can’t imagine. But even so, he never resented humans. Humans are the source of the thousand-year contract between him and the Rock King, and the reason why he silently protects the light of thousands of houses in Liyue.

The player’s first invitation to Xiao was to go to the New Year’s lighthouse to “watch the fireworks of the world”. To this request, Xiao subconsciously refused. But it’s not that he doesn’t like it, it’s that he’s avoiding it. For Xiao who has lived for thousands of years, the human world is both a bright and fragile ray of light, and like clouds and fireworks on the horizon. As the guardian of the excitement of this land, he was like an animal trapped in a fire, scared but also full of curiosity. He just hesitated for so long and didn’t know how to blend in with the crowd.
The Pepper Lights flew up in the middle of the night sky as if they wanted to shine with thousands of stars. Standing on the top of the mountain, alone looking at this beautiful scenery, Xiao can also feel the warmth of the world, understanding that people create these beautiful things in memory of their comrades who have fought. fought with him in the past. As someone who has experienced and has a long memory, he naturally understands the blessings hidden in the lamps. He understands love, but he doesn’t know how to communicate with mortals, nor does he know how to adapt to the hustle and bustle. Loneliness has created melancholy and made time seem to stop flowing in him, making him still retain his teenage soul until now.

In Liyue’s main storyline, Xiao appears when the Traveler is in danger. In the 1.3 version “Forever Chong Ming Tieu”, we wanted to invite all of the Travelers through the plot to feel Xiao’s unrevealed tenderness, as well as his implicit trust in you.

2. The fairy with the look of a teenager – Original design with high detail

Hello, we are D and Sui Sui of the Genshin Impact art team, in charge of setting up Xiao’s original drawings.

Through discussions in the initial steps, we created the first version of Xiao’s design on the basis of the “young warrior”. It can be seen that Xiao’s expression at that time was not as cold and serious as now. Kinder temperament, smiling face, based on the image of a fairy in the tradition. Then, going through an in-depth discussion with IP, combined with the character background story, we finally chose the version with the blue tone as the main theme.

As Liyue’s guardian elf, Xiao waged protracted battles with the remnants of demonic gods around Liyue, and was inevitably infected with miasma. Based on this context, Xiao’s upper body uses white and green colors that represent sages and also correspond to his Wind Elemental Vision. His lower body is mostly dark, matching the dark power and evil energy in his body.

With the same design concept, we added some light curls mixed in with the dark hair; When attacking, it will reveal a mixed effect of light and dark. In particular, the dark color represents the brutal power in fierce battles, the bright colors are the “Fairy” side in Xiao.

Despite his appearance as a young man, Xiao is already over two thousand years old.
Fortunately, no one underestimated him because of his appearance, just by contact, anyone can feel that this young man is a ruthless character.
Dangerous, quiet. Eyes sharp as knives.

Considering Xiao’s real age and ancestral identity, we chose to use some jade decorations to add to the sense of age and mystery. As a result, the characters’ legs, wrists, and shoulders are all adorned with jade-like ornaments, and the small objects also have antique-style textures.

Overall, Xiao is a fairy with a flowing ao dai, and also a young warrior. How to shape the character with such two separate elements is also a big challenge in terms of graphics. According to the traditional understanding of sages, most of their images are elegant, with modest gestures. As for the Yaksha Protector holding a long-handled weapon, the items on the body not only have the necessary protection but are also easy to move. In addition, considering the motion compatibility of the 3D model, the human side ribbon also needs special treatment.

Therefore, Xiao’s outfit is mainly short tight pants, with light armour at the wrists, wearing “magic weapons” such as Giang Ma Chu and small incense burners etc.. At the same time, add front flaps and back flaps. and belts for embellishment, as well as stylized clouds to add an antiquated touch, thus achieving a fusion of mature and liberal feel.

“Dance to Exterminate Demons” – The rulers of Liyue, who knew the truth, summed up the thousands of days and nights that Xiao had spent in these four words.

In the design of the mask, we have borrowed some features of the “exorcist mask”:

The main colors of the mask are black, blue and yellow, eye-catching but not frivolous, solemn and mysterious. The eyes are like bronze bells, the mouth shows fangs, and the head has horns, giving people a fearsome feeling. The eyes in the middle of the forehead represent “Tue Nhan”, the eyebrow pattern with the image of a flame creates more atmosphere and menace.

Xiao’s debut coincides with New Year’s Eve. With this millennial tradition, we also hope to spread the wish of repelling epidemics from inside and outside the game. We hope that you enjoy the character of Xiao, and will also gain more empathy and understanding from the elements of his design.

3. The blade slashes the demons – Edited moves many times

Dear Travelers, I’m Xiaolong of the Genshin Impact Graphics team.

At the beginning of the “Genshin Impact” project, the graphics team set themselves a challenging goal, which is to give players a smooth, cartoon-like experience. To achieve this goal, we have invested a lot of time and effort to thoroughly refine and make the character movement more natural, in the hope that players will not get bored while watching it. back them.

The entire graphics team was excited to receive Xiao’s original design and drawings. “Hang Ma Dai Thanh”, “Dharma Protector”, “Three Eyes Five Hien Tien”… The image of Liyue’s guardian who is both handsome and good at fighting appeared in front of our eyes, everyone was looking forward to participating. designer for this character. We think that in a way, the original IP and graphics made his soul, and the animator was the one who brought him to life.

As a Liyue character, Xiao’s movements must of course have oriental elements, “Hiep” – a Chinese character has entered my mind. “I want to show players around the world the oriental appeal, even if it’s just one in ten thousand.”

The combination of long-handled weapons and oriental features makes people think of spear methods and techniques in traditional martial arts. But Xiao is a sage, who has spent countless years fighting, has long been unconventional in his skills. Therefore, in the movement, it is necessary to have the characteristics of the oriental element, but there must be the bold determination of the Dharma Protector of Yaksha – who has spent thousands of years of fighting.

In the third stage of the normal attack, there is a turning movement, according to the rules of normal movement, the human body that lands on the ground after performing this move will have a rather obvious momentum release expression. clear. But in order to make Xiao’s movements more agile, we referenced the concept of “lightweight body” in martial arts and parkour, so that Xiao can easily land firmly after spinning in the air.

Excerpt from the movie “Dragon Gate Flying”

Xiao’s elemental attribute is Phong, in design he has a lot of flexibility. After careful consideration, we decided to design Xiao’s elemental skill visuals like an arrow soaring through the air. When the skill is over, some vertical slides and slow turns have been added to give Xiao even more freedom.

Excerpts from the movie “Die Nhan Kiet: Rise of the Sea Dragon”

Of course, the small details must be mentioned before. Each item, the hair on the character is carefully considered by the designer. After simulating a series of dynamic effects through dynamics, choosing the most satisfactory point and further modifying the details on this basis, it is possible to make this soft, dancing body show its full potential. explosive power as well as speed, the character’s shadow effect becomes more and more beautiful. From there, Liyue created the posture of the guardian “Dharma Protector of Yaksha” for Liyue.

The mask is one of the elements that can’t be ignored and it appears in both Xiao’s waiting action and fury skills. For thousands of years, Xiao has been constantly fighting with the remnants of demon gods and mutant demons, and karma has continuously accumulated in his body. While wearing the mask, his karma became apparent, increasing his fighting strength, and also multiplying his pain, but from time to time he still put on the protective mask of Liyue, and enforce its contract.

The element buried deep in Xiao’s setting is “tenderness”. Behind the layers of identity, Xiao also has a gentle side in her heart, that is interested in worldly things, but it is never easy to show it in front of people. This trait is difficult to show in action, so we designed an episode in the waiting movement: a light ray that looks like a spirit slowly approaches, Xiao tries to reach out to it, but due to his karmic body caused the spirit to fly away. He was well aware of this outcome, but it was still inevitable to feel disappointed.
It is the complex emotions that intertwine and contradict each other that have shown a character with a rich interior and created a lively soul.

In order to make Xiao’s image appear the most perfect, our animation team used optical motion capture technology, high precision data, can accurately restore the details of motion. actor body. Moreover, many complex combat actions that are difficult to perform in reality require the animator to manually correct the position of each joint and the movement of the ribbon. From there, the natural animated background is enhanced with exaggeration and freshness.

Currently, we are still actively researching the movement styles of the characters in new areas. The ideal goal that we always pursue is to create vivid characters and worlds with elements of fantasy culture. Although this is still a long and challenging journey, we always believe that, with our own efforts, we will bring everyone the best work, which is very valuable. .

Thank you for sharing your content, have you understood more about the birth of the Genshin Impact character?
If you are interested in the development content of Genshin Impact, please leave a message. We will continue to invite employees from different departments to share their interests and experiences with everyone.
Finally, once again thank you for the support and companionship of the Travelers, see you soon!

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