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Version 1.3 update details “Muon Trung Minh Tieu”Posting Time 03/02/2021

Dear Travelers:
Here is the update and compensation content for version 1.3 – “Muon Trung Minh Tieu”.

〓Content of Compensation〓
1. Compensation for closing the updated server: Nguyen Thach ×300
(Each hour of closing the maintenance server will compensate 60 Yuan Stone)

2. Compensation for error correction: Nguyen Thach ×300 
(For compensation, please see the corresponding compensation letter)

〓Compensation Scope〓
Update server closing compensation: Travelers who reach adventure rank 5 or higher by 2021/02/03 06:00:00(UTC+8)
Time to receive is before the end version 1.3.
Compensation for errors: Travelers who reach adventure rank of level 5 or higher by 2021/02/03 06:00:00(UTC+8)
Travelers should receive mail by 2021/02/06 11:00: 00(UTC+8) okay.
Within 5 hours after the maintenance is completed, the crafting team will send compensation to the Traveler via in-game mail. Letters are valid for 30 days, please receive them promptly.

〓Update Time〓
Started in 2021/02/03 06:00:00(UTC+8) , expected to complete in 5h;
Update time can be adjusted according to the actual situation, Travelers should take the actual time that can enter the game as the standard.

〓How to Update Client〓
PC : After closing the game, reopen the launcher, press [Update].
iOS : Go to the App Store and press update.
Android : After entering the game, complete the instructions according to the prompt dialog box to update. (Or: Go to the app store and click update.)
PS4 : Open the PS4 system interface – select Genshin Impact – press the OPTIONS key on the controller – select Check for Update.
If you have any problems with the installation, please contact customer service, we will help you solve the problem in time.

〓Updated Contents
(Times below are based on server time)

(I) New Character
Protector of Yaksha – Xiao (Wind) (5★)
◇Vision: Wind
◇Weapon: Long -Handed Weapon
◇Liyue Guardian Fairy – Yaksha. His nickname is “Hang Ma Dai Thanh”, nicknamed “Dharma Protector Dai General”.
The elemental skill “Two Wheels of Wind” can instantly move forward dealing damage to enemies along the way. This skill can also be cast in the air.
The Rage Skill “Dance of Exorcism”, by continuously losing HP, causes Xiao to enter the state of “Yaksha Mask”. Increases damage while converting attacks into Wind elemental damage and increases Xiao’s ability to jump high.

After updating version 1.3 – 2021/02/17 15:59:59 In the prayer event “Invitation to Fireworks”, the prayer rate of receiving a 5-star character is limited to “Dharma Protector – Xiao (Wind)” )”, 4-star characters “Cattail Tavern Special – Diona (Ice)”, “Crownless Dragon King – Beidou (Lightning)”, “Hot Melodies – Xinyan (Fire)” increased sharply!

(II) UP Special Character
Lightning Before the Rain – Keqing (Lightning) (5★)
◇Vision: Lightning
◇Weapon: Single Sword
◇ Planet Jade is one of the Seven Stars of Liyue, for “Complete Liyue” decided by the Emperor” is a little displeased… but in fact, Shen also attaches great importance to people like her.

2021/02/17 18:00:00 – 2021/03/02 15:59:59 During the prayer event “Light of the Fish Dragon”, the prayer rate receives the 5-star character “Lightning Before the Rain – Keqing (Lightning)”, the 4-star character “Nighty Moon Thien Quyen – Ningguang (Sam)”, “Challenge of Fate – Bennett (Fire)”, “Shining Idol Barbara (Water)” increased sharply!

In version 1.3, there will be other character prayer activities, so stay tuned!

(III) New Equipment
◇Single Sword – The Continuity Table (5★)
◇The sword used in the ritual, carefully carved from pure jade, when swung, it makes a sound like a deep sigh. wind.

* After updating version 1.3 – 2021/02/23 15:59:59  in the prayer event “Body of God”, the prayer rate of receiving a 5-star weapon is limited to “Single Sword – Table Nham End”. “, 5-star weapon “Long-Handed Weapon – Hoa Phac Dien” increased sharply!

◇Long-Handed Weapon – Demon Scepter (5★)
◇The red “Staff of Fire” used in ancient rituals, long lost.

◇Long-Handed Weapon – Thuong Thien Nham (4★)
◇Long spear was miraculously crafted from stone in Co Van Cac, the tip of the spear was extremely sharp.

◇Heavy Sword – Ancient Sword of Heaven (4★)
◇Great sword honed from stone in Liyue.

*Weapons “Long-Handed Weapon – Ma’s Staff”, “Long-Handed Weapon – Thien Nham”, “Strong Sword – Thien Nham Ancient Sword” will appear in the upcoming prayer activity.

(IV) New
Event Version theme event – New Year’s Eve, join to receive “Liyue Port’s 4-star self-selected character”!
◆Opening time: 2021/02/10 10:00:00 – 2021/02/28 03:59:59
◆Event rules: Join the activity, no need to consume Pure Plastic. During the event period, Travelers can exchange “Liyue Port 4-star Self-selected Character” in “Luc Cach Phan Chuong”. Completing the challenge task “Coffee Agency” will receive Ngoc Binh An, Ngoc Binh An can exchange the Crown of Knowledge, business card “Festival – Light” and other rewards at “Land Tieu Market”.

〓The Story of the New Year of the Lighthouse 〓
Opening time:
The plot quest “Where the Lights Come from”: 2021/02/10 10:00:00 – 2021/02/28 03:59:59
The plot quest “Waves” Underneath the Lights”: 2021/02/14 04:00:00 – 2021/02/28 03:59:59 Story
quest “Between the Sea with Lights”: 2021/02/18 04:00:00 – 2021-02-28 03:59:59

〓Anecdote of the New Year of the Lighthouse〓
Opening conditions:
Anecdote of the New Year of the Lighthouse I: Opens after completing the plot quest “Where Do The Lights Come”
Anecdote of the New Year of the Lighthouse II: The Festival Excitement has reached the stage ” We Van Tap Lai”, completing the plot quest “Underground Waves Under the Lights”, completing all the petitions of the residents in “Anecdote of the New Year of the Lighthouse I”
Anecdote of the New Year of the Lighthouse III: The Excitement of the Ceremony Reach “Van Gia Tieu Dang Quang”, complete the plot quest “In the middle of the sea with lights”, complete all residents’ requests in “Anecdotes of the New Year of Lighthouse II”
●Complete residents’ requests in the Anecdote of the New Year of Lighthouse can obtain Primal Stones and Festive Excitement,Accumulating Festive Excitement can speed up the progress of the Lighthouse Festival.
※2021/02/28 03:59:59 After the event ends, residents will no longer be able to complete the request.

〓Office Flag〓
Opening condition:
Opens after completing the quests ” Where the Light Comes From ” and ” Liyue – Agency Flag “

●Each time participating in the challenge of the Agency Flag (Whether the challenge succeeds or fails) needs to consume 1 Flashlight, the Flashlight can be paired with the Graft Tower, the materials needed for grafting can be obtained through gathering plants , minerals and defeat the specified enemy.
●Festival Excitement reaching a different stage can unlock more Battlefields, agency types, agency levels, and higher difficulty levels.
●Festival Excitement reaching different stages can unlock more challenging missions of Co Quan, completing the challenge quest of Co Co can receive Ngoc Binh An.
●The Agency Chess Challenge only supports single-player and 2-player modes.
〓Land Tieu Market〓
Opening time:
Lamp Tieu Market – Level 1: 2021/02/10 10:00:00 – 2021/03/07 03:59:59
Light Tieu Market – Level 2:2021/02/14 04:00:00 – 2021/03/07 03:59:59
Lamp Tieu Market – Level 3: 2021/02/18 04:00:00 – 2021/03/07 03:59:59
● Use Binh An Gems to exchange Hero Experience, Casting Ghost Minerals, character training materials, talent fostering materials, Knowledge Crowns, Festival business cards – Lights and other rewards in the Market Pepper Lamp.

〓Lucky Chanh Chapter〓
Opening time: 2021/02/10 10:00:00 – 2021/03/07 03:59:59
●Festival excitement reached “Van Gia Tieu Coronation”, and consumed at the same time. 1,000 Ngoc Binh An can receive 1 of the following 4-star characters in Luc Cach Phan Chuong “Van Dan Bach Vi – Xiangling (Fire)”, “Hot Melody – Xinyan (Fire)”, “Dragon King Without Crown” – Beidou (Lightning)”, “Nighty Moon Celestial Fist – Ningguang (Yam)”, “Talent Youth – Xingqiu (Water)”, “Ice Shadow – Chongyun (Ice)” and can only be obtained once.

Log-in accumulation event “Phu Quy Knocking”: Accumulate 7 days of login to receive the King of Love ×10
◆Event time: 2021/02/11 04:00:00 – 2021/02/26 03 :59:59
◆During the event, accumulate 7 days of logging in to receive the King of Love ×10 and other rewards!

Lucky Five Colors Event
◆Event time: After updating version 1.3 – 2021/02/10 03:59:59
◆During the event period, Travelers can receive “Strange Camera” props ” where Ji Tong, after equipping to capture the specified object, will randomly receive 1 photo that does not have the same color. Collecting all 5 pictures of different colors can exchange for the Christmas Bliss Treasure Chest, get Raw Stones, Hero Experience, Cast Mineral Ghosts and other rewards!

In version 1.3, there will be many more events, so stay tuned!

(V) New Story
1. New Legend Quest
After updating to version 1.3, will open the Xiao Legend Quest “Chapter Kim Si Bang Vuong”.

◆Next will open more legendary quests, please wait patiently.

2. New World Quest
◆According to the events of the New Year of the Lighthouse, 26 world quests related to the Lighthouse Festival will be opened, which can be obtained at the entrance to the “Anecdote of the New Year of the Lighthouse” in active interface.
◆Also added world quest: Bough Keeper – Dainsleif

(VI) Other New Contents
•How to Play
1.New Monsters: Dat Nham Dragon, Ancient Earth Dragon – Nham;
2. New props: Parametric Transducer
Complete the world quest “Thien Tu Bao Tich” of Lan – NPC at Liyue Port, to receive “Parameter Transformation Machine”. “Parameter Transformation Machine” can cause the additional fostering materials to be degraded, transforming into character Exp materials, character training materials, weapon breakthrough materials, etc..
3.Items new consumable: Transformation Dust, which can cause a character’s breakthrough material to mutate, transforming its elemental properties.
4.New achievement “Nuclear Switch”;
5.New menu:
Tan Nguyet Hien: Minh Nguyet Eggs
Vong Thu Inn: Vegetarian Abalone
Luu Ly Dinh: Nha Trang Tam Tien

1.Added “Biology Book” to the Library;
Contains information about enemies the Traveler has defeated and creatures captured or discovered. In the Creature Book, the Traveler can check how many times he has defeated an enemy, and can also review the instructions for some enemies.
2.Added Material Transformation to the Building Platform:
Using Transformation Dust and the character breakout material in the Building, can cause a character’s breakout material with certain elemental properties to be transformed into an elemental attribute. other elemental properties.
3.Add display of achievements and character lineups to the Personal Interface;
4. From iOS14 and above, there is support for using a controller to play games. Currently supported controller types are: Xbox Wireless Controller (Bluetooth Version), Xbox Elite 2nd Generation Wireless Controller, PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, Dedicated Bluetooth Controller iOS(Partial Support);
5.In the weapon enhancement interface, long press can cause the selected material to be quickly added;
6.Add quick delete feature to the mailbox, unread or unreceived messages will not be deleted;
7. The photo system on PS4 has added a new shooting option. After the corresponding operation, can directly take pictures and save photos to PS4;

(VII) Adjustments & Optimizations
1.Adjustments related to the character “Earth Journey – Zhongli (Nham)”:
1) Adjusted the effect of holding down the elemental skill “Heart of the Earth” :
◇Initial Effect:
Causes the surrounding Rock Element to explode, creating the following effect:
·Creates a jade shield, the amount of damage absorbed depends on Zhongli’s HP limit, and has an absorption effect. 250% Rock Elemental Damage;
·Deal ranged damage of the Lava element;
·If there is a Rock Elemental target nearby, will consume a large amount of Lava Element of up to 2 targets. This effect will deal no damage.
◆After adjusting:
Causes the surrounding Jam element to explode, creating the following effect:
·If the number of cliffs has not reached the limit, a cliff will be created;
·Creates a jade shield, the amount of damage absorbed depends on Zhongli’s HP limit, effectively absorbing 150% of all elemental and physical damage;
Character is protected by a jade shield, which reduces the physical and elemental resistance of all enemies within a certain range by 20%. This effect does not stack
·Deal ranged damage to the Jaw element;
·If there is a Rock Elemental target nearby, will consume a large amount of Lava Element of up to 2 targets. This effect will deal no damage.

2) Adjusted the effect of natural breakthrough 2 “Spring Golden Sorcerer”:
◇Initial effect:
Increases damage dealt by Celestial Spirit, the additional damage is equivalent to 33% of Zhongli’s HP limit.
◆After adjustment:
Based on HP limit, increase damage dealt by the following attacks of Zhongli:
· Damage increase value of basic attack, attack, and attack on response: 1.39% HP limit
·Climb damage increase value, Center of Earth resonance and hold: 1.9% HP limit
· Celestial damage increase value: 33% HP limit

2.Optimize the “Virtual Flow” gift of the character “Mona”: When Mona is attacked, which can be like the normal shock of other characters, quickly use Stream. Fantasy Flow;
3. Character Hanfeng Swordsman – Kaeya (Ice) has extra moves in standby mode;
4.Optimized movement effects in the weapon display interface of the character Journey to the World – Zhongli (Nham);
5.Optimized when there is an obstacle nearby, the character using the bow appears to be shaking when aiming or the arrow is shot incorrectly;
6.Optimized shooting accuracy of moving targets; 6. Optimized clothes lag, movement of some characters while in action such as walking, attacking, casting skills, sitting down.

1. Adjusted the battle status logic of Thao Slime. When Slime Thao is hiding and is quite far from the Traveler, the Traveler will not enter the battle mode.

1.La Hoan Tham Canh:
Refresh the monster lineup on the 12th floor of La Hoan Tham Canh.
Adjustment of the 12th floor of the Unusual Earth Vein:
• Only at this level will the flow of the Earth Vein be stable and smooth.
• Abnormal Earth Vein does not exist.
Since the first period of Insight after completing the update to version 1.3, the 3 periods of Uyen Nguyet Chuc Phuc are:
Phase I:
When the character in the current battle has a HP lower than 70%, the attack power is increased by 20%. , attack speed increased by 15%.
When the character in the current battle has 35% lower HP and is protected by a shield, the attack rate is increased by 20%, the shock damage is increased by 40%.
Part II:
Every 10s will proceed to recharge 1 time, at the same time, there are up to 3 stages of charging at the same time. If the character in the current battle has less than 50% HP, when attacking normally hitting the enemy will consume the charged mana, and leave an unstable energy source at the enemy’s location, 1s later will explode. Every 2s max generates 1 energy source.
Phase III:
When the character in the current battle has 50% lower HP, for 10s after a basic attack and a heavy hit hit an enemy, the damage done is increased by 2%. Stacks up to 10 times, this effect has its own duration and number of stacks for different characters on the team. On stack refresh or duration will have 50% chance to release shock energy. Every 10s maximum activates 1 shock energy.

2.In the chat list, the deleted chat will not appear again;
3.Optimize the order of displaying the chat bar: After entering the multiplayer party mode, the chat bar will automatically change to the party bar;
4.Optimized display when there are many icons stacked on the map;
5.Optimize UI transparency after entering the aiming state at Luo Hoan Tham Canh on mobile devices;
6.Optimize the experience of manipulating Camera props on PS4: When using the equipment, you can directly hide the UI, complete the screenshot and save it to the device.
7.After version 1.3, Journey Diary will be able to claim more Fragile Plastic rewards:
Earth Journey Diary and Pearl Journey Diary from level 5 and up, every 10 levels will be able to receive Fragile Resin ×1, replacing the inherent Casting Mineral Ghost bonus. Refined Spells bonus at the corresponding level will initially be adjusted to Cast Minerals obtained at another level, the total number of Cast Minerals that can be obtained in the Journey Log remains the same;
8.Cancel the “Delete” button of the small prop “Pocket Teleport” at the Big Map interface;
9.Optimize some of the size of the Winged Wings that the character equips in the character’s fashion interface;
10.Optimize the refresh rate when switching pages in the Store interface – Change Light Dust when using the handle;
11.Optimize the experience of moving in the aiming state when the frame rate is low

1.Voiceover optimization:
a. The reverb effect is added to the inner monologue in the quest dialogue;
b. Character battle dubbing can interrupt the voiceover in standby mode;
2.Changed Amber’s Chinese CV, this adjustment will be made in version 1.4;
3.Add new Chinese voiceover of some characters;
4.Add new Japanese dub of some characters;
5.Adjust the mixing effect of some sounds on the mobile version, the PC version

6. Adjusted some of Barbara’s voice acting and character details in English language

1.Resonance adjustment of “Steady Lava” Lava element:
◇Initial effect
Increases interrupt resistance. When protected by a shield, damage dealt is increased by 15%.

◆After adjustment:
Shield effectiveness increased by 15%. In addition, when the character has a shield, there will be the following properties: Damage dealt is increased by 15%; When the character deals damage to the enemy, will reduce the enemy’s Jaw elemental resistance by 20%, lasting 15s.

2. Adjusted the balance of the Lava Elemental
Shield: The Lava Elemental Shield from “Effectively Absorbs 250% Lava Elemental Damage”, adjusted to “Effectively Absorbs 150% All Elemental Damage, and physical damage”.
Affected effects include:
● The Flame Elemental Shield attached to Zhongli’s elemental skills;
● The attached Lava Elemental Shield of Noelle’s elemental skills;
● The Flame Elemental Shield is obtained by picking up the Jam Crystal dropped from the Small Earth Dragon.

3. Editing the Regular Prayer page “World Travel” ( Do not edit the content and rules of prayer, only edit the prayer page );
4.Optimized depiction of the source material of Void Pollen, Void Grass Bag and Void Torch;
5.Adjusted the description text of Weak Brittle Bone Shards, Strong Bone Shards, and Fossil Bone Shards and added the source obtained;
6.In the “Try Your Hands” event guide, the Orb Elemental drop rule was added (Effect practically unchanged).
*Additional: In order to help the Traveler use Rage Skill faster, experience the character’s skill effect earlier, so enemies in the trial stage will drop more Star Elemental. But due to our negligence, we did not list this mechanic in the event guide, leading some Travelers to make a false assessment of the character while playing the trial stage. We are extremely sorry for this trouble. After this update, the event guide will add an introduction to related rules, in the next update we will continue to optimize the experience of the demo. 
7. Adjusting the Returning Star event:
a. Adjusted the reward order in the Five Months Memories event (total rewards won’t change);
b. Adjusted to reduce the number of points needed to receive Single Sword – Slashing Pattern in the Road of Return event: From 700 to 500;
Effect Range: The Traveler triggered the Returning Star event after the 1.3 update.

〓Bug Fix〓
• Mission
1. Fixed a bug on the PS4 platform, when conducting the legendary quest “If you are locked in a place with no wind”, Stanley’s movements in the animation were abnormal;
2. Fixed a bug where in some cases 2 Dr. Tra Liu Su would appear at the same time;
3. Fixed an issue where, during the “Traveler Observation Report” lore quest, some of Paimon’s voiceovers were missing.
4. Fixed an issue where there was a small chance of triggering attack on landing when fighting with Wind Ma Long – Dvalin while in the process of the demon god mission “Because of the Blue Silhouette”;

• Secret Scene
1. Fixed a bug where when leaving for a short time while challenging La Hoan Tham Canh, Seven Thien Idol could revive a fallen character in La Hoan Tham Canh. 

• Multiplayer Mode
1. Fixed a bug where in multiplayer mode, some BOSS Childe stage 2 Skill Damage judged positions with an abnormal probability; 
2. Fixed an issue where in multiplayer mode BOSS Wind Primordial or Primordial Blue had a normal undefeatable chance; 
3. Fixed an issue where in multiplayer mode, the Ice Armored King Hilichurl monster, upon impact, would produce an icy crystal, having a chance to manifest abnormally;
4. Fixed an issue where in multiplayer mode, after another Traveler entered the world, the shield-breaking effect of some characters’ skills was inconsistent with the single-player mode;
5. Fixed a bug in multiplayer where, after another Traveler entered the world, some Relic Hunter’s attacks had a chance of not being hit;
6. Fixed an issue where in multiplayer mode, after another Traveler entered the world, some Relic Hunter skill effects were not displayed correctly;
7. Fixed a bug where in multiplayer mode, after another Traveler entered the world, interacted with Seven Thien Idol and accepted the invitation to challenge Secret Canh, a lag would appear;
8. Fixed an issue where in multiplayer mode, Fatui Vanguard’s blocking effect – Phong’s vanguard had an abnormal probability;
9. Fixed a bug in multiplayer mode, when playing the character’s voiceover in the character document interface, another Traveler left, the interface would display abnormally;
10. Fixed an issue where in multiplayer mode, after the device disconnects and reconnects, the item created by another Traveler’s character has a chance of not disappearing.

• Monster
1. Fixed an issue where Boss “Childe” that attacked stage 2 had a chance of not being able to cast a marker effect on the character;
2. Fixed a bug where when BOSS Phong Nguyen Nguyen casts the butterfly flapping skill, the character would be blown away, with a chance that the character would be stuck in the air when falling;
3. Fixed an issue where the stone pillars summoned by the original Jam BOSS had an abnormal chance of being overwhelmed by the character’s Lava element and disappearing;
4. Fixed a bug when challenging BOSS Nham Nguyen, breaking the energy block that created the shield, within the shield’s range, changing characters would have a small chance of getting hurt;
5. Fixed bugs when challenging BOSS Original Wind or Primordial Lava, Shining Idol’s elemental skill – Barbara (Water), Cold Spirit Night’s elemental skill – Qiqi (Ice), fury skill of the Runaway Sun – Klee (Fire) has an unusual chance of disappearing.
6. Fixed an issue where Ice Shield Hilichurl, while receiving power from the Elemental Tester, could not block attacks correctly;
7. Fixed an issue where even after the Big Slime jumps up, attacking the jump location can still deal damage to the monster;
8. Fixed an issue where when the Ice Shield Hilichurl and the Ice Shield Hilichurl were holding their shields, the blocking effect was abnormal;

• Weapons
1. Fixed an issue where the Gladiator effect of the Battle of the Battle weapon when calculating the number of nearby enemies, would also count the surrounding animals;
2. Fixed an issue where when the character gains a shield, the effective attack duration of the weapons Spear Ning God, Sword of the Wind, Sword of Wu Gong, Lock of the World could be delayed and interrupted;
3. Fixed a bug that after breaking the Duck Bow weapon, the weapon icon and appearance were not the same;

• Character
1. Fixed a bug in some scenes, the character Hanfeng Swordsman – Kaeya (Ice), after casting the Elemental Skill “Snow Attack” on the water, himself will be pushed down by the ice face. country;
2. Fixed a bug where when some characters cast their skills, they could be interrupted by sitting down;
3. Fixed an issue where some effects would be wrongly affected by the CD reduction attribute, these effects include: Level 6 Bow “Give You The Best” of Shining Idol character – Barbara (Water) ), the 6th floor “Death and Resurrection” of the character Night of the Cold Return – Qiqi (Ice), the 4th floor “Cold Kiss” of the character Han Feng Swordsman – Kaeya (Ice), the natural fixed wealth “With All My Hearts” of the character Unrevealed Flower – Noelle (Sam), the character Princess of Condemnation!! – Fischl (Lightning) during the duration of Oz’s existence again hold down the Elemental Skill to summon to the side;
* Reducing CD only affects CD duration of Elemental Skills, Rage Skills.
4. Fixed a bug that in multiplayer mode, the 6th floor destiny Lion’s Fang taking care of all the people of the character Dandelion Knight Jean (Wind) has a probability of not being able to perform normally with teammates;
5. Fixed an issue where Childe’s coat effect – Tartaglia (Water) had a chance of crashing;
6. Fixed the issue where Childe – Tartaglia (Water) character after sustaining attack on monsters in melee state, returning to ranged state, the Elemental Skill “Demon King Outfit – Tides” CD crashed;
7. Fixed an issue where after the character Zhongli – Zhongli activated the 1st floor Palace of Destiny “Jam, Luc Hop Leads to the Bone”, casting an Elemental Skill with a small chance of leading to an already existing cliff in the game when the limit number has not been reached has disappeared;
8. Fixed an issue where the character Zhongli – Zhongli (Nham) when performing an attack on landing, the weapon model had a probability of not showing;
9. Fixed an issue where the character’s jade shield – Zhongli (Nham) was being attacked with too high frequency of triggering effects (After fixing, the effect of Hanging Stone’s fixed talent did not change);
10. Fixed an issue where the character Zhongli – Zhongli (Yam) while wearing a jade shield, the Jam elemental range damage caused by holding down the Elemental Skill “Heart of the Earth” could not activate the damage increase effect. elemental resonance “Nham determined”;
11. Fixed an issue where when the character Zhongli – Zhongli (Nham) jumps during normal attack, subsequent attacks have a chance of not being attached;
12. Fixed the bug after the Princess of Condemnation character!! – Fischl (Lightning) swapped Oz’s position by pressing the elemental skill Night’s Wing, unable to correctly activate the fixed talent Lightning of Determination;
13. Fixed an issue where the fixed endowment “Heart of Ice” of the character Hanfeng Swordsman – Kaeya (Ice) had a normal chance not to take effect;
14. Fixed a bug where the character Wolf Teenager – Razor (Lightning) briefly activated the lightning bolt of the 6th Floor “Thien Lang” and used the Elemental Skill, the number of Thunder Seals received was abnormal;
15. Fixed an issue where after the Traveler character (Wind) cast the elemental skill Wind Blade, immediately jumping or striking, it would not be able to produce Nuclear Elemental;
16. Fixed an issue where the Cattail Tavern – Diona (Ice) Special Character Character in the UI showing weapons, weapon models and characters was penetrated;
17. Fixed an issue where, after the character of the Witch Tuong Vi – Lisa (Lightning) cast the Lightning skill and reconnected to the server, the ground effect occurred abnormally;
18. Fixed the effect of the 6th Floor Palace “Give You the Best” of the Shining Idol character – Barbara (Water) and the 6th Floor “Resurrection” of the character “Night of the Soul Returns to Cold” Price – Qiqi (Tape)”, while playing the CD, opening Luo Huan Shen Jing will not refresh;
20. Fixed an issue where Runaway Sun – Klee’s weight would display abnormal damage in certain situations.
21. Fixed an issue where the character Sun Run – Klee (Fire) would be abnormal after casting Rage Skill and reconnecting to the server, the duration of the 4th Floor Zodiac “Rabbit Assault” would be abnormal;
22. Fixed a bug where when the character Van Dan Bach Vi – Xiangling (Fire) used the fury skill Fire Wheel, moved or stepped on the glass platform, the Fire Wheel effect would appear abnormally;
23. Fixed an issue where the Devoted Guardian character – Ganyu (Ice) casting elemental skills reconnected to the server, or cast elemental skills immediately changed to another character when the network connection was unstable , the number of effective times of the 6th floor of Lu Trung’s destiny is abnormal;
24. Fixed an issue where the character’s crystal tower was raised according to the Sun Flower, using certain actions would cause the distance to be raised quite high;
25. Fixed a bug that after the Cattail Tavern Specialty – Diona (Ice) cast the original skill Frosty Cat’s Claw, immediately changing the character would result in not being able to receive Nuclear Elements;
26. Fixed an issue where the number of cliffs existing at the same time could exceed the limit in certain situations.

• System
1. Fixed an error that some characters in detailed and expressive interfaces had a chance of encountering abnormalities;
2. Fixed a bug in City Fame – Reward and Punishment, some disadvantages of the 5-star Relic Hunter target’s lack of description; 
3. Fixed an issue where the interface for selecting the Holy Relic, the Consumed Holy Relic, had a wrong display probability;
4. Fixed a bug when using the handle, in the team setting interface to change characters, if the number of characters is quite large, the first row character icon has a probability of incomplete display;
5. Fix bug in Library – Travel Diary lacks content or sounds inconsistent;
6. Fix the bug when the recovery food is on CD, use the resuscitation food again, after clicking confirm, a warning window will appear abnormally;
7. Fixed the bug that after changing the “Setup – Button – Open according to the mission” button, the interface in the game still guided by the default button;
8. Fixed an issue where during prayer there was an unusual chance of playing the current character’s standby voice.
9. Fixed an error when using the handle, the Journey Log scene could not be skipped;

• Audio
1. Fixed a bug in the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English dubbing, some character dubbing was wrong;
2. Fixed some character sound effects, unusual scenes;
3. Fixed a bug when using the controller, some interfaces had abnormal sounds.

• Other
1. Fixed a bug on iOS devices, some scenes of Long Tich Tuyet Son displayed abnormally;
2. Fixed a bug in some scenes where the character attacked when he encountered an abnormality;
3. Fixed bugs in some scenes, camera viewing angles were abnormal;
4. Fix errors in some scenes, the model encountered abnormality;
5. Fixed an issue where some healing-type dishes could not be added to the “Pocket Nutrition Bag – Model 30” mini-prop;
6. Fixed an issue where, after some characters cast their skills, the weather effects in the scene would be abnormal;
7. Fixed some misspelled text descriptions;
8. Fixed a bug where the character had a chance to fall to the ground after teleporting.
9. Fixed an issue where after the Fragment spawned from the Endogenous reaction disappeared, the effect would stay abnormally for a period of time;
10. Fixed an issue where the wooden chest in Long Tich Tuyet Son area was burned and disappeared, still being able to reduce the cold.
11. Fix the bug that teleporting or entering the secret scene activates effects when changing characters (For example, the weapon effect of the weapon “Dragon Slayer Story”);
13. Fixed an error where the text misrepresenting the food item Thien Khu Bizarre (actual effect unchanged);
14. Fixed a bug where some bonus and punishment clues were floating abnormally;
15. Fixed an issue where when loading unlocked teleport points, would show red for a short time;
16. Fixed an issue where the character could climb in the air under certain circumstances;
17. Fixed a bug where in some cases, the target had an attached elemental effect left on it, but could not trigger an elemental reaction. Valid for all instances (Including characters or monsters);
*Example: A monster with a specific attached element is attacked by the element Lava, causing a crystallization reaction. After that, as long as the attached element has not been consumed, it is still possible to continue to trigger other corresponding types of reactions (In previous versions, sometimes it was not possible to continue triggering other reactions) .
18. Fix bugs, optimize some text display. (Actual effect remains the same), Travelers can change the game language through the Paimon Interface->Settings->Language to see the corresponding changes.

how long is genshin impact

How Big is Genshin Impact on PC? Answered

Genshin Impact is one of the most successful gacha-based roleplaying games that was released last year on September 28, 2020, across PC, Android, iOS, and PlayStation platforms. Periodically, Genshin Impact receives new

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How Big is Genshin Impact on PC? Answered

Genshin Impact is one of the most successful gacha-based roleplaying games that was released last year on September 28, 2020, across PC, Android, iOS, and PlayStation platforms. Periodically, Genshin Impact receives new