The wildly popular online game Genshin Impact gives players an impressive amount of content for the low price of free. But in the late game, some activity rewards become gated behind a currency that slowly recharges over time, or can be instantly replenished with a real-money purchase. On a player’s birthday, however, Genshin Impact makes getting those rewards a little easier.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game that combines Breath of the Wild-style exploration with gacha-game mechanics. Players explore, go on quests, and experience a hefty amount of story content without paying a dime. To collect all of Genshin Impact’s playable characters, however, players have to engage in the game’s random draw mechanic. Players can earn pulls (known as “wishes” from in-game activities or spend real-world money to buy wishes.

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When players create an account in Genshin Impact, they are asked to set a birthday for that account. On the player’s birthday, they will receive in-game mail with a item called “Cake for Traveler.” Using the cake causes it to break down into Fragile Resin, a consumable which replenishes 60 Original Resin. Resin is especially important for late-game activities. Players must spend Resin to unlock certain boss fight reward chests. The maximum amount of Resin a player can have is 120, with reward chests requiring anywhere from 20 to 60 resin to unlock. A player’s Resin slowly regenerates over time, but it can take most of a day to fully replenish. Using the Cake for Traveler item gives players the ability to tackle a few more boss battles before running out.

Is Genshin Impact’s Birthday Reward Only Available On A Player’s Birthday?

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Players who don’t have time to log on to Genshin Impact on their birthday don’t need to worry about missing out on their reward. Since the birthday reward comes through in-game mail, players have up to one year from their birthday to open the email and claim the gift inside. It’s also fun to note that Genshin Impact characters also have assigned birthdays that earn players rewards. If a player owns a character and their birthday happens, players will receive mail from that character with a special food item and material for leveling up the character’s talent. Unlike player birthday rewards, a character’s birthday reward must be claimed within 30 days of the character’s birthday.

Birthdays are first set when a player creates their account on a server, so new players who want this Genshin Impact reward right away can choose a close date to get the reward immediately. Once a birthday is set, however, it cannot be changed. Players will have to weigh how much they want that extra resin against the joy of a little extra something on their real birthday.

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