Elemental abilities are the cornerstone to any playthrough of Genshin Impact. Focused on the creation of elemental reactions between Teyvat’s seven elements, the entirety of the game’s combat system is based on these properties.

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Elemental bursts are the harder-hitting part of Genshin Impact’s combat mechanics, relying on a build-up of elemental energy to work. Naturally, there is a lot of variety when it comes to elemental bursts, with some causing heavy damage, some changing the environment, and others boosting player stats. There are, of course, quite a lot of interesting mechanics involved with some abilities, from versatile zones that boost health to destructive, world-breaking finishing moves.

Updated on September 12th, 2021, by Scott Vengel: Inazuma has left the entirety of the Genshin Impact community in awe. From incredibly beautiful scenery to a heartfelt story with tragic and somber moments, the island region has redefined what aesthetics and diversity can be in a community. As such, the arc has also had its implications for interesting and engaging elemental bursts, with all four banners so far featuring Inazuman characters offering something different to latch onto. In order to account for these new additions and old ones that were missed, this list will the expanded to include a few more interesting elemental bursts.

15 Jean

Genshin Impact Jean Wish

Jean is the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, and this is not done without a little bit of merit. Naturally, Jean’s elemental burst is heavy-hitting and versatile, able to fill a number of needs. She creates a zone where elemental statuses burst from the player if apply to them, as well as healing whoever is in the circle.

When using Jean’s burst, it is best for players to switch to a different character after. This allows for the healing to be applied to everybody. Furthermore, seeing that a swirl reaction is applied when an enemy leaves the circle, applying an element like Pyro makes for a heavy increase in damage output.

14 Tartaglia

genshin impact tartaglia childe melee stance polearm elemental burst animation hydro

To be fair, Tartaglia’s elemental burst doesn’t redefine usefulness in an elemental burst; it isn’t even all that unique overall, simply marking opponents for increased damage. However, it does offer something unique, in the fact that it has multiple different types of applications

To recap, Tartaglia has two stances that can be changed with his elemental skill: a ranged stance using his bow, and a melee stance using his daggers. This has implications for his burst as well, with each stance featuring a different attack. In a ranged stance, he will shot from his bow in the air, while his melee stance offers a massive slash.

13 Kazuha

genshin impact kazuha anemo area of effect autumn whirlwind maple leaves

The ronin swordsman marked the beginning of the Inazuma arc in Genshin Impact. And as unique as Kazuha’s situation is, his elemental burst is also equally interesting in terms of its mechanics. Well, to be fair, Kazuha’s burst isn’t that unlike Sucrose’s, just with the added benefit of an Anemo slash.

However, Kazuha’s elemental burst may be the most aesthetic of all bursts in the game so far. Leaving behind an area of effect called “Autumn Whirlwind”, the atmosphere itself distorts featuring maple leaves billowing in the winds. All the while, the zone releases Anemo energy for easy swirl reactions.

12 Sucrose

genshin impact sucrose anemo elemental burst anemo hypostasis

Speaking of Sucrose, she also has one of the more interesting elemental bursts in Genshin Impact. Creating an expert formula, she recreates the presence of the pure form of an Anemo Hypostasis.

This elemental burst releases Anemo energy periodically, making Sucrose a master of Anemo elemental reactions. Simply switching to another character will allow for multiple swirl reactions, and possible other reactions in addition to that should the player build their team wisely.

11 Raiden Shogun

genshin impact raiden shogun elemental burst sword musou no hitotachi

It only stands to reason that the Electro archon would have an incredibly interesting elemental burst. After all, she is the almighty shogun that sliced Yashiori in two. In particular, the Raiden Shogun’s elemental burst unleashes the most feared divine punishment in Genshin Impact’s Inazuma: the Musou no Hitotachi.

Mechanically speaking, her elemental burst allows her to wield a sword as opposed to her normal polearm. In addition, this blade is naturally infused with Electro energy, making for high-level Electro damage in all of her attacks in this state. Finally, when the Raiden Shogun’s blade hits opponents, it will restore energy to teammates (making it both useful from a DPS and support standpoint.)

10 Xiao

genshin impact glow xiao elemental burst anemo demon mask

To put things simply, Xiao is a super-soldier of sorts; after all, it’s not too far off to say that’s exactly what the Yaksha are. However, Xiao speaks most true to this idea with an elemental burst that makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Entering a karmic state, Xiao puts on his mask and quickly increases the intensity of his attacks. His elemental skill launches him forward, a catastrophic move for any opponents in his path. Most notably, during this state, Xiao can jump to plunging height; plunging from such a height proves disastrous, as his landing will unleash multiple Anemo polearms from the ground.

9 Qiqi

genshin impact qiqi zombie child burst animation

Qiqi is a zombie, but ironically, her strength lies in her ability to heal. Likewise, her burst’s primary purpose is exactly that, though it does also deal Cryo damage. Qiqi releases talismans on nearby opponents, which will restore some health when hit by the player.

That said, be aware that Qiqi’s burst will only heal the character that is dealing the damage. While this will be a significant boost in HP, it is best to switch between multiple characters with lowered HP during this period. That way, healing will be optimized for the whole team.

8 Ganyu

genshin impact ganyu

Ganyu has a zone-based ability like Jean. However, the properties are different. Icicles rain down during Ganyu’s burst, allowing for heavy damage and Cyro status to be applied to all enemies within.

When using Ganyu’s burst, it’s best for the player to switch to either a Pyro, Hydro, or Electro character. This makes for easy melt, frozen, and superconduct reactions respectively, which will heavily increase damage per hit.

7 Bennett

Genshin Impact Pyro Bennett Sword

Once again, Bennett has a zone-based elemental burst. However, the versatility of Bennett’s burst is more pronounced than in other bursts. Also healing to a small degree, Bennett does have the potential to be a healer should the player build him around his elemental burst.

Yet, the healing prowess of his ability is not as pronounced as the other benefits of his elemental burst. Above 70% health, characters will face a major increase in attack, making for a situation that is constantly balancing a player’s health and attack.

6 Zhongli

genshin impact zhongli burst meteor

Archons are destructive forces of nature (as seen in the Archon War), and Zhongli is not an exception to this rule. Zhongli’s burst features a meteorite crashing to the Earth, leaving massive destruction in its wake. Opponents will find this area of effect attack quite devastating, making for a great crowd control attack.

However, this isn’t the only interesting effect of Zhongli’s burst. It also features a unique status, that can only be applied by Zhongli at the moment. Petrification is much like the frozen status, in that enemies will be unable to move after crossing with the Geo Archon.

5 Ningguang

genshin impact ningguang pull

Ningguang is a missile, quite literally (should players build her in the right way.) Her elemental burst feature several pockets of pure Geo crystals, which home-in on the enemy. Causing massive damage, the attack becomes particularly devastating when used correctly.

What is most interesting about Ningguang’s elemental burst is how it interacts with her skill, Jade Curtain. When her elemental burst is activated, her Jade Curtain will release extra missiles that can easily double damage output. Likewise, players are advised to activate her elemental skill before using her burst.

4 Xingqiu

Genshin Impact Xingqiu Rain Blade

Xingqiu is a practitioner of Guhua martial arts, so naturally, he also has a very interesting elemental burst to boot. Xingqiu’s Raincutter creates several water blades that surround the player, and launch at opponents with a normal attack.

When using Xingqiu’s burst, it is best to switch to another character with easy-to-use elemental damage. This is because the rain blades will remain regardless of the character on the field, making for easy elemental reactions. Bennett is a good option because he can further increase his attack with his own burst.

3 Razor

genshin impact razor wolf spirit electro idle animation

The wolf child from Wolvendom, Razor’s abilities are just as unique as his background. With Razor’s elemental burst, the player will summon a wolf spirit companion that heavily increases damage and applies Electro status.

When using this skill, the damage potential is heavily increased if players apply a zone-based elemental burst that constantly applies a reaction status to the enemy beforehand. Ganyu’s burst is a perfect example, as it will make for an easy stream of superconduct reactions when Razor uses his burst.

2 Rosaria

Genshin Impact Rosaria Gameplay Trailer

The new Cryo polearm-user from update 1.4, Rosaria includes with her a very powerful elemental burst. Much like Chongyun’s burst, Rosaria launches a large ice lance from the air causing massive immediate damage. However, Rosaria has another trick; when planted in the ground, Rosaria’s ice lance also releases bursts of ice-cold air, dealing Cryo AoE damage.

This burst is best followed up with another element, like Pyro or Hydro. This makes for easy elemental reactions, like melt, on opponents that are slowed down and wounded.

1 Traveler

Genshin Impact Two Travelers Flower Field Sky

When it comes to the Traveler, they are often criticized for their lack of strong abilities. However, their elemental bursts are interesting due to sheer potential; they have the ability to change their burst as the game moves along to best fit their team. Not only that, but their abilities have striking similarities to the element’s Archon abilities, with a tornado sucking in enemies for Venti’s talents and an environment attack for Zhongli. In terms of Inazuma, the Electro Traveler regenerates energy for whoever hits the opponent during their burst, similar to the Raiden Shogun’s elemental burst.

When using the Traveler, the best strategy will depend on team composition. If players can massively freeze a crowd of opponents with a combination of Cryo and Hydro, then using the Geo Traveler’s skill will yield striking results. For the Anemo Traveler, using a Pyro, Hydro, Electro, or Cryo skill will increase the tornado’s damage output. For the Electro Traveler, players should remember to switch characters.