There are difficult new quests to complete in the new area of Genshin Impact. Players can find all sorts of strange and difficult Electro puzzles around Araumi, tough quests with putting shrines in order with a Ward, and more. But one quest that is incredibly simple is the one Takashi gives players: to get some Mysterious Conch shells in exchange for loot.

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Updated December 10, 2021, by Nahda Nabiilah: Mysterious Conches are quest items that can be obtained from the shore of Tatarasuna, Inazuma. Upon speaking with Takashi, he’ll tell the players to give him Mysterious Conches in exchange for opening one Common Chest. When asked why he wanted to collect them, Takashi will confess that he wanted to sell these conches as they were once tainted by the Tatarigami. Travelers shouldn’t miss out on this hidden quest as it will unlock some items and hidden achievements.

Takashi’s Location

Players can find the NPC Takashi in Tatarasuna, on the middle island of Inazuma called Kannazuka. He is located in a small beach hut on the peninsula to the far north of the island and west of Nazuchi Beach. When players see him, there will be three common chests located behind him in his hut.

Takashi Location Genshin Impact Conch Mysterious Quest

If players try to interact with these chests, however, Genshin Impact will not allow them to loot them. Players will have to talk to Takashi first, and give him something in return for these three chests.

Finding Mysterious Conch Shells for Takashi

Takashi Location Genshin Impact Conch Mysterious Quest

Since this isn’t a quest in the game per se, the HUD will not give players an indication of where to look for these shells. However, given the location of Takashi’s hut and the fact that the Conches are seashells, it would make sense to start the search on the beach by his hut.

mysterious conshes location north of Tatarasuna in Inazuma

The Mysterious Conch shells appear to only spawn on the beach and in shallow waters surrounding the peninsula. Here are several areas marked where players may be able to find some of these shells either on the beach or walkable-level ocean water. Look for little sparkles to denote the locations of the shells.

Getting the Common Treasure Chests

Takashi Location Genshin Impact Conch Mysterious Quest

Once players have collected at least three shells, they can head back to Takashi. He will trade three Mysterious Shells for opening and looting the three Common Chests inside of his home. Players should keep in mind that Takashi will only allow them to open one of the three chests. This means that they need to come back daily to open another one. Since these are Common Chests, players shouldn’t expect anything too expensive inside. The possible rewards for completing this task are:

  • Cabbages ×1-3
  • Tomatoes ×1-2
  • Potatoes ×1
  • Apples ×1-3
  • Wheat ×1-2
  • Sunsettias ×1-3
  • Iron Chunks ×1-3
  • White Iron Chunks ×1
  • Crystal Chunk ×1
the bag of flower seeds and Hanayama Kaoru location in Tatarasuna

Other than the common stuff mentioned above, players can obtain two valuable items. The first one is the Bag of Flower Seeds. It will be given on the second day of opening Takashi’s chests. If this bag is given to Hanayama Kaoru in Tatarasuna, travelers will unlock a series of hidden quests that grants a decent sum of Mora.

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To trigger it, players have to talk to the woman twice. After handing her the item, wait one real-life day before speaking to her again. After the third day, Hanayama Kaoru will grant the Second Blooming achievement. Finishing this hidden quest will not only grant the achievement but also change the landscape of the area. Players will notice a lot of decorative flowers, and even Sweet Flowers, Mints, and Crystalflies.

However, players should keep in mind that Hanayama Kaoru won’t appear unless they finish the Tatara Tales World Quest. So in total, players will need around ten days to get this achievement.

the diagram of Hamayumi and the thank you, come again hidden achievement

The second item, Diagram: Hamayumi, can only be accessed after opening the seventh chest. It will allow players to forge a 4-Star bow, the Hamayumi. Furthermore, obtaining the bow’s diagram will award the Thank you, Come Again hidden achievement.

This free-to-play bow can be utilized in several characters. For example, Yoimiya, Tartaglia, Ganyu, and main DPS Fischl. These characters can fully utilize the bow’s passive. It requires them to maintain 100% Energy, so either they don’t rely on their Elemental Burst, or the units can recharge their Energy quickly.

Mysterious Conch Respawn Rates in Genshin Impact


The Mysterious Conches do respawn in Genshin Impact. Luckily for players, it looks like the first time they make a tour around the outside of the peninsula, players can pick up around seven conch shells. Four of these shells will respawn every day in random spots, giving players access to more of Takashi’s treasures in his home.

Genshin Impact is available for mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5.