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Genshin Impact Noelle

Genshin Impact Noelle build, banners, and skills

Our recommended build for Genshin Impact’s Noelle, including everything you need to know about her skills, constellations, and ascension materials

Noelle standing atop a mountain

In Genshin Impact, Noelle is a maid with a dream of one day joining the Knights of Favonius. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have what it takes to join just yet, so she spends her free time learning knightly speech, conduct, and customs. Unlike others her age, she doesn’t drink and has a great deal of self-restraint.

This geo claymore-wielding character is best suited to a main DPS role. With help from our Genshin Impact Noelle guide, you will soon know exactly what each of her active and passive skills does, and we’ll also fill you in on what it costs to ascend her to the highest level.

For those of you who need some help with other geo characters, take a look at our Genshin Impact Ningguang and Genshin Impact Albedo build guides. Once you’ve mastered each character, head over to our Genshin Impact codes list to stock up on extra primogems and mora.


Noelle is best suited to a main DPS role due to her elemental burst that converts her normal attacks into geo AoE attacks. We recommend pairing her up with another geo character, such as Genshin Impact’s Zhongli, for an elemental resonance that increases overall geo damage.

Noelle surround by a geo shield


Our top weapon pick is the Whiteblind, as you can easily obtain it via the blacksmith. If you happen to get your hands on The Unforged via a wish, that weapon is a suitable second choice.

WhiteblindNormal and charged attacks increase attack and defence by 6% for six seconds. This can only occur once every 0.5 seconds
The UnforgedShield strength is increased by 20%. Hits that land on enemies increase attack by 4% for eight seconds. This can only occur once every 0.3 seconds. The attack increase is boosted by 100% when protected by a shield


We recommend equipping a full set of Retracing Bolide to boost Noelle’s shield strength.

Artifact setEffect
Retracing BolideTwo equipped: Shield strength is increased by 35%
Four equipped: Normal and charged attack damage is increased by 40% when protected by a shield 
Gladiator’s FinaleTwo equipped: Attack is increased by 18%
Four equipped: If the wielder of this artifact set uses a sword, claymore, or polearm, their normal attack damage is increased by 35%
Noelle standing in front of a white background


Active skills:

Favonius Bladework – MaidPerforms four slashes
Favonius Bladework – Maid (charged)Consumes stamina to deal AoE damage with a powerful slash at the end
Favonius Bladework – Maid (plunging)Plunge from mid-air to deal AoE damage on impact with the ground
BreastplateCreates a shield that regenerates health and deals AoE geo damage. The shield can also do the following things while active:Normal and charged attacks may regenerate HP for all characters, both on and off the fieldThe geo element is applied to the characterRaise absorption efficiency against Geo damage by 250%
Sweeping TimeDeals AoE geo damage before increasing Noelle’s attack AoE, converting attack damage to geo damage, and increasing Noelle’s attack based on her defence

Passive skills:

DevotionWhile Noelle is in the party but not on the field and a character’s HP drops below 30%, a shield is created that absorbs 400% of Noelle’s defence as damage and lasts for 20 seconds
Nice and CleanEvery four normal or charged attacks decrease Breastplate’s cooldown by one second
Maid’s KnighthoodPerfect cooking on a defence-boosting dish has a 12% chance to obtain double the product


To upgrade Noelle’s constellations, you need to receive her as a duplicate when making a wish. Here’s every bonus you receive when leveling her up.

I Got Your BackWhen both Sweeping Time and Breastplate are in effect, the healing effects of Breastplate are increased to 100%
Combat MaidStamina consumption of Noelle’s charged attacks is decreased by 20%, and her charged attack damage is increased by 15%
Invulnerable MaidIncreases the level of Breastplate by three
To Be CleanedWhen Breastplate ends or is destroyed, it deals 400% attack as AoE geo damage
Favonius Sweeper MasterIncreases the level of Sweeping Time by three
Must Be SpotlessWhen Sweeping Time is in use, Noelle’s attack is increased by an additional 50% of her defence. Every enemy defeated during this time adds one second to the duration, for up to ten seconds
Noelle standing on a bridge with a geo shield


To ascend Noelle fully, you need to gather over 100 Valberry. The best place to farm these is around Stormbearer Mountain in Mondstadt. Here’s everything you need to acquire in order to ascend Noelle.

Required levelMoraMaterials
2020,000One Prithiva Topaz Sliver, three Valberry, three Damaged Mask
4040,000Three Prithiva Topaz Fragment, two Basalt Pillar, ten Valberry, 15 Damaged Mask
5060,000Six Prithiva Topaz Fragment, four Basalt Pillar, 20 Valberry, 12 Stained Mask
6080,000Three Prithiva Topaz Chunk, eight Basalt Pillar, 30 Valberry, 18 Stained Mask
70100,000Six Prithiva Topaz Chunk, 12 Basalt Pillar, 45 Valberry, 12 Ominous Mask
80120,000Six Prithiva Topaz Gemstone, 20 Basalt Pillar, 60 Valberry, 24 Ominous Mask

If you want to know where your favourite character ranks, simply take a quick look at our Genshin Impact tier list, which features every hero to date!

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