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Genshin Impact Klee – The most effective skills, bows, and ways to build

Currently, the number of people interested in the Genshin Impact game is a lot, but each person has their own interest in the characters in the online game Genshin Impact and especially about the strongest characters, best support the team. best fit. Today, KisuGame will bring you another Loli character besides Qiqi, that character is named Klee.

Fire elemental skills XiangLing

First we will come to the skill set of the mage Klee with 2 normal attacks called Bang Bang with:

The basic basic attack when you repeatedly press the attack button Klee will throw 3 explosive bombs capable of dealing specific fire area damage with the first hit dealing 65% damage, the second hit being 56% damage and 3rd hit is 81% damage.

The second form aka Charged is used when you hold down the attack button Klee will use Stamina Klee which will explode around herself with a specific amount of Fire elemental damage. will be 152% of Stamina salary cost will be 50 points

The Klee girl’s elemental skill is called Bouncing Bomb: she will throw a self-bouncing bomb scarecrow with large-area Fire damage each time, the third bounce will explode and detonate balls. small mines, this mine will explode when they are enemy or will explode on its own after a short time dealing Fire damage, the Klee girl can store up to 2 puppet bombs at the same time, the amount of damage per bounce is 95%, damage from detonated mines is 33%, mine’s duration is 15 seconds and cooldown is 20 seconds

Klee’s fury skill is called Fierce Spark: Klee summons powerful bombs that continuously attack nearby enemies with Fire elemental damage over a large area, each bomb hit will deal 24 damage. % cooldown of this skill is 25 seconds and Stamina cost is 60 points

Next we will come to 3 sets of passive skills of the most powerful mage of the Tay Phong Klee Knights:

The first passive ability is Gift of Diploma: When a Klee girl uses Bounce and basic attack to deal damage, she has a 50% chance to receive an explosive spark, the explosive spark is used. Used on her next attack, it takes no Stamina and deals 50% more damage

Klee’s second important passive skill is called Infinite Spark: when Klee attacks, deals critical damage, all Klee’s allies will gain 2 Elemental Energy

The 3rd passive skill is called Toan is a treasure: with this skill, when you put Klee in your squad, you will see special items that will appear on the map but only appear when you are in in Mondstadt area and Liyue area already has Loli Qiqi take over

Destiny of XiangLing

Next we will come to Klee’s Destiny, like other characters, Klee also has 6 levels of destiny as follows:

First Supply of Life: Klee’s attacks and skills will have a chance to summon sparks that will attack enemies on their own for 120% of the damage of Raging Sparks.

Second Life Supply called Shard Shard: all enemies hit by the Bounce Bomb skill will reduce their defense by 23% for 10s

Level 3 Custom Klee: will increase Bounce skill by 3 levels up to 15 levels

4th Life Supply Rabbit Rush: If Klee leaves the area of ​​Intense Spark, Klee will create an explosion that deals 233% Fire damage across an area

Supply of 5th Parity Bomber Star: will grant 3 levels of intense Spark skill up to 15 skill levels

Level 6 Full Firepower: when Klee uses the skill Fierce Spark, all allies will automatically recover mana and when standing within the effect of the skill Fierce Spark I will take 10% Fire damage from Klee for 25 seconds

Klee’s Build, Equipment, and Object Directions

As I introduced at the beginning of the article, at the moment our girl Klee is one of the strongest characters who is the mage with the largest amount of damage in the Genshin Impact role-playing game, so how to build effectively The best for the Klee girl is the main damage build direction. When following this build, our girl Klee has 2 best weapon choices:

The first is the book Map of Ten Thousand Nations (Mappa Mare) for 10 seconds after activating the elemental reaction will receive 8% more elemental damage 2 floors 16% damage within 10 seconds up to 20% Damage.

In addition, you can also choose a weapon called Skyward Atlas with a passive that increases elemental damage by 12%. In addition, the character’s basic attack will have a 50% chance to summon an elemental cloud that deals damage to the nearest enemy within 15 seconds for a total of 160% damage on the summoner’s cooldown. cloud is 30 seconds

About the holy relic set KisuGame recommends that you use for Klee the holy relic set item called Crimson Witch of Flames with 2 items will increase fire damage by 15% and with 4 items will increase damage of overload burn by 25%, increase damage from melting by 15% and evaporate, in addition, when using elemental skills, you can increase the amount of damage at the mark of 2 equipment from 15 to 50% within 10 seconds, up to 3 stacks

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