The Dust of Azoth is a newer item that players can collect in Genshin Impact as part of the crafting system. It is especially important for players who want to level up specific characters that need certain or more rare gemstones to level up. As this Dust of Azoth will help them get whatever type of gemstone they need, for a price.

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This is because the Dust of Azoth is a conversion item. Specifically, it only converts one type of gem into another kind. However, this process also will cost them a type of gem that the player chooses to transmute.

How To Collect And Use The Dust Of Azoth In Genshin Impact

There are two main ways to get the Dust of Azoth. Both ways involve purchasing though, so it isn’t going to be a free item that players can hunt down. Instead, this can be purchased either through the upcoming event shops or through Paimon’s Bargains under the Stardust Exchange tab.

Either way, the Dust of Azoth is sold 10 at a time, and players are limited to purchasing 1,000 per month. 10 Dust of Azoth cost five stardust, so the player will want to save up to buy up the full monthly allowance of dust. Once purchased, the dust is pretty straightforward to use.

Head to the nearest crafting bench and activate it. Once inside the crafting menu, switch to the conversion tab. On the left side of the menu will be a list of all of the gemstones players can transmute their current gems into. Select this final converted gemstone first, then on the bottom right choose what gemstones the player already has to transmute.

Depending on how big of conversion it is and what type of gemstone the player has to offer initially into the conversion, it will cost a different amount of dust. This range can vary quite a bit. Not only in the amount of dust but also the number of gems needed for the trade. To change the type of gems the player is going to transmute, click on the papers in the far bottom right side of the menu and it will offer a list of alternatives. Once the player is satisfied with their choice of trade-off, all they need to do is hit the convert button at the bottom of the right side.