Players around the globe have been quickly attempting to explore and uncover all of the secrets of Genshin Impact‘s map. With things like bosses based on the game’s Elements and little puzzles everywhere, players are bound to find numerous things that will occupy their time for hours on end. However, many players have discovered an area on the map that could be a little difficult to figure out: the Tri Seal in the Sword Cemetery of Dadaupa Gorge.

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Updated May 30, 2021 by Mina Smith: Fans of Genshin Impact know that the game has grown exponentially since its release last year. As the fanbase and content grow, more information about old quests has become available. This post has been updated to reflect the additional information and to add clarity.

Exploring the Tri Seal in Genshin Impact

Players that have stumbled east of Mondstadt have likely found the Sword Cemetery of Dadaupa Gorge. More importantly, they’ve probably noticed a series of three Seals surrounding a single chest in the center of the area that don’t dissipate when using an Anemo skill on them. Although finding a way to unlock these three Seals may seem daunting, it’s actually quite easy, especially compared to the Seals found in Stormterror’s Lair.

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Clues from Dr. Livingstone

While players can begin attempting this quest right away, it might behoove them to talk to Dr. Livingstone, a nearby NPC that will give them a hint as to what they need to do. Dr. Livingstone explains that there are three Seal pedestals nearby that have been surrounded by different Hilichurl camps that the player will have to activate in order to get to the protected treasure. Before going any farther, it’s worth noting that players will need the following types of Genshin Impact characters to activate the pedestals:

  • A Cryo or ice character.
  • An Electro or electric character.
  • And a Pyro or fire character.
How to unlock the tri seal in Genshin Impact's Sword Graveyard

Unlocking the Tri Seal

By heading north from the Sword Cemetery, players will encounter the first Hilichurl camp. The Cryo pedestal is located on top of a wooden arena in the center of the camp, but activating it will be a small challenge. Players will need to defeat 10 enemies within a time limit before they will be allowed to use their Cryo powers on the pedestal and move on to the next camp.

After heading back south to the Cemetery, players will want to head southwest towards the Hilichurl camp that has a small pond. After slaying the nefarious hilichurls camped there, players can activate the 2nd Seal by using Electro on the pedestal.

Finally, the last Hilichurl camp and final key to the Tri Seal puzzle is located slightly southeast of the Sword Cemetery. Genshin Impact players will then need to repeat what they did at the Electro camp: wiping out the enemy and then using Pyro to dispel the 3rd and final Seal back in the graveyard. Players may then make their way back to where the Seals used to protect the lone chest, and open it to find some pretty nice loot inside.

Genshin Impact is available now on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5