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Genshin Impact: All Leaked Characters That Aren’t Playable Yet

Genshin Impact has an ever-growing roster of playable characters. Here’s every character that’s been leaked so far but hasn’t made it in the game yet.

A growing roster of playable characters is one of the greatest strengths of Genshin Impact, the hit free-to-play RPG from miHoYo. Typically, new characters are introduced with updates, although some are shown in the main story before becoming playable. There are quite a few leaked characters for the game who haven’t become playable in Genshin Impact yet.

When Version 1.3 of Genshin Impact arrived last week, it surprisingly only had one new playable character. However, miHoYo said more characters would come to 1.3 before the Version 1.4 content arrives in March. For now, these new characters remain a mystery, and fans only have leaks and rumors to go on.

However, some of these leaks have been very credible in the past. Albedo and Ganyu were both rumored for Version 1.2, which proved to be true, at the end of last year. Playable character rumors for 1.3 pointed to Xiao, which also turned out to be true. And while a few have missed the mark, the leaks surrounding Genshin Impact have usually been real so far. Here are all the leaked (or rumored) characters for the game who aren’t playable yet.

Genshin Impact Leaked Character – Dainsleif

Dainsleif appeared in the closed beta for Genshin Impact, and fans have been waiting for him to become playable ever since. Since Dainsleif was in the beta, there’s a pretty good chance he’ll be playable at some point, although when Dainslief will be added to Genshin Impact remains a mystery for now. Still, it’s almost certain he’ll be added to the game in the near future.

Genshin Impact Leaked Character – Yaoyao

Like Dainsleif, Yaoyao has already been featured in official materials for Genshin Impact. However, she hasn’t appeared in-game yet, which could mean Yaoyao is still a ways off from releasing. She was featured in some alleged datamining leaks last year, giving even more credence to rumors that Yaoyao would be added into the game at some point.

Genshin Impact Leaked Character – Cyno

Cyno appeared in Chapter 12 of the official manga on miHoYo’s site, and he was also a part of the Teyvat Storyline Preview the company shared on YouTube. Hailing from the nation of Sumeru, little else is known about Cyno at this point. Although, he’ll surely become playable in Genshin Impact eventually.

Genshin Impact Leaked Character – Scaramouche

Scaramouche is already in Genshin Impact, but he’s not playable yet. Rumored to be an Electro user, Scaramouche’s inclusion as a playable character makes a lot of sense. He’s an established character with an interesting design, so it’s likely Scaramouche will be added to the game eventually. In the past, characters like Childe/Tartaglia and Xiao were already story characters before becoming playable, so there’s precedence for this sort of thing in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Leaked Character – Hu Tao

One of the biggest surprises of the Version 1.3 livestream was that Hu Tao wasn’t announced as a playable character. Rumors had been pointing to her and Xiao as the Banners for the 1.3 update, but only Xiao was officially confirmed. Of course, Hu Tao could still be in Version 1.3 – and perhaps miHoYo is just waiting to announce her.

Alleged datamine leaks also pointed at Hu Tao becoming playable in Genshin Impact, and many fans were expecting Hu Tao’s inclusion in 1.3. As Zhongli’s boss at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue, there’s still a great chance she’ll make it into the game eventually – even if it isn’t in the latest version.

Genshin Impact Leaked Character – Rosaria

First appearing in the Version 1.2 content, Rosaria is rumored to be a polearm-wielding Cryo user. Her leaks have suggested she’ll be available in Version 1.4 of Genshin Impact, although nothing official has been confirmed. As a nun with the Church of Favonius, she already has close ties to characters like Barbara and Mondstadt citizens like Jean and Amber. And because she’s already in the game, there’s a really good chance Rosaria will finally become playable soon.

Genshin Impact Leaked Character – Signora

Like Rosaria and Scaramouche, La Signora is already featured in the main story of Genshin Impact. As one of the Fatui Harbingers, she’s also one of the main antagonists. However, Tartaglia was a a Fatui Harbinger as well and still became a playable character, so it’s reasonable to assume Signora might as well.

Genshin Impact Leaked Character – Baizhu

Baizhu is also already in the game as an NPC, but fans have speculated he’ll become a playable character in the future. Baizhu’s design is pretty unique, so it seems like miHoYo might add him to the roster at some point. For now, though, having Baizhu as a playable character just seems like wishful thinking – since there hasn’t been any leaked footage showing him in combat yet.

Genshin Impact Leaked Character – Ayaka

Of all the leaked characters who haven’t appeared in the game already, Ayaka seems all but certain to be included in Genshin Impact at some point. Ayaka was featured in gameplay footage back in 2019, but miHoYo has kept fairly quiet about her ever since. Rumors have pointed toward her being a Banner character for Version 1.4, however, so fans could be seeing her soon.

In the footage previously released, Ayaka is a Cryo user and a princess from Inazuma, a nation that should be added to the game eventually. She carries a sword in combat, and is therefore expected to be a DPS character. For now, though, that’s all fans really know about her.

Genshin Impact Leaked Characters – Yunjin

Yunjin (pictured second from right) is another leaked character stemming from the alleged Genshin Impact datamine last year that revealed eight characters. She is a dancer at the Heyu Tea House in Liyue, but not much else is known about her at this point. It’s worth noting that she appears alongside Yaoyao, Hu Tao, and Rosaria in the leaks – so if those characters become playable, then there’s a good chance Yunjin will too.

Genshin Impact Leaked Characters – Lyney & Lynette

Even though they’re featured as a duo, Lyney and Lynette are presumably going to be treated like two separate characters when they arrive in Genshin Impact. Both were featured in the Fontaine section of the Teyvat Storyline Preview from miHoYo, so it’s almost certain they’ll be playable eventually. For now, there’s no release date in sight for these two, though.

Genshin Impact Leaked Character – Iansan

Like Lyney and Lynette, Iansan debuted in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline preview. As part of the Natlan section, Iansan appears to be a powerful Pyro user in Genshin Impact. She’s also a child, so she has a lot in common with Klee, who’s also a child and a Pyro user, already.

Although she’s been teased as a Pyro user, not much else is known about Iansan right now. It’s likely she won’t appear in the game until either the Natlan portion of Teyvat is introduced, or until she’ll play a vital role in the main story. Either way, she’s almost certainly going to be added to Genshin Impact at some point.

Genshin Impact Leaked Character – Dottore

Appearing in the official manga on miHoYo’s site, Dottore is one of the Fatui Harbingers who’s sent on a diplomatic mission to Mondstadt. He’s also a researcher who’s pretty ruthless. Besides seeming like a major antagonist, it’s unclear how Dottore will configure into Genshin Impact’s future – and if he’ll actually be playable or not.

Rumored and leaked characters have been a huge part of Genshin Impact since the game launched. While some of these characters seem more likely to be added into the game than others, they all could realistically become playable as Genshin Impact continues to get regular updates.

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