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Even with the 3 countries that have been released currently, genshin impact from outer lands and many areas that have not appeared: the land north of Mondstadt, the western rift of Liyue, and the remaining three islands of Inazuma. However, in this article, we will not cover those areas. Instead, we want to introduce you to the mysterious lands that you may have only heard of but never knew what it contained.
Celestia in Genshin Impact
To start, let’s learn about the island floating in the sky of the continent of Teyvat that you can see from anywhere in the game. We all know that it is the abode of the gods, and that mortals possessing Vision, having obtained great feats can “ascend” to Celestia to become gods. Vennessa, a very important figure in Mondstadt history (you probably already know during the game play) achieved this achievement.

But there is another character who has also become a god on Celestia that you may not have expected: the fairy Co Hoa (roughly translated as “ancient prosperity” or “ancient splendor”). Sound familiar right? That’s because we have a 4-star weapon called Mau Co Hoa in the game. In Chinese, both the weapon Gu Hua and the character’s name Gu Hua use the same two characters古华. The relationship between this sword and Co Hoa is not clear, because the famous Vu Tai heavy sword … useless is the weapon of this character.
During the daily quest for the game, you will meet some characters claiming to be from the Ancient Hoa sect, such as Xing Qiu (Han Thu), two brothers in Min Lam or the merchant Tran Khoai Dao in Ly Nguyet. . Although named after the character, this sect has nothing to do with the sage. The reason it got this name is because the founder of the sect was close to Co Hua and taught the fighting style of the ancient fairy Co Hua to his disciples.

Back to Celestia. We have the opportunity to see the inside of the tallest tower on this flying island through a picture frame in the Genshin Impact series, when Vanessa sublimes into a god. However, very little information about Celestia appears in the game’s content, although some ancient civilizations on Teyvat were able to directly communicate with the gods. Sal Vindagnyr is an example, but this civilization was destroyed by Celestia herself with the “nail” Skyfrost Nail that you see hovering over the top of Long Tich mountain.
Celestia’s relationship with the seven gods of the nations of the present Teyvat continent is also quite mysterious. The gods we have met say very little about this place, such as Venti constantly dodging questions about Celestia and being annoyed when questioned in miHoYo’s manga.
It is also necessary to mention the god we often call the “Unknown God” appearing in the early game cutscene, when the two brothers Aether – Lumine were separated. Many gamers refer to her as “Thien Ly” but it’s not – she calls herself the “Guardian of Heaven” and appears to “end the transgression of the child of humanity”. It is unknown whether this goddess is a member of Celestia or not.

With this epic setting, Celestia will surely be one of the final locations of the game, or the place of extremely powerful bosses that you will meet in the near future. In addition, with a special shape made up of many flying islands, Celestia can completely become a very interesting map for us gamers to explore.
“Overseas Darkness”
Literally meaning “dark sea beyond”, this name is not only used for the sea surrounding Teyvat in the Genshin Impact world. It represents any place that does not belong to Teyvat, and is inhabited by beings not under the control of the seven gods, including those who have lost the war for the throne. god 2,000 years ago but fortunately not sealed like Osial.

One of the races residing here is the Fairy Spirit. Although the Seelie now occasionally appear on the continent of Teyvat, the Outer Sea is their homeland. The second race was not revealed until Genshin Impact 2.0’s release date to be seabed humans, as Inazuma’s description of coral branches (weapon breakthrough material) suggests. Maybe they are the ancestors of Sangonomiya Kokomi, which could explain the character’s very mermaid-like appearance.
In book 3 of “The Story of the Drunk”, you will read a little introduction that this is “the fabled moor, where there are no gods, only the remnants of the ancient ghosts”. Indeed, many of the defeated gods known as ghosts fled here, but the word “remnant” suggests that many or all of them may have died for some reason.

As such, the Outer Seas of Darkness is not only a small sea, but possibly larger than the nations of Teyvat put together, and has intelligent races and once existed demons. Even if these demons are dead, their powers may still exist – as you can see from the God of Paints created by the power of the serpent god Orobasi on Inazuma’s Yashiori island. Orobasi herself was once a member of the Outer Seas of Darkness, also as described by the coral branches.

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