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Genshin Impact - Hướng dẫn chi tiết về vũ khí, đội hình và thánh di vật  dành cho Tartaglia - Childe

Possessing a tenacious, loyal nature and a high spirit, the youngest Executor in fatui’s ranks never missed any opportunity to hone his fighting instincts. Here are the top 10 facts that you may not know about the character Tartaglia “Childe” in the game Genshin Impact.

As one of the 5-star characters in Genshin Impact, even most of the players can easily recognize his face and the provocative cunning laugh every time the boss fights the week. Tartaglia, also known as Childe, possesses a fighting instinct that frightens so many enemies. On the battle, Fatui’s 11th Executioner strangled the enemy with an agile french body that came with the ability to master almost all weapons to the point of superiority.

For Tartaglia, survival is everything, and it’s hard to imagine a pure warrior like him standing in an organization full of intrigue and intrigue like Fatui. Let’s take a look at some of the facts that not everyone knows about the youngest Mandarin in fatui ranks as well as the secret behind the name Tartaglia “Childe” in Genshin Impact.

1. The truth behind the name Tartaglia “Childe”

“Tartaglia is an unpredictable guest from Snezhaya.

Don’t get caught up in the illusion of that person’s intentions and thoughts. Just keep in mind one thing: Hidden under that childish innocence is a pure warrior trained by the flames of war.”

Through just a few lines of introduction we can easily recognize the root curse of the name “Childe” is derived by the innocent childlike appearance of this Snezhaya guy. It is known that the superhuman warrior known as “Childe” has been involved in the battlefield since the age of 14, possessing the ability to master countless forms of combat along with the haughty temperament forged from hundreds of battles.

After being promoted and approved by Ice Queen Tsaritsa herself, Childe officially received the title of Tartaglia, one of the 11 Executive Officials responsible for leading the elite Fatui army.

Tsaritsa’s gang approved Childe to fatui’s hierarchy.

It is known that the aliases of the 11 Mandarins are derived from characters in the dramatic art form called ‘commedia dell’arte’ which was popularized in the 16th century, a form of professional Italian theatrical performance.  for the play. The character is portrayed as a wealthy middle-class man with a clumsy, hot-tempered, easily manipulated and also easily frustrated nature. It sounds perfectly in line with Childe’s personality and characteristics in Genshin Impact, doesn’t it?

2. Childe’s hobby is fishing after it’s rained

Ice fishing has always been one of Tartaglia’s favorite activities from childhood to adulthood. Once he started dropping bait, he was no longer The Childe or Tartaglia of Fatui but under the name Ajax – the name given to his own father, inspired by the adventures of the cold country.

It is known that from a young age, Ajax and his father always saved the morning punching holes in the lake and patiently waiting for the fish to catch fish. Around this time, the Ajax boy  had a peaceful place, enjoyed life and listened attentively to the stories of his father’s adventure in his youth. He always considers the characters in the story to be himself and immerses himself in thoughts whenever he sits down.

This fish is pretty big.

“When there are no more stories to follow the steps, the habit of fishing gradually becomes the training of the will of the soldier, brooding, cultivating the fighting method.

Just like that, after the whole process of contemplating and cultivating martial arts, it doesn’t matter whether you catch fish or not.”

Moreover, Childe himself loves fishing after each rain in Liyue simply because the sound of rain will cause the fish to panic, creating a suitable opportunity for the warrior to practice his skills.

3. Childe’s training goal is to defeat a monster in the abyss

It’s hard to imagine a “last boss” with a multitude of powerful abilities like Tartaglia could become cold on his back against an unknown giant monster in the abyss. In particular, in some of the rare times he shared about his mysterious past, he described a creature that just seeing it was enough to make anyone panic buried in fear. 

Not only that, fatui’s 11th Quan Observant also swore to himself that he would not stop practicing so that one day with the Traveling House would return to the abyss. At that time, no one but his own hand would put an end to that monster, in the presence of the Traveler.

At first glance, is this information also implying a new boss in the future will appear in the land of Snezhaya. And of course, this boss can promise to be even harder than Childe himself in the boss battle many times. That’s interesting, isn’t it!

4. Relationship between Childe and other members of the 11 Fatui Executive Officers

The same organization is the same, but the conflict between Tartaglia and the people he calls “teammates” is also described quite clearly and sharply by the fact that he repeatedly expressed a cold attitude towards Signora in the end of the Liyue plot chapter. Childe’s method of work was strong, decisive, facing all battles, completely contrary to the calculations and conspiracies of other Executives. What’s more, Tartaglia yearned to appear in front of crowds, even becoming the main character in street performances.

Perhaps it was fear that his arrogance would trouble his plans that Fatui’s other Executors always sent him on missions as far away from Snezhnaya as possible. But what is difficult to understand is that he always finds a way to appear in the midst of chaos, only to be immersed in the battle song along with the exhortations of the participants.

5. Apart from the feeling of fighting, the only thing tartaglia cares about more is his family.

As we know in a key mission of Genshin Impact, the youngest of the Tartaglia family, Teucer, traveled from Snezhnaya all the way to Liyue only to meet and talk to his brother. Here, the player learns that Childe has hidden the truth about Fatui’s identity from his own brother in order to protect him from the dark secrets of the icy land where Teucer was born and raised.

As you can see, family is always something that Tartaglia always aims for wherever you are. In “The Letter to the Cold Zone,” he showed his kindness by sending medicines to his father and gifts to other family members. As the third child in the family and having to regularly work outside of Snezhnaya, it was not uncommon for Childe to be privileged to return to the roof where he was born. On the other hand, this is also an opportunity for him to tell his father stories about adventures in foreign countries, fueling his passion for discovery to his brothers.

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