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In the role-playing game Amber Genshin is the detective knight of the West Phong Horsemen Team she carries in the element of Fire and the weapon is the bow, although now this team of detective riders has declined a little but Amber still persists in taking on her responsibility,  Now let’s find out through the skills as well as the best build for this Amber.

Amber Fire Element Skills

First we will learn through two ways of fighting commonly called The God of this detective Amber:

  • The way to hit is usually basic: when you press repeatedly on the button amber attack button will shoot 5 times in a row before reset combo attacks normally
  • The second common strikes are also known as heavy strikes: the higher amber’s damage, the higher the damage, when she aims will accumulate the fire on the arrow causing fire damage to the enemy.

Amber’s elemental skill is called The Exploding Puppet: Amber will summon a Rabbit Count whose teasing effect on the enemy causing the enemy to choose the Rabbit Count as the target, the durability of the rabbit will depend on amber’s HP limit, if the rabbit count is destroyed or the time will explode and damage the Fire to the surrounding range.

Amber’s rage skill is called Rain Name: she will shoot out a rain of arrows at close range creating a land that sustains the rain name with continuous fire damage.

Then there are amber’s three inner skills:

  • The first intrinsic skill The Cypress hit: the violent rate of Amber’s name-calling skills increased by 10%, the skill range would increase by 30%.
  • 2nd Internal Skill Shot Suppression: when Amber targets and hits the enemy’s weaknesses Amber’s attack stats increase by 15% and last for 10 seconds
  • 3rd internal skills Flying champion: when Amber is in the squad, the whole team will get a 20% discount on stamina when flying

Amber’s Bow

Next we will learn through 6 levels Amber’s Destiny is always full of vitality in genshin impact game:

First Bow Level Shot 1 gets 2 Hilichurl: when Amber aims to shoot, she will shoot 2 arrows in a row with the second arrow created with 20% of Amber’s attack damage.

The Rabbit’s 2nd Archery level bursts up: when Amber gathers to hit the Rabbit Count, it will explode immediately while inflicting 200% more damage on the enemy.

3rd Supply Level Fire Up: 3 levels increased for rainy skills up to 15 levels

Level 4th Destiny Not a normal puppet: the recovery time of the elemental skill The explosive puppet is reduced by 20% while increasing the use of skills by 1 time

5th Archery Level Is the Rabbit Count: increased 3 levels for elemental skill The puppet explodes up to 15 levels

Level 6th Destiny Is As Fast as Fire: after using the Rain Name anger skill, the next 10 seconds will increase the speed by 15% for the team members while increasing the base attack by 15%.

Build directions, equipment and holy objects for Amber

Currently, the fire element damage in  genshin impact is really strong, typically Diluc and Klee, and to increase the damage to these characters, it is indispensable for the Fire system character with 2 characters of the same Fire system will be increased by 25% attack so Amber is an indispensable Fire attribute character in that squad.

So in the present time, everyone uses Amber in a support position mainly because her anger skills both increase damage and can increase the rate of violence for other characters, in addition to finding out there are those who also build Amber in the direction of DPS with a target with damage of up to 10k dame 1 shot 1 shot.

How to Build 1 – Amber

If you build Amber in a supportive tendency then we will be interested in more load efficiency for Amber, so that she can recover her anger skills and execute it faster, and one of the weapons that archers effectively load the element is the WestFeng bow because this bow has a basic line of elemental loading,  In addition, it has a 70% rate of nuclear element generation when Amber attacks, causing violence, restoring 6 elemental energy and using it once every 10 seconds.

And the relics we will continue to come to the sets capable of loading the element that is the set of sects for all the supports that is the Exile: with 2 items increase the efficiency of element refill by 20%, with 4 items when performing the skill of anger every 2 seconds will restore 2 element points for the character effectively in 6 seconds.

How to Build 2 – Amber

If you’re in the direction of Amber DPS, Then KisuGame recommends focusing on her violent wound SAT, and the most suitable bow is the Black Bow with the basic line of increased violent damage: after killing the enemy at the same time, there will be a 12% increase in attack lasting for 30 seconds this effect is accumulated 3 floors i.e. the maximum increase is up to 3 floors. 36% of the attack force

The relics suitable for Amber DPS are the mainland wandering troupe: with 2 dishes increased by 80 points of elemental mastery, with 4 items will increase the violent damage by 35% when using the bow as a weapon.

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