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Albedo genshin impact

So the 1.2 version of Genshin Impact has officially reached the gaming community, with the appearance of the first 5-star character is Albedo. Albedo genshin impact is the alchemist who heads the Team of Tay Phong horsemen and also the captain of the investigation team, he is the alchemical genius who appears in Mondstadt bringing the true realm of alchemy to everyone.

In the online open world game Genshin Impact Albedol is a Lava character, using weapons as a single sword, he appears with a position in the squad as 1 Nuker, Support the lava element extremely useful. And in today’s kisuGame’s tutorial  we will learn more about how to play, how to build equipment, relics and the strongest team for this guy.

Albedo Lava Element Skills

First of all, as usual, we will go to 2 ways of hitting the usual battle of the nham elemental swordsman named Tay Phong sword sword – Bach:

  • Basic way to hit: when you press repeatedly on the Albedo attack button, you will slash 5 times in a row towards the enemy before reset the combo attack.
  • The 2nd common hit, also known as the heavy attack: Albedo will drain stamina slashing 2 swords forward in the blink of an eye while knocking the enemy out.

The elemental skill is called Creative Magic – Making the Sun: trained into a Sun Flower that causes damage because of the lava element when used, in addition to the Sun Flower when born has the following characteristics:

  • Taking the Sun Flower as the mind when the enemy is in the area of receiving damage The sun flower will give birth to the blooming moment flower that causes damage to the lava element range, the damage is calculated according to albedo’s defenses, since fins every 2 seconds can only produce 1 moment flower.
  • When the character standing on the Sun Flower will condense the power of the element Lava to form the Glass Fountain, raise the character up at the same time only 1 Glass Station exists, and there can only exist 1 Sun created by Albedo is considered as a lava element Also if you then develop skills by pressing to hold you can adjust the position you can adjust the position. The appearance of the sun flower.

Albedo’s engraving skill is called Christmas Magic – Mainland Waves: under the command of Albedo Lava explodes causing damage to the range of the element Nhat forward, when in battle the existence of the Sun Flower will explode 7 flowers of life and death in the area of the Sun Flower,  blooming brilliantly while causing damage to the range of the Lava Element, the violent damage and damage of the Flower of Life and Death will not form the Moment Flower

Next we will come to 3 internal skills of Nham Albedo:

  • Intrinsic 1: White lime-colored power: unlocked for the first character breakthrough, Flower moment born from the elemental skill Creative Magic – Building the damaged sun causes the person to less than 50% blood increase by 25%
  • Intrinsic 2: Human intelligence in the jar: unlocked at the 4th character breakthrough, when Albedo demonstrates the skill of lightning Christmas – The waves of the mainland will increase by 125 points of elemental communication for the team members near for 10 seconds
  • Intrinsic 3: Discovery of genius: automatically unlocked when you own the character, when using Albedo mutant fuel grafting weapons will have 10% x2 product rate

Albedo’s Palace

As with the other characters in  genshin impact, our genius albedo guy has 6 levels of Destiny:

  1. Level of Destiny 1 Paradise Flower: when moment flower is born from the elemental skill Creative magic – Making the sun explodes will recover 1.2 points of elemental energy for Albedo
  2. The 2nd Level of The Great Ray is born: when the moment flower is born from the elemental skill Of creation – Building the sun will give albedo a life-and-death effect lasting 30 seconds. When implementing the skill of lightning Christmas – The waves on the mainland will erase all the effect of life and death and increase the damage to explode according to the number of floors deleted. Each life and death layer will increase damage by 30% of Albedo’s defense, adding up 4 times.
  1. 3rd Supply Level Sunlight: 3 levels increased for creative elemental skills – Building the sun up to 15 levels
  2. 4th Level of The God’s Defeat: The character in the team on the Sun Flower area will increase by 30% the attack damage from the time the landing is created
  3. 5th Bow Level Ancient Tide: 3 levels increased for Christmas magic drill skills – Mainland crash waves up to 15 levels
  4. 6th Ray Level: The character in the team on the battle inside the Sun Flower area if protected by shields generated from the crystallization reaction, the damage formed will increase by 17%

Build directions, equipment and holy objects for Albedo

From the skill set from Albedo, we can see that this is a natural character capable of supporting the extremely versatile skill set in genshin impact game, this guy has the ability to buff master the element to increase damage to teammates. Currently there are 2 construction directions for this guy: build by Support or follow DPS spam skills continuously:

How to Build 1 – Albedo

The best equipped albedo guy in the direction of support is the Heavenly Sword with a sub-line that increases the efficiency of elemental and internal loading that increases the fatal rate when performing the skill of rage, as well as increasing the speed of movement and the speed of attack and damage when hitting the enemy.

In the direction of building Support, the appropriate relic for this guy is the ancient Rite of the extremity: with 2 items will increase the skill of anger by 20% more damage, with 4 items after using the skill of rage will increase the teammates by 20% of the attack force only 12 seconds,  This effect does not add up.

How to Build 2 – Albedo

The weapon for albedo DPS is the new weapon sword in the version of 1.2 The Imitation Sword with the secondary line increases the attack stats and internally will increase the damage from 4% to 8% depending on the refined update within 8 seconds, the maximum effort of 5 times if there is a shield effect will double the effect of increasing the bronze attack. increase the resistance of the shield by 20 to 40% depending on the level of refinement

About the relics for this guy in the direction of DPS is the set of Meteors flying backwards: with 2 items increased by 20% shield and 4 damage boosters of the common attack and the weight when receiving the shield protection shield.

The right team for Albedo

Finally we will come to the most appropriate way to build the squad, best for the albedo alchemist in this Genshin Impact game in each location:

Albedo in the direction of DPS

With Albedo DPS, the squad will need an additional Lava element character to be buffed with more Lava element resonance, and the other two characters will be a character with ice element and a character with lightning element to create a superconducting reaction minus the armor of the target.

With the prominent names that can be mentioned in the Armored Lava system are Zhongli, Noelle, the characters of the Ice generation that are Chongyun, Qiqi, Diona, and the character of the Lei system is none other than Fischl.

Albedo in the direction of Support

With the support position, as a character with the element of Lava with a set of versatile skills, this ALbedo guy is suitable for a lot of different squads, but especially suitable for squads that are prone to elemental damage because Albedo guy in Genshin Impact can buff an extremely large amount of elemental mastery,  you need a Lava element character in the squad to create more lava element resonance to help your squad

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